LOVE Sustains US

AWARENESS. We’ve been sharing our ideas for the past two blog posts about what it really  means to be AWARE of our ONENESS with God and each other. LOVE sustains us…because it is the Universal ENERGY of the Universe. It exists inside of us. We can illuminate  our light to SHINE through ourselves and on to others, just like the sun sharing its light reflecting off the water in a sunset or sunrise.

Years ago when Marj and I were publishing our book we used a beautiful photo of a spider web to illustrate the intricate and fragile connection. (Pg. 130)  Here is a photo we used in a blog post a few years ago.   In another photo ONENESS is illustrated using stars and light. (Quite REAL)

LOVE sustains us.

We have an avenue to reconnect a broken piece, just like the spider will do in a web and just as God does through unconditional love.

 God’s beautiful creation connects us all literally through energy! This is where science also provides answers for us. The energy of LOVE and LIGHT connect each of our bodies to the universal lay lines (The grid that relates to the meridian lines of our body) and then to our planet earth with the universal grid of the Universe ~ GOD. It’s mind boggling until we get let go of the picture people have created for us of a “man like” fatherly image of God.  And yet when we actually tap into that energy field we can FEEL it or EXPERIENCE it. What is it?

I believe it is God, but in a form we can’t even fathom in our wildest imaginings. BUT…we can experience and feel the sensations.

LOVE sustains us.

YES, you have experienced and felt it many times over in your lifetime, but we tend to call the experiences miracle moments, or I like Suzanne Gieseman’s words, “Droplet’s of God”and we think they are limited.  For far too long I didn’t realize I was the “creator” of my life experiences with God. Meditation has provided that totally unique opportunity to dial down all the constant input from others so I can facilitate a “clearer” connection to God and my purpose in life.


 It is easy to hear these words and not really put the wisdom into our daily lives to enhance our experience as a spiritual being living a very human life. Scientists and Medical Professionals alike know there is a huge connection between our heart and our brain. This illustration is showing what it looks like when we allow our heart to be in charge instead of the brain! If our heart intends LOVE and compassion, we can create coherence so that our heart is actually “telling” the brain, “Send healing chemicals to my body and please connect me to God”.

Click on ANY of these pictures to see them larger to be able to read easily!

There is something else to consider. When I facilitate a healing, research is showing that my own heart gets into coherence with the person on my massage table. Together we are creating a much “stronger” connection to GOD or the SOURCE of all that is…your soul.   It is there we are in touch with GOD’s LOVE.  You can accomplish coherence all by yourself through thought, intention, and actions. But sometimes we simply need a boost in the form of energy healing to get there.

Perhaps you have heard of Maya Angelou. I learned of her mostly through Dr. Wayne Dyer’s exposure, sharing her amazing journey in life. He used to quote her poems, but mostly he wanted to share what LOVE really looks like in a human form.

Maya was an African American who worked alongside Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcom X. She became silent for five years after being raped as a 7 year old. And yet she came to live in a place of total love. She “connected” with GOD from within. She shares her experience of  being in a place where she knew that we are all one. And in ONENESS through LOVE…all of humanity can flourish.

“In the flush of love’s light

we dare be brave

And suddenly we see

that love costs all we are

and will ever be.

Yet it is only love

which sets us free. “

~Excerpt from Maya Angelou’s poem “Touched by An Angel”

So often in looking back over time, we see how the noblest of individuals, who may suffer terribly at the hands of others, were able to transcend the unthinkable. It never comes easy for any of us.  When we OPEN our awareness to being in ONENESS, we become beacons of hope. We have love for all of humanity and most importantly for ourselves.

Maya felt she had lost all hope for LOVE and yet she states “it is only love which sets us free.”  Does “LOVE cost all we are?” I struggled over those words in the poem. Of course right away we think that forgiveness sits at the root of the overcoming hate and violence. Did that condone the abuse? Absolutely not. She lived in an era when white men raping young black girls was “overlooked” in way too many places. Instead of hate however, she became an activist for LOVE…working to further advance our society through peace and understanding.

I think God’s Amazing Presence brought her to a new understanding. I believe she woke up to the truth of ONENESS. This is something that became incredibly clear to me during my NDE.

Our skin color, our gender, our sexual preference, our religion, our culture, our place in society as rich or poor ~has nothing to do with our WHOLENESS in our eternal state! As a being of LIGHT we are eternally WHOLE. If you think through the messages Jesus came to tell us, HE modeled this same concept for us! But now SCIENCE is showing us how incredibly connected we really are!

With our collective ONE MIND…we  are open to experience miracles! What intention wrapped in a love gift do you need to place into your heart?



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