GLOBAL CHANGE is such a daunting topic. With worldwide technology connecting us all in ways we are only beginning to understand, we have to be careful and discern the authenticity of the information we hear. I am amazed at some of the information that is available for us through the news, on the internet, our neighbors sharing stories, newspapers, and too many social media platforms, it’s hard to keep track.

We are faced with daily decisions about what we consider truth!  This past week both Marj and I have been listening to many global speakers through Humanities Team. The title of the Summit was Global ONENESS: Birthing a New World. There was incredible sharing encouraging all of us to take up the challenge! WOW…can each one of us make a difference? ABSOLUTELY!

“The Universe is alive and there is an INFINITE source of energy! WE are PART of this Source!  We ARE the Universe” ~Deepak Chopra

My mind has been spinning with the information I am hearing. When I hear scientists saying they are proving there is a Universal Source, I want to shout it out…GOD is a provable SOURCE of energy! Whatever name you want to provide works, but when science says we can’t deny it any more, I’m here to celebrate! I’ve had that KNOWING ever since my NDE. When I came back into my body, I was in a new state of consciousness! Consciousness is shaping our lives through the ONENESS of all of humanity. Integrating this back in my life here has been the challenge. But my knowings are deep.

When I look at our tiny planet in our vast Universe with people not even visible…I realize our thoughts want to think we are simply separated from that Source and can’t possibly make a difference. But, wait, Jesus, and all masters taught us differently too! We ARE the change…

I thought I’d share some of the shared information from this summit. I feel very confident we can TRUST the information given through these amazing talented and highly educated people from around the world. In the end however, it is up to us to decide how we will process what we hear.  I will ponder in awe… how we can make a difference in this world?

Is there an urgency in learning the fine ART of communication before Global CHANGE can become a reality? OR is there a universal language of LOVE that holds our world together when we are aware of the power of that field. Change is forced upon us right now through climate change disasters that seem to be on the rise around the world.

As a society, I feel we need to get over ourselves in thinking we are better than everyone else! There is NO need to compare…we are all ONE, we are all both human and spirit with eternal souls. There needs to be a planetary shift in consciousness to effect global change. The same mind that created the problems, can not solve them.

It is up to us to change our minds…and we WILL change our lives! 

“If you change your mind, you change your biology!” ~ Bruce Lipton 

Wow…we ARE the technology we are looking for! These powerful words were spoken by so many of the speakers because every person, community, country, or continent is looking for healing to bring the peace needed to make change. So much of society has a very false sense of separation that causes ills in every segment of societies all over the world.

Our youth are growing up to believe that technology will save us as a species. Bruce Lipton, PhD in Biology says that when we shift from the thought that technology is going to save us to we ARE the technology we are looking for… change happens. We “create” the chemistry in our body. We ARE the technology of our bodies. Every cell contains a transmitter and it stores information just like computer chips. But, if we don’t use it…we lose it! Our inner abilities can atrophy through disease.

Paul Mills, PhD in psychology was sharing the studies in gratitude that have been astounding. His ideas grabbed me.

Our brain operates in duality like our world of opposites; good ~bad, up~down, yes~no.  But our heart reacts differently in ONENESS- because FEELINGS are how it operates! Gratitude, compassion and love are some of the deepest feelings we can experience and carry the significant energy to our body!

We program our “chips” like a computer through our thoughts. Less than 1 % of disease comes from our genes. FACT. But, if we let others create the “chips” for us, they take over. An example of this is our well meaning society telling us what we can expect as we age! And we believe it, so it goes directly in our created “chips”.  And of course the pharmaceutical industry is right there ready to assist you! Bruce Lipton turns it to us, “How is that working for you?”

He explains how we are literally the soft technology to self regulate our bodies. Our minds through our hearts direction, can create the words  and actions we desire the most. BUT, we have to direct it ourselves.

And THAT is  how Global change begins…with each and every one of us and our actions of self love and self regulation to control our situations. Dr. Deepak Chopra is only ONE of those amazing people that has helped me understand through my limited human mind, how this Universe operates. Does this knowledge help us navigate our daily life? Yes, when we open up to the awareness of it. It has to begin with us, but because  YOU are intricately connected to every other human being on the planet, your contributions are  AUTOMATICALLY shared!

There is lots more…stay tuned!


4 Comments on “Global CHANGE

    • Thank you Karen. It is always so reassuring to hear that the words were very meaningful for someone at a given time in their lives! Sending you LOVE and HUGS!

  1. This is very exciting. I did see this advertised, but don’t have the time to watch it all, so I really appreciate your commenting on all these wonderful things. Thank you.


    • You are welcome Trudy! I sometimes wonder if time simply has to STAND STILL so we can take time to watch all the things we wish we could! Oh…but time is an illusion anyway, but our linear time helps us ride the waves of life!

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