Living a CONSCIOUS Life

Living in a troubled world can push us off our path towards living in peace and joy. We know that love, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness can help us navigate our lives in positive ways. But, somehow there is not a how to manual for LIVING our lives in our “human” suit. We hope that we are allowing the love deep in our soul to emerge each day. LOVE is the highest vibration there is! This is directly related to OUR own health, the health of those around us,  and the health of the planet.

What does it mean to try and live a CONSCIOUS life?

There are many that are living with only information they THINK might be truth and never ask or want for more. And yet…there is another very large group searching for those deep answers to questions about life and death.  It can be difficult to move past cultural beliefs that might be blocking answers from arriving. I loved the way Gregg Braden wrote this huge dilemma…

“It’s almost as if we come to this world and test ourselves in ways that are unthinkable to rational and loving people. Through the course of our relationships, jobs, losses, and failures of life, we push ourselves to the very edge of who we believe we are. All the while, we’re asking ourselves the same question: Can we love in the presence of these experiences? Can we love in the presence of unthinkable atrocities that have been justified by the color of our skin, or how we acknowledge God? Can we love in a world where others have tried to kill the things that they don’t understand… ” ~ Gregg Braden pg. 62 Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer.

And yet, Gregg Braden is one of the most positive speakers about the future of our planet that I know!  I heard Gregg Braden speak in such beautiful POSITIVE ways about the future of humanity living on this planet now.  I can smile from within and know that incredibly wise minds are paving our rather rocky pathway through life.

 It was so refreshing to hear Gregg talking just this week in an interview. He was helping us understand scientific break throughs along side a brilliant Physicist named Nassim Haremein.  They were talking and sharing new current research that within months will be released to the public! He emphatically states that there is an unlimited  source of resources that exist in our Solar System and Galaxies to keep our entire planet thriving, eliminating hunger issues, and providing unlimited sustainable energy sources.  BUT, we need global sharing and cooperation to make it happen. I can just hear the collective sigh… will cooperation ever replace the secrecy of the need to be first or best to have the technology!

Something SHIFTS within us when we have a KNOWING and understand that we are ALL ONE. We are “a unique part” of the WHOLE and we are individually critical to this whole.  When this is understood we LIVE a Conscious LIFE! 

I know one practice that I find myself using a lot when life around me seems to be putting my own feelings into anxiety, anger, or simply a BAD mood. I immediately say STOP and ask …how would fear respond? How would LOVE respond? Which FEELS better? When we involve our brain to heart CONNECTION…answers come from our heart and I immediately feel a lifting of negativity. That is conscious living!

LOVE is the highest vibration we can live in! Each and every time we meditate, show love and compassion for other human beings, or help another less fortunate than us, we contribute to this infinite source of energy! We want to be living in that kind of peace and it already exists right inside of YOU!

Here is some good news. WE…yes, you and I along with all of humanity are one of the  greatest and most powerful  components in this electro magnetic field of energy that spans our Universe! We can not only tap into it, we are critical to this “field of creation” and our bodies can FEEL the energy.  I know this to be true through my Reconnective Healing Practice! We are learning HOW to be in this field, realizing we can transcend space and time using this energy. But, we are just scratching the surface of understanding the human potential and how powerful this information can be for the future. Each and every one of us contributes to this field of energy. The higher OUR vibration the more we contribute to the whole. Opening ourselves to NEW thought is conscious living!

“Feeling IS the Prayer: Ancient traditions remind us that the world around us is nothing more and nothing less than the mirror of what we’ve become in our lives: what we feel about our relationships with ourselves, one another, and ultimately, God. Scientific evidence now suggests precisely the same thing; what we feel inside our bodies is carried into the the world beyond our bodies.” ~ Pg. 141 Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer

Gregg Braden is offering a Free 60 Minute Online Video Program on Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 8 PM Eastern. It is  titled “From Surviving to Thriving.”

I have signed up to be there for sure! If you click on the title above it will link you to all of the information to sign up. Here are some of the topics that he plans to cover:

  • Become healthier and more self-reliant by using new innovations in food-growing technology that will also contribute to the wellbeing of the planet and its growing population
  • Uplevel your internal technology every single day as you move closer to accessing the full power of the Universe within you to accomplish your goals, supercharge your creativity, and enhance every aspect of your life
  • Navigate the latest financial innovations that will allow you more freedom, ease of use, transparency and security in regard to your money and life than you’ve ever had before
  • Save money and decrease your reliance on current energy systems by preparing yourself for the safe, sustainable and inexpensive breakthroughs that are coming soon in energy technology
  • Activate the “immortal cells” in your body to dramatically improve your health, slow the aging process, increase your cognitive abilities, and allow you to stay more active and keep learning and growing well into your 90s and beyond

I hope these words have convinced you that each and every one of us makes a difference in our world! We contribute to a collective WHOLE…what I see and experience in YOU is what I experience IN this exchange! We are ONE…


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