Dreaming in the FLOW of LIFE

Last night I was again dreaming a repetitive dream!  This morning I call it The Flow of Life.  It had a visual pattern to it…like a lava lamp.  Those of us who are older can remember lava lamps.  First in the dream there was a form of chaos – wild fury animals running after me.  I am running to get another “view,” to get away.  Get away from what?  But then comes in this Flow of Life.  It is a very smooth movement of thought? Energy? I am not sure.  It is so calming and soothing.  All effort to move, to produce energy is absent, it just moves.  It is SO soothing as it flows.

In P.M.H. Atwater’s book, A Manual for Developing Humans, she has pictures that remind me of this dream-flow vision I am experiencing. I also experienced this lava lamp-like vision while on Terry’s “massage-type table” as I was receiving a very meaningful Reconnective Healing.

Next to one of the drawings she has the statement, “Thoughts are reality birthing.”

On page 30, Atwater states, “ All uses of the subconscious are an act of creativity. Creativity is a point of focus in the subconscious mind.  Using it keeps us young and active, healthier, smarter, and forever at play. We are changed by what we create, as creativity reveals whatever is hidden in the process of Light finding more Light.”

My dream was taking me into the free-flowing territory of the subconscious!  Lately, I am going through a time of constriction!  My awake thinking is tight!  The questions I am trying to address are: What should I do about the next years ahead? What is the best answer?  I feel conflicted, unsteady, frustrated.  How do I balance my heart’s desire to be a good caretaker, giving love and patience to my husband and his needs?  I need to take time to continue our life together with lightness and play, with the joy of the life we have!  How to balance that with following my passion to continue to explore and share with others my spiritual journey?  Recently at a meeting of what we call our GIFTS group at church, I was again sharing my STE (Spiritually Transformative Experience) – what I called my Light Experience – and realized again that the experience was a gift I am VERY thankful for.  But it has come with a feeling of obligation to share – to expand the reality that God is with us every day, that we are helped by the spirit world that we cannot see.  I can’t seem to work smoothly toward the changes that need to be made in my everyday life.

The confusing feelings and indecision I described is the fury animal after me. No decision is a decision!  But –  my dream also brought joy.  It was inviting me to experience the freedom of letting go, to experience the Flow of Life that is a gift of LIFE just for the taking!  That soothing flow of God-love is always possible.  I was feeling the peace and calm that is always available when I go into the subconscious – within –  where God lives and communicates with us ALL.

In the introduction on page XIX, P.M.H. Atwater says:  “The main reason most…are threatened by transformational episodes like the NDE [or STE experience] …is because such states open wide the door to ever deeper, richer aspects of the creative mind.  No one can control this.  The creative mind, once activated, mines the uncharted territories of higher consciousness, higher intelligence, and the limitless realms of wisdom and knowing.”

Atwater was describing how the 28 images “popped in” for the book A Manual for Developing Humans.  Each image was, “an attempt at the time for me to depict a particular stage in the life of a thought when it moved from the energy that initiated it to form the shape of words it would eventually take…the energy of the idea stream that produced it.”

Lots to think about! We all have our challenges but life is meant to by JOYFUL!

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