Laughter For The Soul

Have you ever wondered why it makes us feel so good all over when we have a good laugh with a family member or among friends. I believe it is because the high energy of love has moved into every cell of our body radiating out from our hearts as it mingles with the energy of love from other people.

My soul is growing. It’s such an interesting concept to think that I am here in this lifetime as Terry Larkin, an NDE survivor, retired teacher, author, writer and I am enjoying life with an amazing loving and caring husband and father. I consider myself to be growing “spiritually AWAKE.”

I fully except that my soul is eternal and I can smile as I realize death, when it comes, will be beautiful and I’ll be in my true state then…in soul form with the memories of the described Terry Larkin above. My soul will continue to grow while I am in Heaven.

But, why wait for Heaven in the next phase of my “life” when I can find Heaven right here on earth? What a wake up call. So simple and yet so completely complex. Life’s challenges and sorrows have given my soul the opportunity to grow and expand. As I let in the LIGHT of God’s all empowering truths, my heart’s energy soars with gratitude for the pure joy found in life.

As I was debating some deep rooted religious concepts lately with some good friends, I found I could really laugh at my own musings going on in my head. Why am I able to look through “rose colored glasses” and see the good or even the best pieces of humanity in situations that others find draining due to conflicting views. I seem to be able to filter out the negativity and dogmatic thinking when it is happening all at the same time, in the same place, within the same people. Even my husband Doug adds to the conversation by saying, “There she goes again, she chooses to see only the good when she knows there are other practices she doesn’t believe in.” I had a good belly laugh because I immediately said, “That is SO true, that’s me!” And the subject matter isn’t even important because LIFE is full of all the contrasts we want to “see” happening around us every day.

In my soul’s growth, I’ve learned that there is great value in seeing our world with “rose colored glasses.” I am this way because my heart has taught me the value of complete compassion for every human being and where they are in this journey we call life. We are all connected has huge meaning here. Out of compassion pours the love into those who need our love and compassion the most. The consequence of loves’ actions produce people who care deeply enough to help the hungry, care deeply for our earthly home, lift up a caring hand to someone who is grieving, and lift the heart of those in pain caused by illness or poor choices. We don’t have to become a “victim” through someone else’s choices if we breathe in non-judgement. Compassion gives our love a place to go safely.

I believe our greatest learning to help our soul grow comes from immersing ourselves in actual situations of life here on earth! What’s a better gift to share  than laughter immersed in love! Joy is our birthright and we were meant to have a good time! Some people have grown too weary over life’s challenges to laugh! Don’t you find yourself just lifted up when you are with someone who can really make you laugh? I do.

Humor is shared bantering back and forth with my husband countless times every day. I am so grateful we’ve learned to “let go” and let life unfold and be able to laugh at ourselves. Does that mean I look at my own life through rose colored glasses? Most of the time. You have to deal with your emotions and life around you. But, as long as it is totally integrated in love, I am much healthier.

As I was meditating on this topic one morning, I found this blog arose through a great big smile and I laughed out loud! In the quiet with my eyes closed, an image popped up plain as day right in front of me. Can I share it with you?

It was three dangling pairs of feet kicking back and forth and behind the legs I could see they were sitting on a cloud! No bodies, no faces, just three very different size feet. I had to run to the computer to see if I could find such an image somehow. I “sort of” found it. But, it’s not the life moving image I saw in my mind. What made me laugh was realizing they were laughing and yet I could not “see” it in the traditional way! But, I KNEW they were laughing. How? Were my angel guides having fun with me? Are they letting me know there are  three of them? Are they reminding me NOT to take myself so seriously! (Good advice )

Life is like these feet…we can only see part of the view, we can’t see the whole picture with our earthly body. We can’t see the big picture of God’s plan for us. But, in the quiet of our mind we can use all of our senses mixed in a way to feel with our eyes, hear with our heart, and see with every part of our body…more than we know.

We can see what we choose to look for… I am looking for the signs of love in a troubled world! It’s THERE. Yea… for my rose colored glasses!

Go laugh, have fun and enjoy this beautiful “experience” of living in our earthly body. And be aware your soul is “growing” in countless ways ~ you just can’t see the big picture!


YET…you are seeing glimpses every day!

3 Comments on “Laughter For The Soul

  1. Such a lovely piece. Thank you.
    This on top of my sweet long conversation with Margie, yesterday,
    I’m feeling really good.

    I grew up in a family that believed that my “rose-colored-glasses” was a negative/fault, but I still wear them. Some days it’s harder then others.
    But I persist ….
    Have a wonder-filled weekend.

    • Pat C.

      I too loved talking to you. I too do have a a way of living with “rose-colored-glasses” most of the time. My husband comments about that periodically thinking it is an unrealistic way to live. I think it is a way to live in the ultimate reality of life! Yes, some days are easier than others. But the “rose-colored-glasses” let in the LIGHT!

      • Pat, THANKS! I loved the way you worded your thoughts. YES, I so agree, the “rose colored-glasses” let in the LIGHT!

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