The Magnificent Gift

MIRACLES…what a magnificent gift they are in our lives! Miracles make us smile, help us grow our soul and even offer us comfort during difficult times. We hear other people share their miracle stories and we tear up. We have a phrase in our vocabulary to use at will, “What a miracle that is!” This is a quote from The Reconnection!

” Miracles might be science that we don’t understand yet.” ~ Dr. Eric Pearl : The Reconnection


I’ve decided this word is probably way overused in today’s culture. We are all processing the meaning of the word miracle through our own life experiences. If we asked all of our family, friends, and acquaintances to tell us just one story of a miracle that happened in their life, most likely each one of us would come up with various levels of why it was spectacular. We might hear someone’s story and feel, WOW, my story pales in comparison. Or we might hear another story and wonder and ask, “why did they call that a miracle?”  And yet for them, it was a stunning event.

For myself, of course I would say my Near-Death Experience would be at the top of the list! And then I’d likely start into the miracles that happened following my NDE that helped me WAKE UP to life. It was all of those miracles over 36 years that inspired me to write a book. It dawned on me recently that when I use the word miracle, it takes on the flavor of something we can’t explain …the unknown mixed together with the spectacular!

For my sister Marj, I’m sure she would say her LIGHT Experience was a miracle. Because she and I talk often about the awe inspiring events in our lives, I know if I asked her “what else”, we would talk for an entire day remembering…   Anne’s spirit visit would top the list for both of us. Understanding that behind that “veil” we cannot see souls we know and love and will return to see one day. It is the unknown and yet, now it is not totally unknown for me. I KNOW it exists, I have experienced it a number of times throughout the years in enough various ways to know we do NOT yet understand.

Sometimes we experience the smallest happening, calling it a miracle; that moment in time when we stand in total awe.  I saw a light gap in a local forest where I camped knowing it was sending me a message; or the swans in the sky who then showed up in our lake for the first time as I asked for Anne’s help while writing our book. ( Read Marj’s swan story that happened a few days  after Anne died to understand that connection! ) Or just a few days ago as I stared into our lake and asked Anne, “Can the swans to come back?”   I was mesmerized when they were there a few hours later even  though they only stayed one day. Were these miracles? Is this the universe lining up to give me messages?

Years ago I saw a volcano erupt right before my eyes in Costa Rica while traveling down a road! It was a chance happening right at dusk as I was with my son Jeremy, who in an instant jumped out of the car with his camera and couldn’t stop clicking pictures. I stood in awe and launched myself into a moment where I connected to God again…remembering details of my NDE. How did a volcano do that? It was a miracle for me.

There is not much that is unknown in science about how a volcano erupts! And yet the “experience” launched me to another place… with my eyes wide open staring at flames and lava shooting into the sky. I don’t think science is ready to explain how our mind takes us to a different place. And yet, we know hallucinogenic drugs take people “somewhere.”  A kundalini experience takes people “somewhere”,  deep meditation takes people “somewhere”, and staring into the eyes of a tiny sloth in the Amazon took me “somewhere”.  Science has little  interest at the moment to find out where the “somewhere” is. Are these experiences considered by some as miracles? Oh yes for sure; books are filled with stories, Ted talks are filled with stories, YouTube is filled with stories and YOU and I are filled with stories begging to be told!

Perhaps what science seems to be missing is the fact that experiences can produce a miracle! Can our DNA change, shift and heal when we experience a healing moving energy within our bodies? Experience is letting scientists know that it CAN and DOES, but how long will it take for them to provide enough proof to change the thinking in our medical community? Most of us don’t have that kind of time left…so why not take advantage of what we have available to us!

HEALING …is it a miracle? There are scientific explanations for energy healing and proof of the existence of energy fields in and around the body, as well as connections to the earth. For some people who have experienced profound changes in their physical body through Reconnective Healing, we hear a resounding YES, call it a miracle! Many have felt profound unexplained changes happening in their lives. These people will also begin to talk about miracles in reference to their healing session, but slowly over time. Other than documenting their statements, it leaves science in a quandary how to validate something that is working.  How does it all work? Do we really KNOW? An international team of world-renowned scientists including William Tiller, PhD, Gary Schwarz, PhD, and Konstantin Korotkov, PhD have been researching and recording their results.  This is attracting the attention of other scientists and medical professionals due to the RESULTS.  But as with all major shifts in our human past, science will follow along at a snails pace.

Meanwhile… I plan to rejoice in the miracle of learning how to use the power that lies within every one of us to access these frequencies! I can make a difference by healing lives. I want to keep opening the pathways to understanding a continually changing Universe. During my NDE, time was NOT as we know it.  Time is moving in all directions all the time. I experienced it and I KNOW it. Dr. Pearl shares that he thinks time is expanding. That means our universe is expanding and changing with it. Is this a new concept for you?

PONDER…ask questions as you go within and decide for yourself!

Miracles are magnificent GIFTS to carry us forward on our journey to understand LIFE!

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