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If someone says you have more POWER than you ever realized, what thought or image comes to you? This is a tricky word in a lot of ways. For most of us, we most likely think of our political leaders in the US, religious leaders, or world figures serving  in one capacity or another. Certainly THEY must be people that are “powerful” enough to make a difference in our country or world. And then by default, they are powerful enough to affect our daily lives. And yet, today I’d like to challenge you to think of power in a new way, through humility and compassion for YOURSELF and others. Think outside of powerful OVER another, but powerful enough to CHANGE your own life.  Ask yourself: Am I powerful?  Did you feel funny even asking yourself the question? Did you answer with the thought… who ME? Followed by yeah RIGHT!

We should ALL be saying, “YES, I am powerful beyond measure!”

Yet, I totally understand that response because for so long I thought self-love produced selfish people. I developed patterns  that  kept me responding in a proactive way for others, but not for myself . I know that one of the original quotes given by Marianne Williamson in one of her earliest books, A Return to Love, has become her signature in many ways:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” ~ Marianne Williamson

In all of Marianne’s lectures and workshops she promises to help us learn that you are incredibly powerful once you align with the agenda of your soul. People in the spiritual world use the word power a lot. I come across the concept in just about every book I’ve read. But, we have a hard time digesting what it really means.  ALL of us ~  YOU and I are powerful beyond measure. Letting ourselves be that loving to ourselves takes a lot of time and hard work. We have to take that step” inside” to get to the real source of power, God. Engaging our mind’s thoughts to coincide with our soul agenda means that we need to embrace some pretty basic truths first. The first one is that we ARE an eternal soul living in a human body. And the second is that we’ve had this soul since LONG before we were born into this life. We have a deep knowing that lies within. That’s the delicious loving feeling you have when something is just RIGHT for you.

I went to lecture and a workshop with PHM Atwater while in Seattle at the IANDS conference. Marj and I have spoken about her as we  shared her Manual for Developing Humans on previous blogs. She is a delightful and humorous person with an amazing life story. She is one of those gurus who is so unassuming that you fall in love with her right away. I was intrigued enough to buy another book she published in 2012. You may have heard of it, Children of The Fifth World. This is a topic that is near and dear to our hearts because we have always loved children. The subtitle of the book is: A Guide to the Coming Changes in Human Consciousness. We are and WILL be learning from the children that are arriving on our planet with stories that we need to hear!

Consciousness is NOT located in the brain, science now has unbelievable research that proves that. But, change in thinking comes s~l~o~w ~l~y.  I did not know that consciousness existed outside of the brain until I saw a lifeless body and brain laying below me while I was thinking very logically! But, as you remember from my own journey, it took searching and hearing it from science to let it land in my mind as a KNOWING. Only then did I see and experience it in my life because a door had been opened. But, you can open YOUR door in a much easier way! Let the knowledge that sits inside of you emerge to be used for a well lived life. Children don’t have all of these filters in place yet and they  have memories of past lives and experiences in heaven. They also share stories of being born and what it feels like to be in the womb of their mother! And they already know they are powerful beyond measure! These children  have powerful insights into the spirit world, are mediums from birth, see aura’s around people, and are often healers. Adults around them wonder…HOW is this possible? For some of these chldren, they check out of this life early because they can’t cope! Others are quickly becoming giving adults in every walk of life from a very early age. Some are this generation’s geniuses! They are powerful and WILL change our world. We need to listen.

Children of the Fifth World is quite a compilation of documented stories through parents’ willingness to share. But, PMH Atwater is also sharing her understanding of the complexities of being BORN with knowledge and understanding into families whose parents are clueless as to how to deal with them. She talks about children born after 1982 and how evolution is bringing in MORE and MORE  enlightened children. That YEAR strikes me every time she says 1982…the year of my NDE. My third child was born in 1983. It gives me pause to wonder…he is a very sensitive and loving young man. Through his police work and even working within the military, he gives his all because he sees PEACE as a global goal. Most of us our age have almost given up on the concept of world peace! PMH Atwater tells us that these children have the same traits that NDEers show following a Near-Death Experience, but instead of an experience in LIGHT…they are BORN THAT WAY! Ponder on that thought for a moment. The children are telling the same stories…truths that can benefit all of us if we listen.

It has taken me well over a year to really ABSORB PMH Atwater’s teaching. I read her book well before hearing her speak in Seattle. Her whole life ( of over 80 years)  has been devoted to helping people  realize how very powerful we are as humans living RIGHT NOW in this ever changing evolution of life. I believe more than any other person, she was able to convince me that the powerful changes in my life since my NDE are significant  because all of us have these same miraculous gifts if we simply tap into them and USE them! I believe my healing abilities are powerful now, but look how long it took me to say, YES, I am a HEALER. Life is such hard work. But, it is so worth the effort.

OWN your power and you might be amazed as you experience the MIRACULOUS in your life too! And…watch your children or grandchildren. Open the door of communication with them about their spiritual lives! You might be amazed at what they tell you. Be ready for the MIRACULOUS.

“Hear me when I say this. No matter your position in life or where you are, or what you are, or what you believe or disbelieve. I have only one question for you and your answer will change everything:

What is the vision you have of your life?  …Begin there.” ~ PMH Atwater  pg. 295  A Manual for Developing Humans


“Vision is the ability to see beyond the view”

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  1. I just reread this and am in awe of the amazing concepts presented. Thank you.

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