…is my human life one gigantic BALANCING act?

I’m sitting here pondering about where TIME has gone? I basically had ONE thing on my agenda for today…sit down and write this blog post. And now as I stare at the clock, my day began 9 hours ago. Then the memories come flooding back in… oh yes, I spent an extra long time on yoga and meditating this morning.   It’s not nice outside for walking today, so my husband and I did QiGong together ~ it was LOVELY.  I wasn’t finished with my book for book club and so I got lost in the pages of a book called Finding the Mother Tree. (Ah yes, TREES… love the topic!)  Oh, and I guess I did shower and eat two meals already.  I could go on with three more things I did! Why do I wonder where my day went? And again, I’m back to asking how I ever worked full time teaching while raising 3 active boys! And WHERE does that leave time for my spiritual life? But, I can live in the moment as I write my blog post. REALLY I can.

I looked at my window sill a few minutes ago and THERE…my heart stopped. It’s 3:33…RIGHT! That’s the most spiritual number series there is and you might notice that clock is sitting right next to the one I REALLY love…WHATEVER! I KNOW there is a message here for me.

I am usually busy BALANCING what appears on my to do list.  At first I admonished myself for thinking that I ALWAYS have to be busy accomplishing something. I know that is a left over from my upbringing. I totally LOVE the chances I get to simply BE. And would you believe when I first sat at my computer it must have been more like 3:00 but I got lost in the yellow leaves outside of my window and watching birds fly in and out of my feeder.

BALANCING my days and my LIFE can be a challenge! I’m thinking now that the message for me with these clocks is about my THOUGHTS about time…not about TIME in this earthly realm. It’s just like my everyday thoughts that arise…I don’t have to BELIEVE my thoughts! They are not the real me and I can change those thoughts in an instant! Life gives us plenty of TIME to do whatever we want to if we stay in the present moment. Now the numbers on my clock have changed, but I stayed in a very present moment… checking in with my soul. And it was beautiful.

“To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul. To do this, you need to experience solitude, which most people are afraid of, because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions.” ~Deepak Chopra

I hope you will click on the photo of Mt. Rainier that I took out of plane coming into Seattle several years ago…we were ultimately on our way to Alaska. I was in total AWE that I was able to see such a clear image. SEE a CLEAR image…that is what I was able to do today so I could stay in balance!!   I thought this was a perfect photo to write Deepak Chopra’s amazing words!

As I listened to my heart I realized that I have had a very PERFECT day for me…I needed BALANCE in my life and I did just that. I needed the kindness and love known as SELF CARE. It is so easy for us to go OFF balance in an effort to cross off something we may have written on a list. So today instead of letting anxiety and worry dictate my thoughts…I changed my THOUGHTS into ones of acceptance of what IS. Learning to simply BE…in that flow of life in a balanced way without regret or worry.

To sit in silence I knew I needed Suzanne Giesemann’s new QUICK version of how to get there. So, I thought I would share this technique with you today.  Just so you know, this took me less than 5 minutes. Suzanne calls it Here GOES! 

HereI AM centered. Simply sit, center through 3 deep breaths  allowing the body to relax

GOES is an acronym to help you remember the steps!

G – Grounding yourself. Bare feet if possible on the floor…grounding you to the amazing electromagnetic field of energy in the earth.

O – OPEN your energy centers. Do a quick scan of them all from your lowest chakra in the groin to the top of your head.

E – EXPAND and MERGE into the spirit part of YOU.

S – Shift the CHANNEL…to the Spirit World

I can hear some of you doubting the ability to connect with your soul that quickly…but remember if you BELIEVE it you CAN! Try and then let us know how it worked for you!! Take care of you!

You are incredibly LOVED every moment regardless of life choices!~ Terry Larkin



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