Turning the Timer Over


“Prepare yourself.  There will be quite a surprise when you finally wake up.”

Suzanne Giesemann – In the Silence

There has been a shift in my life that opens my awareness to what is possible in life.  It has come in many layers over time. 
It is about letting go of old beliefs and taking in new understanding.   Shift your thinking… Shift your life!

I have turned the hour-glass of my life over.  It is really more like my ‘life-glass” has been turned over and the sands are falling in new patterns.  Our grandson is celebrating his ninth birthday next week and I was in a toy store looking for a game.  There sitting on the checkout counter was a minute-glass timer that sat on a magnet.  As the metal pieces of “sand” dropped down, the grains were piling up in an ever-changing pattern.  I have been experiencing life-changing shifts in my life ever since our daughter died in 1996.  (See the story in the book The Light Gap: God’s Amazing Presence by Terry Larkin and Marjorie Steiner, Chapter 2).  It is a fascinating and life-giving journey I continue to live.  New patterns are constantly emerging.

Time is an interesting topic.  From the time I was born, I thought that there was X amount of time for me to live.  We, via the human part of ourselves, think of time in a line of past, present, and future.  We have to keep track of bits of time to make our lives work – to get to school, to get to our job, to meet with people, to know when to eat and sleep.  We are human.  But the soul part of us gives us access to what has always been and will always be.  Neal Donald Walsch in Conversations with God: Book 1 says that time beyond this life exists inter-relationally, that past, present, and future are parts of the same whole; cycles of the same energy.  Terry and I both experienced “no time elapsing” in our Light experiences.  Time is a complicated conversation and best left for another time.  However, I am saying that finding balance between the human and the immortal is our task.  It makes life less complicated.

So, what now makes me say that I have turned the life timer over now? It is because I have awakened to the truth of who I really am.

First, we do not stop existing when we die – the word that is commonly used for the end of this body we now have.  We came here to experience who we really are, to learn lessons about how to be love.  I know that I am both a human and a Light being, or what we call a soul. I know that the Light within me communicates with the creator God and those that have gone before me.  I know that there are guides and angels that are there to help each one of us navigate daily life.  We are never alone.

Secondly, built into our inner self are 7 essences.  I used to think I had to work to create these valuable qualities. I now know that we only need to connect to the power they bring to us from within.  These innate essences are joy, peace, strength, courage, gratitude, humility and love.  They are built-in to each one of us.

Third, I now know what to do when I become aware that I am feeling anxious, angry, frightened, fearful, confused.  Problems have not disappeared.  But I do know that God has promised that for all shadow that surrounds us, there is equal amount of Light offered to us as we problem solve.

Turn to wonder.  I can say, “I wonder what I can learn from this negative situation or challenge?”  “I wonder what gift is hidden within this hard time?”  “What choice can I make here that would turn this situation around?”

Turn to choice.  We have the power to make the choice not to be offended or resentful.  We are letting others control our lives when we stay in this kind of low energy vibrations.  I choose peace.  The power to make this choice is found by connecting the mind with the heart, to feel it within.

Turn to silence.  We need space between our thoughts like fire needs space between the logs.  It gives us time to breath.  Creativity requires stillness.  Most importantly, silence helps us hear the guidance coming from the friends, our fellow Lights, on the other side.  Carry on as a human and a soul.  Be strong and purposeful.

“When you are at peace, you radiate a different kind of energy than when you are stressed or depressed.  The more peaceful you become, the easier you can deflect the negative energies of those you encounter.  This is like having an invisible shield around you that nothing can penetrate unless it is at a higher spiritual energy than your shield.”

Wayne Dyer – 10 Secrets from Success and Inner Peace


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  1. Beautiful blog, Marj! I especially like the reminder about silence. Namaste??

    • Mary,
      Thank you for following us and being such a great cheer leader. Being in silence, as you know is life changing and life giving. Love the opportunities to be together and help each other on this spiritual journey.

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