LOVE in Action

In everyday life, we can choose to BE love, but are we in ACTION about it?

It is a good reminder for all of us; LOVE is a vibrational energy.   WORRY and ANXIETY are also vibrational energy, but at a much LOWER level.  For myself in life I have found that worry and anxiety drained my energy and left me feeling less likely to take ACTION about anything positive. Scientific principles have helped us gain an understanding that vibrational energy directly impacts the energy level of our body.

So often we are interpreting situations real or imagined as the source of our worry and fear. But, let’s IMAGINE this same awful event or circumstance from a new prospective by moving into the vibrational energy of LOVE. Can JOY move instead into your real or imagined circumstances?

When we are in action, we are giving our attention to whatever is most important to us at the moment.  We have chosen to participate in whatever our  body and mind are engaged into at any given time. Because the choice is there, we have decided  that our activity is totally RIGHT for us or even WRONG for us, but we chose them for a reason! Free will wasn’t given to us so we could fail. It was given to us so we could EXPERIENCE and GROW!

There are times that our choices lead us down a path of “thinking” what might go wrong. But that is because we have chosen to THINK about what might go wrong! Where our focus lies, our body reacts to match our thinking. Sometimes our thinking moves us into a place that frightens us and we wonder why we are feeling anxious.

But, instead of feeling anxious ~ let’s imagine from a spiritual place that lives in our heart by remembering our own place of higher consciousness! HOME…it lives within you. We have a memory DEEP inside of that beautiful place of unconditional love, that’s why we are drawn to be there. There is a longing deep in my heart that has a clearer memory of that LOVE!

And yet, we know we have LIFE to live right here, right now, and in every moment. We know deep in that place called HOME,  that LOVE never judges another or that GOD does not judge or condemn. God just IS. Jesus showed us the way, as did many other masters. So why do we as humans judge ourselves or others? Our ego self tries to “separate” us from others by placing them into a place elevated in status because we think they are “so much better than us!” OR, we separate ourselves because we think we are certainly  “way better than that!”

And YET, we are all ONE. During my NDE I came to a complete understanding of a very basic concept of life..

GOD, LOVE, the UNIVERSE…is LOVE in action!

A Reconnection to your soul is returning to that place of wholeness. The need to judge yourself or others simply disappears when that truth is embraced. We can sit back and observe differences, make better choices for ourselves, and LIVE the challenging life we were meant to experience in our human form. In fact…we can sit back and watch the drama of life as simply THAT. Drama of LIFE: Experiences designed for our growth! Knowing that HOME is our destination with God is simply LOVE in action.

Thought to ponder: IF we KNOW we return HOME as many times as we need greeted by our loved ones, are we able to experience life in a totally different form?

To BE love in ACTION…I believe we need to embrace unconditional LOVE for ourselves. Knowing we are ONE with all through God’s Amazing Creation GIFT, we see our own shortcomings as a growth experience designed to help enrich our lives.

BE love in ACTION by spreading the JOY that is YOU!

GO…be in JOY every day as you design a life that brings you JOY! Summer is a GREAT opportunity to live in JOY and create the feeling you want to live in your heart! That is LOVE in action. 


Beach at Lake Michigan, Holland Beach. Swans in the wetlands near Terry’s house!






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