Creativity is one of our most precious assets! As an adult we admire all of the artists, musicians, scientists or authors for their amazing creative abilities. We feel, see, hear, or experience the beauty and it makes us feel really good inside. So, we go back for more of what we LOVE. Yet, somehow we don’t think we possess such talent because we did not pursue the right field during our youth or years of attending a university.

But, let’s stop and think for a minute, where is all that creativity coming from in any human being? OR, in nature when we see funny amazing sights and someone took advantage of it to show us their creativity! We are all a Divine Spirit living in a human body with a mind that helps us make decisions every day. Yes, of course we can be taught a skill of any sort…but is creativity a skill?

When we were very young it was almost a given. Watch a two or three year old who wants something! When no is the answer, they immediately switch gears and think of a new way to get it. Children can be downright “creative” we exclaim! But, children are still very connected to the spirit world. They had a much more recent visit than all of us as adults! Here’s another thought for you, is creativity inherent in our BEING?  Inner wisdom IS a part of our BEING. We know that when we allow ourselves the luxury of “listening” from within.

Maybe creativity has been lying dormant inside of us left untouched for years because we think we only use it for our work related life. What about in our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being? Can we APPLY the same concepts of creativity? I say YES and in fact I think some of my most amazing creative ideas came when I was trying to heal myself of Hemiplegic Migraines! I was ALLOWING myself to experiment, try new and different energy techniques, and “listening”  to my body which was busy letting me know which creative variant was helping me out the most!

When my life is in flow and I’m  happy and enjoying life, I think my mind gets comfortable,  so rather than keep thinking creatively…I go into that place where my subconscious self is running my life! Is it possible my creative self can KEEP on functioning when I put my attention on it EVERY day instead of living with unwanted pain or when a crisis hits?

When things go wrong, it is so easy to get into a the negative ~ feeling sorry for ourselves instead of calling on that incredible precious asset…creativity! Asking within…”what new thing can I try today?” And poof…there is something in front of you one way or another! ( That’s how the Universe operates!! ) Sure it’s okay to allow yourself to sift through all of the crazy emotions that might be flowing out of you. But, if you are experiencing this feeling often, I am hoping you will realize you CAN call on the creativity  you were born with in this human body! God created YOU with incredible abilities that exist right inside of YOU! All great mathematicians and scientists share their creative abilities that have existed from within. We can do the same!


  • GO within and ask for what you LOVE! Assume you WILL experience it and offer gratitude for having received it. YES, even before it has manifested.
  • TRUST in God. Even if you don’t feel or hear them; your guides, angels or the masters are right there with you at every moment of every day.
  • Meditation is critical. Even a simple 10 minute quiet or with soft music can achieve amazing wonders!
  • In the morning send yourself LOVE for the entire day! I loved how Daily OM expresses this…”Be sure to collect that love along the way.”
  • Kindness expands the light within us…so be KIND to yourself so you can touch the light in others as well.
  • Treat your body like it is the DIVINE…because it is a very divine vessel for your Soul.
  • Try something new in yoga or energy medicine techniques; stretching, touching and moving energy EVERY day.
  • Include DEEP breathing exercises into your routine every day! Then use that quick deep breathing throughout your day to “retrieve” the calmness and peace you deserve at all moments. Remember, oxygen is the life giving substance we need within every cell of our body!
  • Smile, laugh and don’t take yourself so seriously! We came to ENJOY life…not suffer!
  • FEEL happy for another person every day.
  • TRY something new every day!

There is a brighter you, a brighter future and brighter world for those that dream big using CREATIVITY every day! Age and physical status are not the determining factor. Compassion and LOVE. They are determining factors. As this quote so eloquently let us know,

“There are some people who have the sun inside them. It’s hard to explain. Their presence just brightens your world. It’s not about beautiful smiles. They have an internal being that sheds light and feels like sun on your cool face. It’s a calm energy, and inner peace, confidence and self.”

Inner peace is true healing in all of us! 




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