Thanks~Giving through GRATITUDE

Happy  Thanksgiving  

We are in humble gratitude for ALL that IS. God’s Amazing Presence in our lives through this community simply gives us more to be thankful for as we gather with our families on THANKSGIVING! We are so very grateful for each and every one of you.

We are GRATEFUL for the miracle of ALL LIFE!


We celebrate the bountiful GOODNESS in our lives through GRATITUDE for LIFE and for ALL of you!

Course of Miracles Lesson 61 ~ “I AM the Light of the World”

Sometimes our ego or culture leads us away from the idea that we ARE the LIGHT! You are the light of the world and so are we! God has gifted us with incredible wisdom  in how to let  that light shine outward to all.

LET there be LIGHT and LOVE and let it begin in all of our hearts! We make a difference in this complex world. We help spread love through all we encounter. Do you know that even when we have a less than desirable encounter with someone, we have made a difference simply with our smile or even with our words that say, “I don’t think so!”

Our happiness can be filled with affection and warmheartedness even in uncomfortable situations. I loved the way that the Daily Lama put this idea into words for us. I love his statement that “You see friends everywhere.” We all need friends…and friends need us as well. This is a reciprocal universe and knowing we are ALL ONE through  God’s amazing unconditional love. That love is for each and every human soul living in a human body on our planet right now!

” The only thing that will bring happiness is affection and warmheartedness. When you have a more compassionate mind and cultivate warmheartedness, the whole atmosphere around you becomes more positive and friendlier. You see friends everywhere.” ~ Dalai Lama

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving Week filled with peace and tranquility ~ love and compassion.


Marj and Terry

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