Journey of Self-Discovery

Last week we all laughed together and brought at least a little bit of joy into our lives! That is a part of my life every day, because I choose happiness for myself.  I have a deep knowing that we were meant to enjoy life and we were designed to be on a JOURNEY OF SELF- DISCOVERY. I am always amazed and joyful  when I meet young adults who already realize they are searching for answers to life’s big questions. They have so much more time left in their lives to explore and experience!  I was blessed meeting a new beautiful soul just like this  ~ brought to me through a Reconnective healing session this past weekend. What a beautiful blessing it must be to know she has a full life ahead to explore.

Is it necessary to keep analyzing our life and worrying about whether we are following the path designed by our soul? I think that is a mistake in thinking…at least in my humble opinion. I know that I have gotten wrapped up in the lives of some amazing teachers in my life, but their life experiences are THEIR own. Many times I caught myself thinking I needed to follow THAT particular path, when in fact it was in my own self-discovery that the threads  of my life were pulled together to paint a picture that I could get comfortable with and enjoy.

“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.”

Yes, the paint represents all of life’s experiences, the good and the challenging forming a beautiful picture that emerges when we allow JOY to grow from within our soul. Allowing the LIGHT from within to dissolve the fears that we create, allows us to grow into that beautiful picture of life that was meant to be ours.

Now back to analyzing our lives. I think as we age we decide we need to start looking back on life’s experiences and our reactions to them so we can decide if we’ve lived a “good enough” life. That’s our culture that has instilled fear instead of love. That is judgement …judgement is the word that keeps filtering in when we do that.  God does not judge and we were not meant to judge either. Reflection is different for us when we realize that at each moment we made the very best decision we knew how at the time. I lost precious time analyzing instead of simply allowing LIFE to unfold and keep unfolding in gratitude for what IS.

“Our soul is all it takes to carry the beauty of the universe. There is only one reason for this soul to exist. This reason rises to meet the source before it. Your source is of this essence. Reason flows through your being from the creator of it. You are here to remind yourself as to the reason why you were created in the first place.”    ~ Channeled message through Justin Victor

It makes me smile to share some more very wise words channeled in by my incredible friend and amazing young man who’s book and incredible work will someday be found and cherished. Again…the young people of our world are waking up to LIFE at such an early age! How profound is that! Be watching out for young people in your life that are helping our planet to grow in peace, love and understanding.

In his newly published book, Collecting Consciousness: I KNOW NOTHING, BUT WISDOM,  I found an analogy that he used that will make you laugh and yet.. such true and amazing wise words.

” Imposing your will upon  your soul and journey of self-discovery is like squeezing a tube of toothpaste with the cap loosely covering the opening. The harder you squeeze, the greater mess you are going to make and there will be more effort required to clean up the startling, yet expected explosion of the sticky situation you never intended to be in.”                                                       ~ Justin Victor Pg. 43 Collecting Consciousness

We can all picture this…and probably a sticky situation we got ourselves into instead of ALLOWING our joy to sit along with disappointment or fear and give ourselves LOVE anyway.

We are all on a very special Journey of Self-Discovery. As I reflect on my own journey,  I have learned to use the LOVE and LIGHT that I AM…to guide my thinking instead of fear. As I gaze out into the sun that is rising in front of me I see the light of the sun bouncing in the water in such gorgeous brilliance. It is a reminder that right within me my soul is always LIGHT and fear simply disappears.



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