Freedom Offers LIFE

Freedom is LIFE GIVING …if we decide to take it and let it flow in and out of us from within our soul where true love lives. Freedom GROWS beautifully through loving and caring people if we share it with another of God’s beautiful creations.” ~Terry Larkin

There’s likely a person you have met lately that is not feeling freedom, but instead they are bound and tied up into the throws of violence, hatred, depression, poverty or homelessness right here in our own country.  Perhaps being free is more complicated than remembering the fallen and celebrating the bravery of young men and women who work so hard to make sure we can enjoy our “choice” of freedom. And yet, we need to remember to be thankful for our own lives because are living better and more whole. We also need to be proactive in how we live our everyday lives. Our soldiers deserve to be helped and freedom is not free from death for a loving and giving soul. My heart aches at the photo because that’s just like my youngest son…soon to be deployed. He has a heart that is giving and loving in every turn of his life. Hearts tell all, listen to your heart, it has a story to tell!

Freedom to BE LOVED is critical to peace…

From our dictionaries we can read the intent of freedom. “The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.”   The definition of free will reads somewhat similar . “The power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion.” Unfortunately we know the freedom to say and act according to our own wishes opens the door for negative choices. That’s when we find we feel we need to protect the freedoms we enjoy. And of course our military is there to answer that call. And we are back to asking ourselves who is right and who is wrong? Oh yes, we have the freedom to decide. Our cities have the freedom to decide. Our country has the freedom to decide. Ultimately the world has the freedom to decide. Conflict happens because we feel separate from others who do not think like us.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard the most beautiful story of an American VET who’s life had been a huge dark hole since his service in Vietnam. After countless years, he finally traveled to Vietnam for the sole purpose of finding the people in a village where he knew he had killed many people so he could ask  for forgiveness.  He found the people totally engulfed with love and understanding for him. The experience ended up turning his life totally around. He had found a  Universal Truth  we should all place in our hearts! We are ALL CONNECTED. We are connected literally through time and space through the quantum field of love, light and information!

Freedom to GIVE LOVE whether it is deserved or not, is critical to LIFE…

Sometimes we feel like LIFE is spinning into a dark hole. The term “dark” has always been used to define what is unknown and we cannot see. The dark ages certainly gives us a dark and graphic visual picture. Even the expression, “dark night of the soul” is used to help us realize there is the unknown living in our subconscious manifesting from within when we feel depressed and anxious and don’t know why it is happening.  We want to find what that dark place has to tell us so we can bring in light and love to that “unknown”  or forgotten part of our personality.

Science uses that concept too. Have you seen the stunning new images of the BLACK HOLE from deep in outer space? It is a historic feat by an international network of radio telescopes called the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT). This is an international collaboration whose support in the U. S. includes the National Science Foundation. This is only one of many international organizations working together to benefit all of mankind. Getting so many different telescopes on the ground and in space to all look toward the same celestial object is a huge undertaking in and of itself. What is in that BLACK HOLE? Is it the unknown? YES.  Does it mean there is nothing there? We don’t know.  These scientists in countries around the world must have realized they were ALL CONNECTED! Look what we are capable of!

This simulated picture NASA posts of a BLACK HOLE got me to thinking about you and me and our FREEDOM to make choices for ourselves. Would you enter into this black hole with curiosity, intrigue or fear? Take away the space aspect, and ask yourself about every day decisions we make. Prior to my NDE, I might have chosen the fear route and simply chosen to stay mired in a belief system that wasn’t working. I close my eyes and picture a place full of unconditional love launching me into amazing intriguing curiosity about life after death. And yet I LEARNED life after death is totally amazing, while others were fearing death. I opened my mind to healing gifts, while others cannot move past fear of the unknown.  We can choose to be curious about the unknown, respect the complexity of the unknown, and yet come together in LOVE instead of fear. These are all GIANT steps for mankind…and it all begins with all of us giving the love to that person who sits outside of our scope of understanding. Each step of our journey into the unknown since mankind began on this planet earth ( or somewhere on another planet) has been met with skepticism. And yet…WOW! Look at what we have learned!

What do you see when you gaze into this black hole? Click on the picture and imagine yourself traveling through it…kind of like the tunnels traveled through and described by NDE experiencers!? Did love create our universe? YES! “God So Loved the World…”


Embrace and live LOVE…then Freedom offers LIFE!









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