SPRING: Life’s Renewal

Seasons come and go for all of us, each area of the country has GIFTS for us to enjoy any time of the year. BUT, spring is upon us and showing the renewal of LIFE in nature. After returning from Florida, I feel like I left summer and came BACK to spring! Now,  I’m enjoying all of the visual images around me with incredible new eyes. We found a very small birds nest built in the container by my front door with FAKE dried fall/spring foliage. As the tiny brown starling sat on the nest, she was startled to see ME. Sure enough, there are two tiny blue eggs in the very small nest. My photo is not clear, but my “remembrance” of momma bird sitting on her eggs is clear in my mind. That is like LIFE… sometimes.

As I sit and write today, the sun is shining and a pair of cardinals are putting on quite a show in the tree in front of me! A Blue Jay pair are hopping from tree to tree. Robins are walking through the grass looking for worms and building nests of their own. LOVE is in the air…birds makes me smile.

Are the images I see created for my enjoyment? Can I avoid using my front door for awhile and allow these tiny creatures to emerge out of their eggs? Of course. That is until an Amazon package was delivered. Oh, life CAN get in the way of nature too. Mamma bird flew and was quite vocal when I went to retrieve that package! But, she went back. Maybe she’s accepting our presence.

Stop and think…LOVE is ALWAYS in the air! Our Universe is held together through the energy of LOVE because God IS Love and so are WE! Am I REALLY seeing images with incredible NEW eyes? When I look in the mirror my mind tells me they look the same. But, NO…each and every moment in time is new!

So I am viewing LIFE with new eyes every single day and every single MOMENT. That is a mind boggling statement. I have to open my mind to new thought. But, step away from your linear view into the world of no time and no space…as NDE’ers describe their experiences with GOD. Just like my description of incredible dazzling white light full of LOVE that is ineffable…no words can adequately describe the experience. When we realize we can create ANY new moment in time, our prospective changes. We “create” following our hearts instead of allowing our mind to recreate old scenarios.

What does this mean for us? I would like to challenge you to think way outside of the paradigm of any current “view” you might be having for spring. SEE with new eyes. Harness the power you have built right inside of you, pull in the LIGHT that surrounds you…imagine a perfect scenario, complete with a visual image! Put aside any thoughts of fear from any daily life experience.  If you can imagine a wanted amazing scene, you can SEE a beautiful life changing scenario right in front of you with your eyes wide open!

Why is it important for us to have these experiences? Your health and peace of mind will thank you! LIFE is renewed each and every time you take a moment to remember you are WHOLE and PERFECT just as you are…just like scenes in nature. We think of miracles, wishing and hoping, and yet they sit right in front of us. I walked out our back door to walk with my bare feet in the grass and sand. I was amazed to see this blooming pansy that grew up through my rocks. Where did THIS come from was my response? One beautiful bloom in mid April in a place where I’ve never had pansies. Yea…LIFE and miracles are one in the same when viewed through LOVE.

Our answers are far more real than any problem. This realm of consciousness is the place where your dreams live. It is no farther than where your thoughts or your imagination can take you.  We open up when we realize that we are not praying to God, but from God. Recognizing that the power of God is within us, then we can express it as us!

“The God of Love has already answered my prayers and given me all that I desire. I open myself to fulfillment and dwell in it in my thoughts. I live with the knowledge that I can have everything my heart desires. I accept and delight in seeing my good come to life in miraculous ways. Thank You, wonderful amazing God, for creating me in Your image and likeness, and giving me the power of vision. All is well, and my world reflects it.” ~ Alan Cohen

I will end with a chuckle from my window. NOW I am seeing two doves sitting together smooching and loving on one another as they sit on a branch in my tree. LOVE at its best. I went to find my phone to take a picture and here they sit…apart, the scene changed. Maybe they are pondering life just like humans. That is LIFE! Oh good grief, I created that scene! YES, they are pondering life just like we all do with those we love.

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