The Power of Beauty


I AM LOVE…and so are you.

I AM the Light of the World…and so are you. So where does the power come from?

POWER…what does that word mean to you? Unfortunately for me it conjures up people trying to control other people for their own gain. I decided right away I have been watching too much news.

So…I decided I wanted to know how physics defines power. “The amount of energy transferred or converted (keep that word in your mind!)  per unit time.” Then I searched Quantum Physics and I found a totally fascinating article on How Quantum Physics Could Power the Future. So there I was reading about the future possibilities of new kinds of power sources being created by unbelievable science minds.

But, nowhere was there even a glimmer of the statement I heard Gregg Braden say.

“We are the technology we’ve been waiting for!” 

Our body, mind and soul IS the technology! This will be the topic for discussion in Gregg Braden’s newest live conference in August on Amelia Island here in Florida. The title of the conference is PURE HUMAN: BREAKTHROUGH. I love being in Florida…but sadly I’m not here at the end of August!!

“We are the technology we’ve been waiting for! Within each of us is the personal code to unlock our Pure Human technology of neural networks, cell membranes and emotional intelligence that allows us to excel in everyday life and thrive in times of uncertainty.” ~ Gregg Braden

Think about those words…WE are the technology we’ve been waiting for!
We are the POWER source. Ancient masters and teachers have been sharing that idea and concept for thousands of years. But, scientists have ignored this ancient wisdom  because of the current scientific method used. There are now many realizing how important it is to include ALL wisdom and knowledge ~ weaving together experiential knowledge into the WHOLE of understanding our universe.

I’ve heard another very clever way of describing this concept and I have said the words to many people. I’m guessing it came from Suzanne Giesemann, but honestly I can’t remember for sure who said it, I simply put it to memory and LOVE it. Maybe it will help YOU to visualize your own power ~

“Clear YOUR channel, your body is the dial up for connection! Clear the clutter and fine tune your connection.” 

Meditation at it’s best.

Gregg Braden goes on to talk about how we can access and even program our body’s operating system to self-regulate our biology, up-regulate our genes, and awaken a powerful immune response by accessing our innate epigenetic triggers.

…what flashes through your mind? Of course naturally we think of the amazing beauty in nature that resides around us in so many forms we can scarcely take it all in. And YES, that beauty has the power to capture us and launch us into complete and utter awe. Our body, mind and soul are the recipients of that peace and harmony found in nature.

But have you considered the beauty of YOU? The beauty of creation of each one of us as a totally unique soul. Created in the image of God is amazing, but creating the human body to allow our soul to “experience” and grow within the beauty of LIFE is incredible. Perhaps we are only just beginning to realize the magnitude of the potential of our human bodies! The beauty we see in another soul is a reflection of our own. Can you see the beauty in another as a reflection of you? POWERFUL words that carry powerful vibrations.

The power of beauty IS the field of energy that connects everything. Our thoughts, our emotions, and especially our WORDS hold a vibrational energy that comprises the field. We ARE the field. Words and sounds have been collecting in the field for thousands of years and they are ALL around us and through our bodies.

One of our most powerful places to feel and experience energy is in and around our hands! When you become AWARE of this energy, you are able to use it for yourself and others. Entering into the field of frequencies in Reconnective Healing has helped countless people become AWARE of the connection we have to our source ~ God. YOUR power in connection with the Universe.

Beauty is our go-to solution, it’s a fundamental force of nature. It is not just what we see, but it’s the whole of what we do, how we think, and the way to treat and react to one another! Anxiety about life can send us into a loop happening in our mind we want to dissolve. BEING out in beauty helps dissolve anxiety.We can’t always do that. Your creative mind can take off by simply closing your eyes, creating a picture of beauty anywhere you love while you move your body in stretching and reaching positions in yoga, QiGong or Tai Chi.

Marj and I both enjoy QiGong often. We listen to Lee Holden talk about how we can dissolve anxiety as we do incredible slow movements to help the body relax while working with the mind dissolving stuck energy. He uses an example that can actually be an exercise you can try out at home!

  • Start by simply sitting or standing in silent prayer, touching your heart in prayer position.
  • Let your mind create a clear mountain lake that is reflective, free and open.
  • Stand up and start any movement you love! Be creative… really move.
  • Anxiety is like pebbles thrown into the water. THROW yours in…and watch the ripples stir up the calm waters.
  • The pebbles represent thoughts and emotions and TOO many pebbles disturb the calm of our being on a regular basis.
  • Can your movements bring you back to that beautiful clear mountain lake that reflects peace, calm and harmony?
  • YES…that is how Powerful YOU are! YOU can do this at any time you choose.

YOU are love and YOU are light! Share it with the world…and you receive it right back to you, just like this reflection.


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