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Who ARE our guides? Who ARE angels? What ARE our loved ones like when they transition into the ever life? Are they light? Are they with us all the time? What beliefs have you opened for yourself? I LOVE to ponder these questions. I am also in awe of the unconditional LOVE they have for all of us.

Most of us consider these entities to be one of the sacred mysteries of life! We WISH we knew exactly instead of piecing together what we think the Bible, sacred texts, spiritual gurus or mediums we respect say they are! Do we acquire a KNOWING at some point in our journey of understanding? I believe that many of us gradually move from believing into knowing.

Suzanne Giesemann has asked repeatedly of her guides, the group Sanaya, what is it actually LIKE in the afterlife? It’s actually pretty fascinating reading. On her website at she has an E-booklet called Awakenings: Lessons From Beyond the Veil . It is free to simply read and enjoy. I read it long ago, but it was good for me to revisit it again today after Marj mentioned Suzanne describes what WE might see if we open the door to our own awareness! Click on the image of the book or the word Awakenings below to connect directly to the book.

“Now you no longer need a robe.  Now you are pure light. Now you circulate more freely amongst those at the other levels. You may visit those in the human consciousness realms on particular missions, or at the other levels. You may be seen as an orb or as an Angel. Those with eyes to see will see  your glow. Your fellow lights know you by the particular glow or vibration of your light and, and so you see, you have no need for names or clothes.” ~ Suzanne Giesemann Pg. 26 Awakenings

There are so many references to angels and beings of light in the Bible.  We can easily believe they are real. But, far too many people want to put all of that in the PAST tense…they were real to the people living in Biblical times. But, there are equally as many people that are transitioning that say they are seeing angels or loved ones! My mother spoke of seeing angels surrounding her bed. Marj and I both heard her talk of them. Young children talk of remembering angels. All accounts through NDE’ers agree we saw, heard and felt them. Some had whole conversations with them! Those numbers are now in the millions ~ I am simply one of them.

We CANNOT discount that angels and beings of light are right here with us all the time! We just don’t always see them. Our sense of feeling is so much stronger in many people…more than sight. I’ve learned that when that feeling is very strong, it’s time to allow myself to be AWARE  they are there. I’ve learned that when I feel them, it is the time to try and have a conversation with them…but I don’t always know if it is angel, guide, master,  loved one or God.

Marj recently had the experience of orbs showing up in her MOON pictures! Jim knew how VERY much she loved to go out and view a beautiful moon. She viewed it from her house down the driveway when the full moon was SO spectacular! That beautiful blue circle is signifying gratitude for ALL that is. Another night,  she viewed the moon  from a friend’s house on the lake! I hope you notice that the blue orb is also seen in the reflection on the water!! Understanding  that the mirror image of ALL life is a reflection of our beliefs.

I just HAVE to share something exciting with you! Last week I was talking about signs from loved ones and orbs just seem to be around me everywhere I go. I had recent pictures of my own with orbs in them last week in our blog post discussing SIGNS. Click here if you’d like to revisit the photos.

Many of you know that Marj and I have a monthly spiritual group we meet with over zoom. We call it Spiritual EXCHANGE Circle because we all share our thoughts, joys and sorrows, and new insights through reading and experiences. Marj was able to share the love for her husband Jim through stories of his life and his passing with all of us during our August Circle.

As we ALL know, Marj is simply pure love… always surrounded by her loved ones that are in the afterlife. Just like every one of us, her angels and loved ones are always with her. Karen, who was with us in the zoom call took an AMAZING photo of Marj while we all sat in little squares in our own locations. Isn’t this photo amazing? The rays of light are stunning. Thank you Karen. The orbs are there… along with a KNOWING within me they are simply showing us what is THERE that we cannot see with the limited vision of our eyeballs! The colors are beautiful and this green orb is signifying LOVE…with beautiful red surrounding it signifying JOY. Her loved ones are letting her know they are in pure JOY through LOVE.

I know you will join me as I quote part of a poem by Linda E. Knight…for Marj and for EVERY one of you that sit by her side! We are each unique divinations of the WHOLE. We are ONE.

“May your day come wrapped in love, tied with joy, and sealed with memories. May it bring one big surprise after another: May you take time to remember there is no one else like you ~ no smile as warm, no hug as gentle, no friendship as beautiful. May your day celebrate your strengths, honor your understanding and recognize your goodness. You’re the greatest. May your day be as precious as you are!” 





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