Ride the WAVE of LOVE

We have all seen the spectacular pictures of someone that really knows how to SURF…their style makes us all think riding the waves must be easy. But, of course we know how terribly difficult that surfing really is and how much practice it takes to be really proficient. What an inspiration. You can be sure the surfer is smiling in a huge way keeping his complete focus on the wave and not the calm water below him.

Click on that picture and simply stare at it for a moment. You can imagine the euphoria he found as he glides calmly and beautifully onto a nearby beach …ready to catch the next big wave. Think of this wave as LOVE. When we KNOW LOVE, really know and absorb God’s incredible creation of YOU in perfect love, we are able to ride on the wave of happiness. Life’s difficult situations/ moments are skimming the surface right below us. And yet we can glide onto that beach and keep riding that wave in happiness if we choose it! This type of love can and does show us how our daily lives can be transformed from anxiety, and worry into enjoyable, creative, and inspiring pursuits!

But, there is something really important about the concept of love. LOVE is that super positive healing ENERGY. But we have to know how very much we ARE LOVED…before we can BE the love that creates still water into giant waves so we can surf on them in ease! Feeling the LOVE of God is only a heart beat away…it arrived with you the day you were born and it resides in you every single moment.

I love the way that Suzanne Giesemann takes a word apart and plays with the parts. A few days ago The Awakened Way message came from Suzanne, shared by Sanaya of course and the title was BELOVED. Immediately I thought…what an incredible word!



We are the BELOVED!


When you gaze upon a mountain, that is how much you are loved. When you see a beautiful flower or hear the most melodious song, that is how much you are loved. When you behold a newborn child and your heart opens wide, that is how much you are loved. We cannot show you the full Force of how much you are loved or you would fall to your knees and be unable to function. That is how much you are loved … that much and more than you have yet experienced. Combine all of the instances you have experienced of loving another—of loving all others—and you will begin to get a taste of how much you are loved. The amount you love yourself is infinitesimal compared to how much you are cared for, Beloved. Open your heart to this love and heal. Open your heart to this love and grow. Open your heart to this love and blossom. You are so very loved. The Awakened Way shared by Sanaya through Suzanne Giesemann Sat. April 20, 2024

This share was worth re-reading quite a few times to myself. What were the words that really captured me? “Open your heart to this love and heal. Open your heart to this love and grow. Open your heart to this love and blossom.”

What words really captured you? I could pull MANY out of this sharing. When it is stated that if they showed us how much we were loved we would fall to our knees and be unable to function. THAT is the description of the LOVE I experienced during my NDE…and I couldn’t come back with all of it because it wouldn’t fit into my human brain!  It reminds me of one of the NDEers Jeffrey Long shared with us during his interview in The Next level Soul with Alex Ferrari. The LOVE expressing itself would be like putting the GIANT WAVES we are surfing into the “tea cup” of life!

Imagine that one. Here I will help you with an image… can we put that giant wave into this tea cup?!




NO of course we can’t….BUT…we can ride the wave accepting the love that IS right within us simply waiting for us!  We can practice expressing this love with all those we love and come into contact with.

I remember reading this thought somewhere, “You seldom come across anything more enjoyable than a happy person…it’s not the things we get but the hearts we touch that will measure our success in life.” Are you that happy person that people enjoy? Your health might be riding on that wave with you…when you ALLOW that love to express itself through YOU! Let GO and trust!

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