CHANGE ~ Calming the Heart

“Love is all there is. Love is all there is. Love IS ALL  there is.  I am the light. I AM the light.  I am love. I AM love.”  Those were my words I needed to say and use in the middle of the night not long ago to calm my very loud and fast beating heart…I literally thought my husband could probably hear my heart beating. Well, that was until I realized his snoring was certainly louder than my beating heart and if I laid back down I might have a better chance of NOT waking him up! I have always found that repeating my NDE messages and visualizing myself in stunning white light can calm my heart, my body and my mind quickly. But, that night it took a little longer.

 I literally thought my life was about to change in scary dramatic ways and yet this all happened due to a


My problem was that I knew to pay attention to my dream because it might have meaning for me. I know to pay attention to messages that may come to me through dreams because I’ve had significant premonitions in the past that came true. But in this dream,  I was back in my childhood body trying to TEACH like I was adult…and all of the people in my classroom were  terribly rude, disruptive and wild. They didn’t want to hear what I had to say. But, I kept getting glimpses of new faces that I recognized trying to help me as I ran away terrified. So…why this dream? Other bizarre details began to fill in the blanks. I couldn’t even begin to share more of the details of such a jumbled dream that made no sense, but I did learn something about myself.

My family and friends have always been a critical part of my life so they were there in the dream, but so were all of the many NEW friends and beautiful people I have met in the past few years.  In writing my NDE story down to be put in a book, and opening up to  anyone about  my NDE experience and the many mystical events that followed, I was launched into pretty big changes in my life. I probably lost a few “friends” then even though they never said that, they just quietly tip toed out of my life. And during the past year and a half I have added some VERY significant new friends I’ve met through my talks at IANDS,  through Reconnective Healing training and conferences, and now through healings. When I reflect on this, I am amazed at the synchronistic events that have brought these beautiful new people into my life! I love them dearly and often can’t wait to see them again.

I believe my dream was literally letting me know that CHANGE is good and that I should stop running away from change in my life! Wow… I’m not sure I realized that I was NOT totally embracing the changes in my life. But, I think all of us experience a very unsettled feeling when change comes our way. Some days we feel great and know we are headed in the best direction for ourselves. Then another day arrives full of doubt which can send us right back to all of our old habits. (Ugh…seldom a good thing!)

Change has been GOOD for me. I know I resisted these changes for a long time because somehow my ego mind would often tell me to just stay where it’s comfortable. We always have that choice, but then our soul gets restless and begins to nudge us towards change.  My soul was certainly sending me profound messages in countless ways. I was asking myself, “Could I possibly call myself a healer and try to make a difference in people’s lives?” In my head I was still wondering about all of those people who would think I was delusional.  But now, the feelings of love pour out as I look in the eyes of those I am there to serve. I’ve “stopped my heart” again…only this time it is  a gasp of perfect love and light. I find myself feeling beautiful peace, even when I have no way of knowing in what way I might have facilitated  healing for another of God’s beautiful creations. Reconnective Healing has changed my life. I can say with calm and peace,

“Love is all there is. I AM Love, I AM Light and so are ALL of you! Sometimes we don’t think we are ‘good enough’ and yet your good is enough!” ~ Terry Larkin

“Why do you speak of love and light together? Love is all there is, and all of the colors you perceive are held within the light. (All colors become one in white light) You exist to recognize yourself as the Light and to shine as brightly as possible-in love and light…All possibilities are held within the Light. And so, beloved one, all possibilities are held within you. Sit in the silence and behold the Love and Light within. Behold the possibilities, and then awaken, and let your light shine.” ~Sanaya – Channeled by Suzanne Giesemann

I share my own story only to help you recognize your challenges due to change happening in YOUR life. Or maybe you are resisting a change you know you need to make in your life. You might be on a great path that is just flowing. But for me it was hard work to bring peace and love into my life every day, always wondering if I was making the right decisions. I am SO GRATEFUL now that I was willing to step out of my comfort zone and grow with these changes. I still step out of my comfort zone on a pretty regular basis, but now I take my heart stopping messages right along with me to help me flow into realizing the beauty in change.

Each season, each month, each week, each day, and at any moment we can encounter a challenge that brings change into our lives. It is sometimes the end of our day before we even reflect back on why all of a sudden we are feeling frazzled or just “out of sorts.” There might have been a very small encounter bringing a challenge to our thinking, and yet we sailed on through our day without perseverating on the incident.  Or, it could be we realized we didn’t step out of our comfort zone, afraid to make a change that might alter our daily lives. BE CALM IN YOUR HEART while you take on your own challenge!

I love and have adopted the  words of another Reconnective Healer…

“My mission is to inspire you to be the best you can be!” ~Mary Beth Kennedy

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