Feeling Your Heart’s Energy

“I had experienced the full healing power of unconditional love when my brain inexplicably healed following my coma, but bringing the full power of that love into daily existence proved challenging.”

~Eben Alexander, MD Neurosurgeon

Author of Proof of Heaven, Map of Heaven, Living in a Mindful Universe

Following my NDE it was easy to assume that the miracle of healing was something that was activated when I was in non-physical form absorbed in incredible light. I learned that we had the ability to heal ourselves and I knew I would heal. I did so at an astounding rate, which surprised doctors. I really thought I had a huge puzzle to solve because obviously healing is a challenge for every human being during any lifetime. We all want expert help and assistance when health challenges arise.

Once I was aware there were countless other “miracle” healings following NDE’s, I wanted to hear their stories and find the commonalities in our experiences. Two factors were always mentioned by these writers. They experienced  contact with a being of LIGHT and total unconditional LOVE. God was always described through the total unconditional love they felt, but their experiences varied greatly.

And of course we all have heard stories of “miracle” healing in a person when no one is sure how or why it happened. When I became very sick in 2006, I had a journey to heal, not anything I ever called a miracle. And yet through belief and experience I was being “led” by God (through spirit) down a path to wellness. At the time I was replacing complicated meds with meditation, yoga, various energy medicine techniques, and a huge dose of self-love. I was reading books and absorbing every healing understanding my mind could take in at the time and realizing my spiritual life with direct communication with God was critical.

I now believe there came a moment in “total surrender” that I “reconnected” to the frequency of unconditional love through the energy in my heart. I remember the day well. I dissolved in tears on my mat realizing that the unconditional love I felt from God was meant for me. I was worthy of unconditional love! I let my heart open up. I remembered and fell the unconditional love God shared with me during my NDE, in my heart.  I began healing quickly after this particular day. I was feeling wonderful from the inside, and yet, I still had the same physical challenges. I healed some emotional wounds, facilitating physical healing.

Forgiveness, love, non-judgment and compassion for OURSELVES is critical to health. I had to “listen” and “feel” with my heart! 

Feeling and hearing is a combination of our senses if we let it in through our heart. Our hearts are the pathway creating the bridge between our physical self and our non-physical self (soul), which is eternal. Our soul existed in unconditional love before we were born, in the present time and between each lifetime. It is still there, it is within us when we open the pathway for self-love. Your soul exists in unconditional love always.

I know you have felt your heart’s energy many times. Perhaps we didn’t realize it could be activated through thought, connection in silence or sometimes a spontaneous message. This week for me,  I “felt” my heart’s energy as I connected the dots through so many different authors writing in uniquely different ways, but all really saying the same thing.

“Healing energy goes into our bodies when we “reconnect” to the frequency of unconditional LOVE through our heart! I am the facilitator, not the healer, God is!  ”   Terry Larkin

My heart energy opened a door in my mind to take in more information that matched my knowingness and remembering through my own experiences. It began with my NDE, flourished with my travel in the Amazon and the Andes repeated times, broke wide open while healing, and landed firmly planted in my mind totally unexpectedly one early morning as I began my yoga routine and meditation.

Instead of meditation I found myself writing down all of my thoughts and the results were astounding.  It sounds so simple but as Dr. Eben Alexander stated in the quote above from his new book, Living in a Mindful Universe, …bringing the full power of that love is hard to place into our daily existence. And Dr. Eric Pearl is telling all of us, we have the ability to reconnect to a frequency that can literally reconnect strands of DNA that are causing illness, and pain. Dr. David Hawkins described his own healing of major illnesses in Letting Go. Louise Hay taught that self-love could heal our bodies. She cured herself of cancer. Dr. Wayne Dyer cured himself of Leukemia. Gregg Braden teaches us the science behind our powerful hearts. The HeartMath Institute has irrefutable research documenting the energy of the heart. Deepak Chopra teaches us how gratitude activates the heart to connect to its power. I could list countless more resources. But, far too many of us feel we just don’t know how to get there…I am here telling you this story because I am NO different! I now have a window that was never opened before.

I was pulled out of my doldrums writing this blog. I had begun spiraling downward in self-doubt once again that I really had any talent to help other people. Luckily for me this time it was just a nasty cold that set in, but I was totally bummed because I had been able to “divert” colds for almost four years now. The weather had been cold, cloudy and rather nasty this spring. I put myself on the scales after being away and became depressed. And my computer acts like it’s about to crash.  All I can think of is losing all of my work, even though I know full well we have backed it up. Oh how easily we go into judgement of self instead of love.

I keep hearing, “ If it’s difficult for you to feel your heart’s energy, try gratitude and self-love!”

Thank you gray days, thank you cold weather, thank you cough and cold, thank you extra pounds, thank you computer failure…you brought me important messages! I remind myself during meditation that I am grateful to have a conversation with God, Jesus, angel guides and spirits. I can reconnect to unconditional love by going within.

Do you love yourself? I mean really unconditionally? True forgiveness is amazing. I hope you can try it because happiness and love shared with others follows our ability to love ourselves. But remember, your mind cannot do it alone. You have to let yourself “feel” all of your emotions in your heart. Don’t brush them aside, take them in and integrate them into your life so you can release blockages a few at a time. Love already exists in your heart ~ unconditional love!

During my NDE I was told, “Love is all there is!”

For Eben Alexander he was told, “You are deeply loved and cherished forever!”

Anita Moorjani was told, “Love yourself unconditionally and be yourself fearlessly!”

In LIGHT Marj felt unbelievable joy and peace when her heart was broken!!

Unconditional love is there for us in our hearts. And remember we are all a work in progress. I’m obviously still integrating emotions associated with self-doubt. But, connecting to a frequency of pure unconditional love healed a piece of me, enough to share my love with all of you! I just sent a prayer of gratitude to all of you, I hope you feel it in your heart! We are all connected through the love in  our hearts.

“We cannot teach people anything: we can only help them discover it within themselves.”

~Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) Italian Astronomer



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  1. Thank you for these words of inspiration. I cannot tell you how much your newsletters have encouraged me in my recovery! May God continue to bless you and yours!

    • Thank you Cyndi! And I hope you know that you are in my prayers every day during my morning meditations. I’ve now started sending healing prayers to anyone reading our posts! All of us need healing of one sort or another.

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