Let Our LOVE… Be Heard!

Let Our LOVE Be Heard!

Deepak Chopra sometimes shares some very thought provoking words. Depending on where my own mind is flowing~they often “capture” a piece of my mind delivering thoughts of my own.

“All of our experiences are transitory. Our bodies are transitory. But our SOURCE is eternal and so are we! We choose our experiences. How will YOU chose? “ ~Deepak Chopra ~ via a live YouTube video that popped in as I went to search for meditation music.

It grabbed me. I couldn’t help but listen to his thoughts on how we choose.  We tend to focus on what we can see, hear, taste, feel or smell. But perhaps to create a new environment we love, we need to close off the senses and focus on the eternal. He talked about how experiences can be “selective” as we practice patience on our journey to understanding. He emphasized what we all have learned, that our journey is what is important, it’s NOT a destination. Religions leave us thinking that if ONLY I do this… whatever…we will arrive  But, I know that our daily practices make a huge difference. We all have a great desire for the freedom we were born with and literally have at any given moment, but sometimes we neglect to surrender the outcome. It becomes a mystery as to how we CAN focus on the eternal instead of our transitory environment around us, surrender the outcome to God, and chose wisely.

Let Our LOVE…Be Heard!

After pondering the role of meditation to connect to our eternal self, an idea surfaced in my mind. I was sitting out on my back deck this morning using every sense I have as the sun sparkled in the water in front of me creating an incredible dance in front of me. I was mesmerized. I was peering past some beautiful colors of flowers in front of me and yet it was the light in the water that kept drawing in my attention. In that white light of the sun’s reflection I kept “hearing” let our LOVE be heard. But, like most phrases we love, we have heard them before. I knew where recently I heard this…it was the TITLE of a concert I went to of an amazing singing choir called the Holland Chorale in Holland, Michigan.

Let Our LOVE… Be Heard

I went to see if I still had the program and sure enough I found it. But it was the titles of the songs they sang that really captured my heart as well as the title. These could be affirmations for meditation.

We Sing of Praise and Joy

We Sing of Home and Light

We Sing of Love and Hope

We Sing of Care and Compassion for our Neighbor

Meet Me Here

One Voice

Beautiful voices all put together in harmony bring our prayers of hope for ourselves, our loved ones, our communities, and preserving our beautiful environment. The harmony of music brings it all straight to our hearts…the BEST place for it to land. But, back to the thoughts that popped into my head after listening to Deepak Chopra. How CAN we focus on the eternal in our complicated mind? Here I was using EVERY sense I have sitting in the concert AND on my deck with all these thoughts. After pondering the role of meditation to connect to our eternal self, a bold new idea surfaced.

Perhaps our daily practice of meditation (no matter where that takes place) is simply the Igniting mechanismof that incredible fire of light that lives in our soul. Once ignited we can allow every daily experience to fan the flames so to speak, as we journey on with our everyday lives. But, we need to remember to keep fanning the flame to keep it well lit! Visualize a small campfire or fireplace fire that needs the air to keep burning and the attention to move the logs to keep it burning. The compassionate gratitude that floods our hearts needs to be refreshed every day to allow us to savor and appreciate our life with renewable GRACE through our eternal soul!  I’m visualizing that amazing golden glow that is deep in a fire that has burned for a few hours…like grace through compassionate gratitude for what IS.

If you find it difficult to be grateful, simply take inventory of what you come in contact with every single day in or around your home…things or even reminders of past events through pictures. I also know that we can easily take for granted some basic items like nutritional food we eat, when it can be almost impossible for people in some environments to have or be able to afford such a luxury. Compassionate gratitude keeps that flame burning. We learn to savor and appreciate LIFE…

Suzanne Gieseman somehow manages to share something that simply allows my own compassionate gratitude for life to reach deeply into my eternal self each and every day. Metaphysical was the title of the Awakened Way message on May 6.

“If you think this world is all there is, you will suffer more than you might if you expand your perspective. “Expand it where?” you might ask. Beyond the physical to the realm of the mind. And yet, if you think that the mind exists in some closed-in sphere around the head, you are still limiting yourself. “Beyond the Physical”, which is the meaning of the word “metaphysical,” indicates a realm of being with no beginning, no end, no time, and no space. How can you matter in a world in which you appear to be but one grain of sand? By going back to your Source – the Source of all that is – the ONE Mind. This Mind, and therefore you, are eternal and eternally divine.”


Let YOUR Love Be Heard!!!

Fan the flames of YOUR heart!

Share your LOVE…yell from the treetops!

Live in Compassionate Gratitude…your eternal self is forefront in the decision making.

We live in eternal gratitude and love for ALL of you!





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