Just ASK…

Just Ask

…is there a better way?

Sometimes the start of the holiday season can bring anxious thoughts mixed in with emotions arising out of past memories. Some are beautiful memories and some are full of unpleasant thoughts. Is there a way to stay in the beautiful calm and peace of  SELF LOVE in the present moment? This time it is not meditation directly I’m speaking of, but our ability to STAY in the loving and self-caring version of ourselves. This ability is totally enhanced by daily meditation.

I have realized that understanding what it means to be living through my spiritual self in a human body enables me to stay in peace regardless of the problems around me. We should never berate ourselves for being human and “feeling” the emotions of disappointment, frustration, sadness or anxiety.

Is there a better way?  Just ASK!

I believe when we stop, notice, and ask for a better way ~ the answer arrives. But, there may be a critical component in our understanding. We are NOT separate from our soul known as our spirit self. We are never separated from our eternal self. We are simply occupying this temporary vessel known as the human body. That’s why I could “THINK” logically about my physical life as Terry Larkin when I was no longer IN my physical body during my NDE.

I am a WHOLE BEING and so are you. “We are not independent individuals, but instead interdependent individuals at the physical level…all CONNECTED into the same WHOLE of the Universe.” We need each other and totally affect each other. This is a shift in perspective that Suzanne Giesemann has helped me put into words. So then when we engage in practices like meditation, yoga or Reconnective Healing we are tapping INTO that WHOLE to bring in the joy and peace we ARE. We are part of the FLOW of this Universe ~ ever changing and growing in awareness of it. We are forever and always WHOLE…we ARE enough.

Just ASK…there is a FLOW of answers into our human mind when we tune in!

The FLOW is the energy of light and information ~ and LOVE is the expression of LIFE in the FLOW.

I ASKED for a better way…and the FLOW or web of our universe answered loud and clear.

 I opened my email and there it was. It came in the form of a Shamanic Blessing shared by a friend. I’ve heard people discuss Shamanic Blessings and so I already understood that these are nuggets of wisdom found in every indigenous populations in all corners of our world from South America to the US, to Tibet and Africa. But it wasn’t until I looked up information about the meaning of the added word “blessings” that I learned; “Blessings call on energies of the invisible world, like elementals, nature spirits, and angels, and ask for their participation in our lives in specific ways.”

I read this BLESSING. It captured me because it held meaning directly FOR me at that very moment.  My soul had the higher perspective and helped me shift back into the JOY of LIFE always available in the FLOW of every life. Shamanic Blessings are meant to be shared. I hope perhaps these words may have some meaning for YOU as well! I SHARE as I honor the Divinity in YOU.


ENJOY a Shamanic BLESSING shared throughout time…


 I release my partner

   from the obligation to complete me.


I release my parents

   from feeling they failed me.


I release my children

   from the need to bring me pride,

   so they can write their own paths

   to the rhythm of their hearts.


I don’t lack anything.


I cherish my essence,

   my way of expressing it,

   even if not everyone can understand me.


I learn from all beings,

   all the time.


I honor

   the divinity

    in me

   and you. 


~Shamanic Blessing


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