Eyes of the Soul

Eyes…what a gift we are given to see the  beauty around us. You’ve heard the expression: “The eyes are the window to our soul.”

There is something physical that seems to happen in our bodies when nature surrounds us in beautiful splendor. Our heart surges with love, why is that? I believe it is because  we have an incredible longing for the unconditional love of our true “home”. I know that when I close my eyes and envision the incredible white light I was enveloped in during my NDE…my heart surges in a similar way. I had no sense of a body anywhere around me during my NDE and yet, I not only could see, feel and understand, I was using senses I didn’t even know I had! There is an absolute knowing of God’s all powerful un-conditional love in that realm. There are no conditions. Look at nature…the sun does not say to the plant life, I will come IF you grow into perfection. Nature learns to adapt…just like all of us as human beings. We all can relax knowing we are perfections of God…in training!

If we stop and truly let our our heart connect at a precise present moment, we activate a power that lies within us. It is the power of the eyes of the soul to help us connect through God’s Amazing Presence. A person who is blind can activate their heart in this same way by communing out in nature! How are they able to do that without physical eyes? Poets, authors, musicians, artists, and psychics spanning thousands of years have attempted to describe the power of the soul to see beyond what our physical eyes are able to experience through the heart.

We feel as we see the exquisite intricacies of God’s world around us. Staring into this beautiful river behind our campground last week brought incredible introspection for me into its purpose and design. Look at the blue color shinning in the water…it’s coming from the incredible blue sky above and yet in the river, I physically could NOT see any blue in the water. The water was very clear and the yellow/orange color is due to copper in the water. I found the blue as I looked at the picture I took from my phone! So, back I went to take an even closer-up picture to see if I could see the blue with my physical eyes looking down at the river from different angles. I COULD NOT!

That was baffling to me, because I knew it was coming from the blue sky from above.  Of course the lenses in photography can play tricks on our eyes and in photos. But,  I was fascinated as I sat and thought about the concept of the “eyes of the soul” that see, feel, and experience so much more deeply than our physical eyes. Yet, we don’t “see” the eyes of the soul…just like I was not seeing the blue in the water. And YET, it was there right in front of me…a photo let me experience it!

Your heart is providing the power to your body to help you experience the eyes of your soul. We tend to think we need to close our eyes in prayer or meditation to feel and experience our soul. Sometimes closing our eyes helps our body block out external visuals and allows us to go deeper as we go within. But, I also know the many times that I’ve had extremely powerful experiences with my eyes WIDE open.

Quantum physics is beginning to help us gain a better understanding of just how powerful our bodies are. I found the Albert Einstein quote with help from another Reconnective Healer. He is interested in putting the understanding of how energy in our body is moved to activate the healer within us. This experience in nature is very much like the experience one has when life giving energy is moved in and around a body during a Reconnective Healing Session.  I hope you will ponder these thoughts given to us by Albert Einstein. He was such a pioneer of Quantum Physics. It has taken  science a very long time to process all of Einsteins very forward thinking ideas! But, sickness and disease is too prevalent to wait for science to help us really understand why we can activate the frequencies of energy healing within and through our heart! Let’s think outside of the box and use what is working like Reconnective Healing!  We can combine healing with the common sense practices of eating well,  exercising, and protecting nature that is vital to our survival! Our bodies are intricately connected to God through nature. I know we all crave these experiences. So take the time to activate the healer within, as you uncover the joy through God’s Amazing Presence in the beauty around YOU!

“We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies turned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our soul’s play their music.” ~ Albert Einstein

I love it. Just imagine…we are walking bundles of frequencies through the forces of sound and light waves! I practice within the sound and light waves and so do YOU! We are more powerful when we combine these energies with each other…each soul playing their own music, but together we are like an orchestra!

The sound of water is healing. Why is that? Your heart KNOWS…  Connect as you enjoy a very short video I took as I was drawn to Lake Michigan near  the sunset of an evening on Lake Michigan. This is literal… I told Doug I needed to walk to the beach from our campsite at this MOMENT because  spirit was sending  me to connect for a reason. There was something there for me. Doug said, “Go for it”, as I was leaving dinner preparation and he took over. I had moments with God… what gift for me! I was surprised to see a clear sky because we had seen clouds and rain all day. Remember: it’s YOUR music, what you hear contributes to the ALL of the orchestra.

Lake Michigan Movie


Love in LIGHT!




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  1. I agree wholeheartedly that natural settings restore my soul.

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