Summer NEWSLETTER from the Light GAP

Summer, 2019 NEWSLETTER


What’s HAPPENING  at the Light GAP?

We are excited to share the unofficial start to summer for The Light GAP!  We often think of Memorial Day as the start…however, this year many of us are wondering if it will start by the REAL first day of summer! It sure is slow in coming this year. However, we are amazed as we look back at winter and spring and wonder where the time went! We are still amazed how our journey to understand life just keeps growing for both of us. I think many of us get into the same old routines and feel like our lives are really not changing much. Last week when we talked about miracles, we hope you took some time to reflect on the past year of YOUR life and realized that you’ve had many beautiful miracles in your life! There is always amazing grace that flows into our lives when we ponder the unusual experience we had no matter whether it’s a huge event or the tiny meaningful ones in our lives. Our soul never stops growing or we wouldn’t still be here! But there are times when we have to remind ourselves to pay attention, go within with questions and find peace, and now going out in nature to spend time with God is a gift for all of us to enjoy in our own unique ways!

NEWS from Terry Larkin and Marj Steiner

This summer finds Terry looking forward to many new adventures! Camping with my husband Doug and is always something we look forward to each summer. Even going back to some of the very same places we’ve been numerous times always brings with it the totally new experience we will have living in the present moment as we walk the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan.  We renew our spirits as we spend time in nature, hike, ride bikes, read, stare at a campfire late at night, relax and renew our bodies  as well as our souls…always full of surprises! We will spend time with grand children here in Michigan, make a trip to Atlanta to be with family and grandchildren there, and enjoy relaxed moments with friends. I will continue to practice Reconnective Healing at Bodhi Tree Yoga & Wellness Center throughout the summer. I will doing another workshop in the fall, so I’ll let you know as the design for this new, more comprehensive workshop unfolds! I am heading to Chicago to spend time with one of Dr. Eric Pearl’s teaching assistants who is speaking at Chicago IANDS. And towards the end of the summer I will be off to Philadelphia to be part of a panel of healers at the International IANDS Conference. This year, Doug will come along and we’ll enjoy some time on the East Coast!

I’m feeling very blessed by the clients I’ve been facilitating healing for. I’m so grateful for all of their amazing comments about the progress in activating their own healer within!  I loved a billboard that I drove by in Holland recently. It is huge on the sign and it reminded  me to greet each morning with a beautiful message. While this billboard was an advertisement for a Greenhouse, I decided to go home and look for this stunning picture!  I found it and I really wanted to share it with you. For me it represents the awe…for God’s Glory.  The stunning light in the middle is like the light that is always inside of me, connecting to God through my heart. The photo is fun to look at each morning and express my gratitude for all of the blessings in my life and  all of the challenges in my life because they are here to teach me something! I can ponder in the stillness …what am I learning through  challenges and my blessings? Go ahead and click on it, copy it and place it in your own space! See what thoughts come to you!

This summer finds Marj… back up in Eagle River Wisconsin on Bass Lake.  We first came to this lake in 1971 when our oldest child was six weeks old.  We spent two weeks vacation here each summer as we were raising our children.  Our dreams to own a cottage of our own came to be.  It is a job to close up one life in Northbrook, and plan for a different life for five months in a different location.  It is a pull and tug experience each time.  But what a JOY…what PEACE can be found here.  Once we have the car absolutely packed to the roof and we get on the road, our whole being relaxes.  This year there were a few challenges.  My computer battery gave out a week before  we were to leave.  Then, because I am not computer savvy, I did not get the software backed up. I am still without my computer.  I am so grateful for our son Michael’s gift of rebuilding it!  My renewed driver’s license had not yet arrived.  The car battery gave out.  Turned out it was the starter. As it was being fixed, the comment came,”You really need new tires.” We were delayed by days.  WHAT WAS THE MESSAGE HERE ?  It was a good message when I could settle down and listened to my heart.  TURN TO GRATITUDE!  Turn to Tapping.  Keep meditating.  Be grateful for all of the things that really are going well, AND the things that don’t go well.   The joy of knowing that our wonderful community of friends will be here to meet us  – and the community we are temporarily leaving behind will gather again when we get home.  There will be beautiful birds coming to our bird feeder.  The loons will be calling.  We are not threatened by war.  There is no TV here.   The list could go on and on.  We are safe to be who we need to be.  Spiritual beings are with us always – and they are ready to help us if asked!  The beauty of living in nature is SO renewing!



“We are in a participatory universe. In other words, what we see around us is being “created” through our thoughts.” ~Gregg Braden

Today I want to follow up on last week’s blogs about miracles. I am sharing Gregg Braden’s DVD that can be purchased through Hay House or Amazon. It is not new, put out in 2007.  I purchased this video years ago and it is just as pertinent then as now! If you are the kind of person that believes healing CAN happen, but are still wondering about the science behind the miracles that ARE happening in the world, this is worth the purchase price to hear it all! He shares the proven science of miracles and helps with our understanding of how our human DNA is communicating in a previously “unrecognized” field. ( Ah…the frequencies of Reconnective Healing!) Emotional stimulation can provide a change. Science found DNA was effected by our emotions both good and bad, and there is an INSTANT change. Our DNA is having an effect on the world. “We must become what we want to be so that we can “mirror” back to the world and make it happen for ourselves. But, hear this directly from this wonderfully fascinating and talented scientist! Science of Miracles through Hay House or Amazon. Right now it looks like it is out of stock, but I’m hoping this is temporary, it is well worth it! I do believe this same talk is available through GAIA if you are a subscriber. But, he also has a NEW book, that is available and I will let you know more about it when it is pulled from my pile of spiritual literature I plan to read this summer! In case you want to order your copy now, here it is, available from Amazon, The Science of Self-Empowerment: Awakening the New Human Story, published in March, 2019. I believe a lot of the same information from the DVD is written into this book.

This month Marj would like to share her excitement about… the book THE ESSENTIAL PATH by Neale Donald Walsch.  The sub title is “ Making the Daring Decision To Be Who You Truly Are.”  It was just released on June 4.  It is a small book, only 119pages, but it is full of ideas that will challenge you to consider what you really believe.  In the opening chapter, Walsch recognizes the challenges that we are all confronted with at “ the last tweet or online news bulletin or newspaper headline.”  It appears that things are not working in the world…and have not been working for millennia.  Terry and I have been expanding our view of God and how this world works for many years now.  It is essential that we learn more.  One of the things that few know is how powerful our thoughts and beliefs are in creating our experiences.  Neale Donald Walsch in this book very systematically explores the various belief systems that exist in the world that may be responsible  for the disfunction we experience,  and the attitudes of “…if we do have a problem right now, it’s only because of ‘those others’ who are creating the problems.”   We are constantly creating alienation.  He suggests that we are choosing without understanding “Who and What we really Are.”  The book is an interesting and very important challenge to our thinking.  Marianne Williamson says about the book, “At a time when we need hope, Neale shows us where to find it.”  I recommend that you read all the way through the book to again see the challenges that the world’s thinking patterns are creating, and to find a new path to solutions.





Spiritual Online World from Marj & Terry

Suzanne Giesesman is such a delightful person that both of us have enjoyed for countless reasons. Her ability to reach the spirit world, her books and CD’s, her giving heart, and her realness as a human being who is there for all of us. Her website is fabulous with so much information. We hope perhaps you’ll take another look if you haven’t gone to her website recently. But, for all of you that are wanting some great meditations…there are meditations that are free to listen to from her website. In fact, if you go to this site through your phone, they can be downloaded to your phone and you’ll always have them with you! Her website is simply, but, click here to find the  free MEDITATIONS

Did you know…

That a short nap during the afternoon is common in many countries around the world and can provide an energy boost and clearer senses. We can remember our father refused to nap because he thought it meant he was lazy, but in his 90’s, as soon as he said, “Of course I don’t need a nap!”, he’d fall asleep in the chair. Take a look at nature, animals show us very visibly that napping is part of their healthy life. At one time, napping was considered a natural part of life. However, now with more demands on our time, we often forgo this very healthy habit. It’s like a meditation for the afternoon for your body! A half-hour nap can sharpen your senses and refresh your energy reserves. Even a shorter nap can make up for lost sleep at night. Don’t feel guilty…science and the medical community are telling how VITAL good sleep is to our ongoing health…and that includes a nap! I plan to enjoy mine out on my deck and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and summer feeling air at the same time!




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