LETTING GO… Surender Attachment!

Do you ever suspect that you are “attached” to a particular OUTCOME? Do you have dreams and wishes that you feel you should be able to manifest, and yet cannot seem to do it?

Oh, this can be a really slippery slope here. We so badly “wish” for perfect health, that I believe for myself I let gratitude slide by when I had small gains to celebrate! I have also encountered people who are actually very attached to their physical ailments. That always sounds unbelievable, but most times it is not conscious thought. I think it is more common than we know. Subconscious thoughts are the sticky mess of emotions that get trapped in our body. Letting go of the attachment to them is mostly related to comfort level. There is a comfort level that our body has become ACCUSTOMED to living in every day life.

I think it is far easier to simply accept what IS than to dig deep and “release” difficult deep seated guilt. Somehow that means we have to take responsibility for what we created. Our body has simply taken our neglect in various forms over so many years and  it feels very at HOME…even if it is in the form of disease. Unfortunately our conservative medical profession is very compliant in this. They are more than happy to give our disease a name and medicine to mask the symptoms, but never really cure us of                                                        the underlying cause of the disease.

As most of you KNOW, this is what happened to me during the several years of living with Hemiplegic Migraines. I won’t go THROUGH all of what it took for me to heal myself (the story is in our book) , but let me guide you to a person and a BOOK that helped me take that last step of LETTING GO…surrendering my own attachments! I know I wrote about this in our book, The Light GAP, but there is an important message in Dr. David Hawkins’ book for all of us.

“One immediate discovery was that every negative feeling or thought is associated with guilt, and this guilt is so all-encompassing that it is constantly being suppressed. Thus, there is no such thing as just anger. The actual feeling is anger/guilt. There is guilt every time we have a critical thought about someone.” ~ Dr. David Hawkins Pg. 303 in Letting Go

Remember the thoughts I shared in last Friday’s blog post about our world? He continues after the above quote…“The mind’s constant judging and criticizing of the world, its events and people, is an unending source of guilt.” 

I was judging myself in a deep and damaging way, creating guilt that did not serve any purpose except…bringing on disease! I had become attached to my own stories/guilt. It felt comfortable to allow the hurt to have a place in my life. THAT wasn’t helpful in the least!

Dr. David Hawkins was a world renowned global speaker and prolific writer about so many concepts connecting the understanding of our Universal mind through spiritual concepts and the science of the medical profession. I had totally absorbed another one of his books entitled Healing and Recovery.

He finally told his OWN story of healing. So many people had asked him to tell this story, and he finally did in his last book before his death. All I can say is WOW… if you have this book or are thinking of reading it, look on page 295 – 299 for the HOW TO…I have dog eared pages there I read it so many times to comprehend and actually MAKE the changes needed in me.

And top on my list was “stop giving the physical disorder a name. Do not label it…instead ask what am I feeling?…The process of self-healing goes more quickly when we let go of labeling or giving a name to the various physical sensations.”

But, when I first read the book, I couldn’t believe the list of diseases he healed in himself! This book is the story of how difficult it was, but he wanted to share the pitfalls to help YOU, the reader, to make your own journey much less cumbersome. His LIST of ailments on page 299 is way too long to quote! And by the way, he was not young at the time…this happened during his later years in life!

“At the beginning of working with the letting go technique, there was a period of rebellion and actually hating the feelings and experiencing dread over having to deal with them.” ~ Dr. Hawkins describing HIS journey. Oh, I remember all too well my period of rebellion too…but something IN me would not let me give up. The experience of “knowing” replaced thinking.

Perhaps something in YOUR life has changed and this just might be the RIGHT moment in your life to find this book!

The manDr. David Hawkins M.D.Ph.D who died in 2012 leaving this book unpublished. His wife published it after his death.

The bookLetting Go: The Pathway of Surrender

Each of us will have a different take away from any words written by others. But, I believe this book has messages for all of mankind if we simply open our hearts and minds and listen.

While I had  found many techniques to help me in the process, I do believe that had I encountered Reconnective Healing to open my pathways to connect with my own inner being to GOD, my healing process would have gone much quicker. But, Dr. David Hawkins words and techniques in this book took me to the same place! WE ALL have the ability…but as Dr. Wayne Dyer used to say, “the only difference between you and me is that I KNOW it and you doubt it.”

And YES, I healed! We can ALL replace guilt in it’s many forms with unconditional LOVE…it is OURS to give as a gift to ourselves because it is found deep within us..to know GOD is to understand love!


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