INNER Strength

When we use the word “strength” we think of our body. We know we need to maintain and strengthen our ability to move around with ease and vitality. When we lose some of that strength our energy for every day life diminishes at an alarming rate.

Inner Strength

Inner strength is very seldom thought of by most people to be something we need to maintain or “exercise” to benefit our body. And yet…perhaps we might want to re-think that concept. I began this inquiry as I was enjoying my daily practice of yoga and meditation. So I was asking myself a simple question.

Is it possible that INNER strength is vitally connected to our physical body’s strength?

I’m sure at some point in your life you have become totally emotionally distraught to the point where all you wanted to do was crawl under the covers wishing for the qualities of blissful sleep? Which is when our body’s natural healing abilities are activated. Or was there a time when your body simply shut down when someone broke your heart by what they said or did to you?

This amazing body of ours was designed by God in such incredible perfection. And yet the wear and tear of life, emotional, spiritual, or physical challenges wears down the body parts.  Is it also possible that we were literally designed to allow for Inner Strength to guide us within to connect with our Source, bringing vitality and energy to the body?

So what kind of exercise routine can we design for INNER STRENGTH? This was a question I asked myself this morning. But, surprise…in pops a thought.

My question triggered a memory of how exhilarated I was spiritually each and every time I would hike the Inca Trail in Peru. I hiked that 11 times over the span of  10 years. After four days of grueling hiking, my body was exhausted. And YET…my body came ALIVE staring at the beauty from the top. I was staring below with an energy that had no source or SO I THOUGHT! There it was right within me. It was the true power  harnessed somehow by connecting deeply. But, here’s the newsflash! All I needed to do today was to walk over to the picture hanging in our bookshelf and that SAME unbelievable energy spiked through my body. I wasn’t there physically. So what was I doing?

  • Connecting with my source through my heart!
  • Remembering how VERY much I am loved by God, my guides, angels and loved ones who have passed.
  • Connecting with my source to visualize and remember beauty in nature ANYWHERE…I went back to my phone and watched a You-Tube video with gorgeous scenes around the world…the same unbelievable energy spiked.
  • I was EXERCISING my inner strength!

So, what visual scene or deeply loved memory can help YOU exercise your inner strength?

I remembered a Quechuan,  prayer from the High Andes Mountains. (Peruvian Indigenous People) The prayer was shared by Nick Polizzi, the founder of Sacred Science. I remember well reading his incredible material so many years ago on ancient medicine for modern illness. He shared from his studies and travels in Peru. I too listened to shaman’s wisdom throughout the ten years of my travel both in the Amazon and the Andes. The Shaman’s would talk about how they spoke to the trees and wind that blew through the grass under their feet as they walked through the jungles receiving knowledge. Too many people in the modern world dismiss these ideas. However, maybe today we might ask ourselves if we might want to consider the truth in what they were doing as they walked.

I’ll call this practice exercising our INNER STRENGTH! Can knowledge come through to us? Absolutely!!  OR…watch for the SIGNS that might be left for you to find and renew the connection you know deep in your heart. I was so touched when I found three beautiful feathers in my garage (?…odd place! )  a few days ago up near our door where we walk every day. They touched my inner soul. When and how did they get there?  I knew there was meaning. Three totally different beautiful feathers, two with elaborate designs and one very plain. I looked up the spiritual meaning of feathers.

“As a symbol across many cultures, feathers have always represented a connection to spiritual realms and to divinity. And because of their connection to birds, they have always been a symbol of flight and freedom, not just physically, but also in a mental or spiritual sense. A flurry of feathers is thought to be one of the most familiar ways an angel messenger may attempt to connect with us.”

Perhaps this Quechua prayer will somehow wake up your inner calling to go somewhere simple in your own area to renew your soul, look for meaningful signs, and exercise YOUR inner strength. Your BODY will thank you for the energy and vitality!

Great Creator, Grant me the light of wisdom.

Mother Earth, bountiful source, help me draw strength from the ground beneath my feet.

Father Sun, radiant child, fill me with the warmth and energy to face my trials.

Mountain Spirits, who walk the wind, guide me on the path of resilience and determination.

May the sacred waters cleanse my soul, and may the fires of transformation forge my spirit.

In unity with all living beings, I embrace the power within me, to overcome obstacles and grow even stronger.

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