Are YOU Heart Strong?

How is your heart health? Do you feel strong? Do you WORRY or stress, wondering if your heart is strong enough to keep your quality of life? Do you ever consider that your spiritual life through consciousness is intricately woven through your heart? Here’s a wonder question for you.

My heart was already beating well  before I was born, but as I took my first breath…was my heart already communicating as a soul to my body?

Hmm…kind of like the question of which came first the chicken or the egg. Both our lungs and our heart are so critical to life itself. Science now has photographic proof that a spark of light happens at the moment of birth. LIGHT is energy that fuels us all. Somehow, in my youth I just took my heart and lungs for granted. Our bodies always just seem to know how to operate all by themselves, to live and repair the bumps of life. I woke up more when my mother had serious heart problems and she almost died during open heart surgery, and suffered with her heart for years. Then, she died from a lung disease. Ouch. I still didn’t understand what  truly powerful and unique organs were created by God and given to every human in love…for LOVE.

Quite naturally over time, February has become Heart Awareness Month. Most of us have fond memories of Valentines Day from our childhood days; our most romantic of encounters and transferred to our own children in some special way. I can remember pulling out my mother’s old saved Victorian valentines to show my children how different cards were in days of old. Then we try to recreate the romantic days as maturity sets into our lives while our kids are busy creating their own traditions for our grandchildren. Sometimes we resurrect some of our fondest memories to let our heart relive the sweet “feeling” of love. THAT is pure energy and you know exactly how it feels! You might be in any of these seasons of life. But, LOVE will speak to you on Valentines or every day if you so choose.

As my husband and  I went to Evergreen (beautiful senior center!) this week, we always take in how  alive this center is with so many incredible classes and programs . We try hard to work out and keep our own hearts strong and healthy! As we encountered this sign in the fitness center area of the building, instead of indulging our thoughts with romance and chocolate, we were reminded of how important it is to consume healthy foods and get plenty of good exercise. All wise thoughts as we balance our lives.

As I was doing my own exercise, my mind kept wondering how many of these people here in the gym have thoughts of how very powerful their heart really is. Age usually brings the wisdom to be wise about our health choices. But there is a very small percentage of people that realize their heart contains a tiny brain that was discovered in 2001 that not only stores memory, but is always communicating with the mind through the brain! I know lack of information happens because scientists and the medical information network only want to respond after years of research. Recently I saw a real video clip of this tiny brain from deep inside the human heart! ( From Dr. Joe Dispensa on a webinar) It looked like it was pulsing right along with the heart. Fascinating! But even more amazing was seeing a  visual of the network of the internal communication happening  with  little sparks of light.

Are you sending love messages to your heart? I do believe positive messages can make a HUGE difference to our health. In fact, I believe it is just as important or even more important than exercise. I heard the phrase recently that our brain is like a chemist. The heart sends the brain a message about how you are feeling or what you might be saying to yourself. (good or bad) Then the brain reacts by sending the right “chemical” to match. Dr. David Hawkins always referred to the fact that the brain is like a puppet…doing whatever our “mind” via the heart tells it to do! That thought can actually be a bit scary when we realize how much control we have over our body. It takes courage to stand up for our own health issues and listen to  intuition.  Intuition is that God voice within trying to give you messages. Your body DOES talk to you!

Today, I am sending you some thoughts that Deepak Chopra shares on a fairly old but really good CD, called Deepak Chopra: Stress Free with Deepak Chopra (Meditations).  You can click here or on the photo of the CD  to connect to Amazon if you find you are interested.

I am going to share some of his thoughts and words, because I think our actions are so important when we might be in doubt about what to do when a  health issue arrives. We can panic and run to the doctor, or we might try meditation and focus on LOVE…and you will soon know if a trip to the doctor is really important. LOVE has infinite intelligence that will always help you if you let it. ALLOWING it to come in is up to you. But, I believe we need to ASK  for guidance in the silence. Each track is just 10 minutes long, but he is giving powerful messages. Each has different and beautiful music. After listening all the way through, you might find one or two you like and then follow with silence. I especially like Track 2 & 3. AND…for your Valentine’s Day gift to someone you LOVE, try Track 4! But, I find that I use concepts from this CD when I’m just listening to my own music or in silence. If  you are experiencing sleep difficulties, definitely try Track 5.


Track 1 Breathing Meditation – He shares an interesting sound of Ho..hum along with the breath. He has you always start with this for all other tracks. BREATHING is a vital part of meditation. I have other methods I have found to be more powerful, but this is really simple. Nice.

Track 2 Heart Meditation – He tells us to “Experience” Gratitude. (YES!) He then guides you through saying four important WORDS to say over and over. Peace, Harmony, Laughter, Love. I have used this now for years using heart-brain coherence by simply rubbing in a small circle on my heart center at ANY moment during the day when I need peace and want to activate my heart center in a positive way. It’s so peaceful.

Track 3 Light Body Meditation-  The information in this meditation is extremely powerful. He refers to the field of energy that is PURE INTELLIGENCE, LIGHT, LOVE & INFORMATION of the Cosmos. He tells us that consciousness is in every cell of our body! We are all connected in this  ONE  field. That’s why it is so powerful. Reconnective Healing talks about this same concept for healing.

     Track 4 Love Meditation – Deepak is sharing a love meditation to do with someone you already love, or even to attract someone new. You are instructed to look into the person’s eyes, allowing the window of the soul to move into your heart space. The music is beautiful. He instructs us to say SILENTLY while you look into their eyes and say the following. “I am a beautiful person, I am a wonderful person, I love myself exactly as I am!” That’s a new twist. You realize you aren’t saying these words to the other person. Instead Deepak shares, “All love is a mirror of self love.”  Wow, that is really a very enlightening statement. I let myself meditate on this topic for weeks after I first heard this.

Track 5 Sleep Meditation – This track is short, but he gives good advice about how sleep comes when we balance our day with dynamic activity. It’s worth listening to his words.


Make LOVE an everyday event and you will be blessed!





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  1. Thank you, Margie and Terry. What a lovely gift.
    Love to you both.
    Pat C. 🥰😘😘

  2. Thank you Pat! Great to hear from you and we hope you are doing well.

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