The COLOR of Life

At any given moment…HOW are you seeing COLORS? I’m always in awe during any season of the year when colors or lack of them are being processed through our sense of sight. But then, there has to be an interpretation by the brain sending thoughts to our MIND. I start with this totally AMAZING photo that Marj took on Bass Lake up in Eagle River last week at what everyone would call…the PEAK of color! I could sit and stare at this photo for a very long time and bring LOVE through my inner BEING that mirrors the inside of me. (Yes, the mirror image takes me there!)  There is always the opportunity to wake up the energy of pure Divine LOVE. I love the brilliant yellows, oranges, reds and green all mixed together!

I know that the top image is the real deal…and while the mirror image in the water is not as clear, it is still beautiful! THAT’s me and YOU! Too often we try to interpret that mirror image. We begin thinking of ourselves as less than…why are we less than? Why do we worry about it? We worry we are good enough, and yet, we are perfect just as we are.

We’ve heard all of the emotional expressions using color

I am GREEN with envy.

I am BLUE today…meaning I am feeling down.

Out of the BLUE….without warning!

That’s a GRAY area…I have no idea!

You are caught RED handed…it’s not usually something good!

I have a GREEN thumb…so I am GOOD with plants!

BLACK sheep denotes an outcast…someone that is not conforming like others!

Take the Red-eye… a late night flight that arrives early in the morning!

Tickled PINK…you are extremely pleased about something in your life!

That little WHITE lie…something that is used to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

I am proposing that ALL of us try to think of color in an entirely NEW way.

I believe that all of us view colors in our lives in totally unique ways. You mean I don’t see that same color as YOU? Perhaps NOT!

LIFE is totally different for each and every one of us. Until we embrace that concept we will always compare each other to some standard that has absolutely NO meaning! 

We know that skin colors have clouded history in ways we abhor. Color blind people tell us they still see amazing color…in a totally different way! When I close my eyes and see COLOR during meditation with my eyes totally closed…I am always interpreting! Oh yes, my MIND tries to interpret through a brain that has connections to past experiences in this lifetime. Are they buried deep in my subconscious? Of course!

During my NDE, when I was OUT of my body known as Terry Larkin I was seeing COLOR in a totally unique way! I saw and experienced color through all of my 12 senses! I was viewing color in a totally magnified way, but I was also experiencing the sensations of hearing, seeing, and feeling color in ways that are hard to describe in our earthly words. And of COURSE, skin color did not even exist! We are NOT our bodies.

Here’s an example of color. My husband and I took a drive and were out walking in the beauty of fall.  We came upon this row of red maples. They were absolutely gorgeous with the brilliant blue sky to frame them. I LOVED it and I stood near them taking pictures…taking in the energy of my thoughts. Others parked their car and took off for exercise.

I thought…I don’t WEAR red in my choices of clothing? Why not when I LOVE the red that shows up in fall?

Later, we were viewing vistas that I couldn’t help but take pictures. BUT, it was so fascinating as I watched other people…each taking in the beauty in totally different ways. I loved the human interaction too, but I did not ask any of them for pictures! I thought…WHO would do that?!

I reflect back to Eagle River in a photo that Marj sent to me that somewhat MIRRORS the view we were looking at near us in lower Michigan. Yet, the PEAK as we call it has not even surfaced here! LOOK at the difference in the two pictures. ( Click on the pictures to see them larger)  Marj is further NORTH of me…and we can view the difference!

PEAK of color…that is a statement about our soul and where we are in our journey of life! We can VIEW our life or we can LIVE our life in the full color ! Will we reach a PEAK in the journey of our soul life?

During  fall,  we remember that it is a very temporary view. LIFE right now may be difficult or beautiful! It’s the ever changing landscape of living in a human body on earth! I am choosing to LIVE my life in full color…even as I live through experiences that are creating a bumpy road!

We know…the COLOR of life is ETERNAL! 

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    • Thank you Trudy. It’s always lovely to hear people’s reactions to words we write hoping they capture special meaning for others.

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