Emotional Freedom

Sunday we sent the link to Nick Ortner’s website to be able to sign up to hear experts talk all about tapping. Have you had a chance to connect? If you have not, it is still worth your time to go in and sign up. Just in case you missed our last post, below you will find the connections. There are five more days full of great speakers.

But, what is emotional freedom really? The formal name for this practice is EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. We have to ask ourselves if we would really want to be free of our emotions, and of course the answer to that question is a resounding NO. Emotions are what set our heart into motion to connect our earthly bodies to our souls bringing  peace, love, and compassion for ourselves and others. It is very likely however, that we have negative emotions embedded in our subconscious brain due to life experiences early in life as well as collected during traumatic moments. I know that I have uncovered emotions at some very odd times in my life.

I thought emotions left over from my car accident in 1982 that led to my NDE were gone when I began writing our book. Big surprise for me. I was re-telling the events leading up to my NDE as well as re-living my NDE in words to Marj who was transcribing my words. I had a total melt down. I found left over guilt because I was not wearing a seat belt. I uncovered fears that my grown sons, Jason & Jeremy would still have trauma left over from the experience because they were in my van. And I knew immediately there was guilt over not sharing my experience to help others for far too many years. What a gift came out as Marj and I sat there tapping together and eventually dissolving in laughter together! We found ourselves meditating quietly each with our own thoughts on the beaches of Ft. Lauderdale that evening.  We had begun writing our book in  Ft. Lauderdale after attending  a Hay House Conference where we met and heard Nick Ortner demonstrate tapping live on a stage. It was a gift we carry  into our present day life.

The emotions of fear, anxiety, anger or depression are very often right at the forefront of our thoughts. They are not alway buried in our subconscious. Our human tendency is to re-play scenarios in the past over and over again in our minds. Our health suffers because of that. We also dream up scenarios that we are afraid are going to happen in the future!  We have both used tapping along with our meditation practices to help ourselves overcome the tendencies to live in the past or future instead of savoring each present moment. I am currently using tapping, as preventative medicine! I am using positive affirmations to tap when I am not feeling down. I am finding this practice very worthwhile.

Both meditation and tapping can help give us emotional freedom to replace negative thoughts by bringing in beautiful emotions through our heart center. Tapping helps us get rid of the angry thoughts while meditation helps to connect to God’s inner gifts given to us in grace by God at birth. We can feel the joy and peace God intended for all of us to live with. A blog is coming soon about the power available to us as we connect effectively with our hearts.

We are including a tapping point visual in case you would like to print one out to be able to use! You will also find a sample tapping script on page 201 – 202 of our book, The Light GAP. The words, ” I deeply and completely love and accept myself ” are so critical.   Getting  fears and negative emotions expressed is also critical.

But as you are finding out through so many of these speakers, it really doesn’t matter what you SAY…if you say what is in your heart to yourself. Tapping on the body at these points will relieve the built up stress through your meridian energy centers. The life force should run through your body like water. But, the energy can and does get stuck inviting disease into our bodies. Visualize a murky pond full of bacteria and slime. I’d really like clear water!



 The 10th Annual Tapping World Summit 

All you need to do is go into Nick Ortner’s website, The Tapping Solution, and sign up with  your e-mail address. These are totally safe people and you can feel very confident in giving them your e-mail address. They will send you reminders and updates during these last 5 days. You do not have to be able to listen at any particular time, you will have access to listen  when it works for you. Now they DO try to sell you the whole package, and for some people that might be easier. But it is not necessary at all in order to hear all of these amazing people talk. It is all free.

The link above will get you directly to their sign up page, just click on The Tapping Solution and it will take you there. Under the sign up space, there is a lot of wonderful reading about tapping, how it works, why it works and the research behind it. Nick Ortner’s website also has lots of resources to help you out.  www.thetappingsolution.com

I hope you take action and ENJOY experiencing tapping! It’s simple. Give it a try, you’ll be  blessed with understanding a very powerful tool that has helped countless people through some very traumatic events in their lives. For us, it has helped with stabilizing emotions that come up for all of us living a very ordinary life. Release that beautiful white dove of peace from inside your mind…and turn your emotions into love.


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