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Yes,  a surprise blog from the Light GAP! And no it is not Friday.  This time we hope you will be inspired by some amazing people sharing their gifts and talents! And we really wanted to share this today for a very good reason.

In our book, The Light Gap: God’s Amazing Presence we shared that both of us have successfully used EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or simply called tapping. There are times in our lives when this practice brought our own emotions into balance. We really value this practice.  Here is our biggest recommendation for this week!

Listen to the experts!

We are sending this today because this summit is offering 10 days full of free video material that any of us can access easily and it begins tomorrow night, Monday, February 26 at 8 PM Eastern time!

It is: The 10th Annual Tapping World Summit 

All you need to do is go into Nick Ortner’s website, The Tapping Solution, and sign up with  your e-mail address. These are totally safe people and you can feel very confident in giving them your e-mail address. They will send you reminders and updates during these 10 days. You do not have to be able to listen at any particular time, you will have access to listen  when it works for you. Now they DO try to sell you the whole package, and for some people that might be easier. But it is not necessary at all in order to hear all of these amazing people talk. It is all free.

The link above will get you directly to their sign up page, just click on The Tapping Solution and it will take you there. Under the sign up space, there is a lot of wonderful reading about tapping, how it works, why it works and the research behind it. Be sure to get all the way to the bottom of the page! There you will find the list of the 2 speakers each day and what their topics are. Marj and I recognize almost all of these names, have read books written by many of these people, and so many are considered experts in their fields.

If you sign up now, you will get access to a wonderful 2-minute video by Joe Vitale who is the author of “The Secret” and in it many experts are featured during this very short video! You can also watch 2 more videos right now.

  • Nick Ornter: The Introduction to Tapping. Marj and I experienced him live quite a few years ago,  have read his books and watched many Tapping Summits! You might have seen Nick on the Today Show on NBC a few weeks ago. The link to watch that is on his website.
  •  Dr. David Feinstein: The Science Behind It All.  I’ve heard him many times along with his wife Donna Eden. Together they are considered by many to be the leading experts in Energy Medicine Techniques.

I hope you take action and ENJOY experiencing this amazing offering! You will be blessed with understanding about a very powerful tool that has helped countless people through some very traumatic events in their lives. For us, it has helped with stabilizing emotions that come up for all of us living a very ordinary life.

Terry & Marj 

To access all of Nick Ortner’s website:



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