Sometimes my healing training through The RECONNECTION simply reminds me every day that ALL of us want and need to be OPEN to the idea that we ARE all connectedALWAYS. Healing works in a field of energy that KNOWS we are all connected. And yet, some of us have dozed off into a state of complacency feeling the separateness that LIFE around us thrives on. Our beautiful country is suffering from the lack of understanding that we are all connected.  I really hope you will not allow yourself to be swept under and into a very vocal society… YOU are love. GOD’s love is PURE…it is unconditional in every way. We can drop the competition…there is no need.

This photo of some beautiful teaching friends from our training in Sedona, Arizona this year brings to LIFE the concept of how separation is an illusion and our CONNECTION through LOVE allows healing to take place on all levels. You see smiles from across the globe…all understanding our connection. (Enjoy a peak into more at Sedona at the end of this post…it’s an international crowd from the US, Germany, and Italy)

Sometimes we find ourselves searching for something that is already OURS. That state of longing for that perfect place, only takes us into the past or the future. When we RECEIVE healing it does not end, it is only the conscious AWARENESS that it is already OURS. Once we refresh during a healing, we become aware more easily and on a daily basis. Keeping our thinking in the present literally allows us to keep our minds deep in our hearts. When we use our own heart’s intelligence, we are literally spreading kindness, compassion, peace and love around our globe. This photo is a view into mathematical explanation of CONNECTION.

I found it interesting over the last week and into this week that so MANY of the people that both Marj and I enjoy listening to are all talking about the same thing, the concept of ONENESS…realizing that the misconception is causing conflict all over in our world. All of our inspired speakers are in the same field as all of us…with information arriving simultaneously.This is NOT by accident. When we KNOW there is an amazing presence of God is always with us helping the world, the concept wakes up in us.

Neale Donald Walsch, Steve Farrell and the Humanities Team talk emphatically that the most CHALLENGING concept of our day is understanding that we are NOT separate from God, nor from each other through God. Then I heard a similar talk in a video from Anita Moorjani reliving the same understandings from her NDE. Gregg Braden newly discussing this concept , and I simply LOVE his optimism that YES, we ARE on a path of understanding and scientific research is finally beginning to wake up as well.

I think during the holiday season we get so wrapped up in gift giving, songs, parties, concerts, and home decorating that we FORGET to realize the WHOLENESS of all of those activities in our lives. They are meant to enrich our lives, knowing the incredible CONNECTION through LOVE we have with other people. Perhaps you need a simple reminder like I do once in awhile. I made myself a NOTE…and laid it in my meditation space to read at least once a day.

What would LOVE DO today? ~ by Terry Larkin

  1. LOVE would say, breath deeply bringing my heart’s desire into every cell of my being.
  2. LOVE would say,  relax, let my mind slow down, and surrender my worries to the higher intelligence of life.
  3. LOVE would say THANK YOU Lord, for my incredible blessings.
  4. LOVE would send a prayer for people suffering from cruelty in the world
  5. LOVE would ALLOW any needed healing to simply open the power from within as I soften into the warm embrace of love that always nests in my heart.
  6. LOVE would remind me to send love through every encounter planned or unplanned today.
  7. LOVE would remind me I am WHOLE and perfect in my being… opening the self love channel of my heart.
  8. LOVE would remind me to GO…and enjoy my day with a huge smile on my face!
  9. Hello WORLD…here I come!

I believe Suzanne Giesemann really brought the concept to life in a recent Awakened Way Daily Message called Nothing Left Out. I wanted to leave you with HER words, Sanaya’s words,  so that you could cherish the love from beyond our habitual daily life.


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