LETTING GO…of Judgement

I believe letting go of judgement is one of our most difficult tasks as we come into this body during this lifetime experience to learn. Is it possible to LET GO of judgement during all moments in our daily living?

Letting go is a pathway of surrender to a greater power than ourselves ~ God.  In reality we are simply one tiny piece of a gigantic puzzle. We cannot SEE, FEEL, HEAR, TOUCH  or even EXPERIENCE enough of the whole to understand our small piece of the puzzle. It would be like trying to put together a 3,000 piece puzzle with NO picture to look at on the box!

We reach, we read, we grow, we learn and we try to live our lives using the wisdom we have attained during only one lifetime. And yet, we can’t see or even imagine the bigger picture? I believe judgement keeps us from seeing a grander version of life and ourselves.

It makes me think back over the evolution of mankind ~ the “evolution” of the human mind! We can only crawl into a very tiny corner of our own 3-Dimensional human brain to visualize what life was like 2,000- 3,000 or more years ago.

And yet…likely since the creation of man God has opened pathways for thinking outside of that 3 – Dimensional picture into the realms of the 4th Dimension ~ multiple dimensional experiences. Ever since man has been drawing pictures or writing down incredible wisdom about God’s presence, miracle type insights have been arriving.

In last Friday’s post I wrote about Lau Tzu’s amazing every day wisdom from 500 BC. Has conflict between cultures and misunderstood differences in man changed a lot?

Our country is now embroiled in the global scene where our own judgements keep us in worry and anxiety~ even horrified as we watch individual governments all over the globe having to make decisions that seem impossible. Can we see the greater picture yet? NO. We can’t even get past GO in that frustrating game of Monopoly…as we ponder what effects our next move might have on a fellow player. We can only watch from afar and WONDER where these events will take us a year from now or years from now.

As I read the TAO TE CHING…I couldn’t help but realize he was making comment on governments and conflict at the time. I think the wisdom is astounding…perhaps HE knew how to go into that sacred inner place to find REAL answers. I love how he refers to the MASTER as HE at times and SHE at others.  I hope you can click on this picture and enjoy the words and the beautiful Chinese Characters and drawings of an amazing artist. I believe he shares timeless wisdom in the most literal sense. TIME…that illusion we cope with and try to understand. As you read the words, remember that the word Tao is referring to God.

“The great Way is easy, yet people prefer the side paths. Be aware when things are out of balance, stay centered within the Tao. When rich speculators prosper while farmers lose their land; when government officials spend money on weapons instead of cures; when the upper class is extravagant and irresponsible while the poor have nowhere to turn- all this is robbery and chaos. It is not in keeping with the Tao.”

“Whoever is planted in the Tao will not be rooted up. Whoever embraces the Tao will not slip away. Her name will be held in honor from generation to generation. Let the Tao be present in your life and you will become genuine. Let it be present in your family and your family will flourish. Let it be present in your country and your country will be an example to all countries in the world. Let it be present in the universe and the universe will sing. How do I know this to be true? By looking inside myself.”

 ~ Lao Tzu #53, #54 in TAO TE CHING

“And how do I know this to be true? By looking within my myself, into my heart where my own soul resides in communion with my human self.” ~ Terry Larkin

YES, here I sat with all of these thoughts in meditation while the sun was rising this morning. I have SO much to be thankful for. While winter keeps its hold in my corner of the world, the beauty inside flourishes bringing the beauty into my world…judgement vanishes.

We are back to the beginning questions in this post. In each present moment I can let go of judgement to allow peace in my heart. I can find the real peace that reflects my eternal self.

As I sat in ONENESS with my soul, surrendering any outcome to GOD, I flourished in joy watching the sun rise. I watched the sun AND the dark clouds swirling in and around in beautiful harmony. Our lives in human form can be in a state like those black swirling clouds and yet the LIGHT of the world ~“you” ~  in your eternal state will always shine in perfect brightness!

“See Reality with the eyes of the soul – with the heart- and all wisdom, power, and love will be yours. These attributes lie within you now, for they are attributes of your Source, but dimmed they are until you shine the light inward instead of focusing only outward. Be not blind to Reality. See with the soul and your path will be clear.” ~ Suzanne Giesemann through Sanaya

Are you wondering HOW?  I hope you will join me next Friday as I continue this journey of Letting GO! If you missed the start of this last week click here to read Letting Go from Friday, Feb. 18.

Friday, March 4: LETTING GO…Surrender Attachment!


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