When the WORLD Seems Crazy!

“You may control people physically by force, but you won’t change their hearts and minds  ~ that requires trust and friendship.”   ~Dalai Lama

This past week we had an amazing opportunity to watch our world darken when the eclipse was experienced by people nation wide ~ worldwide through social media. We were all in total AWE of the majesty of watching such an amazing phenomena. For many it was a very spiritual moment shared with millions of people. I can only imagine what people must have thought thousands of years ago when this happened. Complete AWE of God. And LIGHT returned in AWE…God’s gift always following darkness.

But, what happens when we watch images of hatred and violence flash across the screens of our TV’s and in newspapers where mere words make our hearts sink in sadness. The Charlottesville tragedy is followed by a barrage of hate images as our country sorts out and debates the issues relating to our own history. It’s all too fresh following  the many images of terrifying events happening in Europe, the Middle East, Venezuela, and now renewed worry for Afghanistan. If you have travelers in your family as Marj and I do, our comfort zone was certainly challenged as our sister Lynne was near-by the London Bridge when the car was mowing people down. She was visiting England with her family. Those of us with family in the military ( like me ) begin the endless worry.

How do we respond?

Do we simply retreat by turning the TV off or throwing the newspaper into a recycle bin hoping to hold on  to our own peaceful existence. Fear often sinks right into our bodies as conversations pop up everywhere with others around this topic. The discussions seldom bring any comfort. Do you find yourself joining the dialogue of hateful comments back to those causing our fearful thoughts? “How can people be like that?”, we find ourselves saying.

How do we respond?

We yearn for the response of love and kindness, but how, when our country and so much of the world exists  “feeling” anxiety. We now know that anxiety is a REAL force complete with energy that is circulating around our world. Like it or not, we are IN it.

Can we retreat inside and find peace like Marj spoke so eloquently of in our last post? ABSOLUTELY we can! And finding that peaceful feeling daily can help us cope and change what is happening in our own hearts. Our health and well being for daily living is our precious gift given in grace by GOD ~ I hope you use meditation daily for it’s countless benefits! BUT…

How do we respond? The world is still CRAZY around us.

Are you always able to respond back in love as we try to follow the whole “golden rule” concept that most of us really do embrace? Most of us probably have to admit that we are not able to do it all the time.  Is retreating inside our only choice when we want to chose LOVE instead of HATE. I don’t think so. Let’s take a fresh look at some ideas.

When people are trapped in FEAR they look for someone or something to blame. We’ve all had that experience. Blame turns to hatred in a heart that is broken. Most of us are not living with a totally broken heart due to experiences in our lives. And yet, we can relate because our heart has cracked a number of times. When a person experiences violence and hatred since they were children, they find like minds to fill a very basic human need ~ the need to belong and be cared for. They attract like minds. They want love, but they don’t know what it is. However, they need love to exist, just like we do. They need a kind, compassionate heart to send them love, not more hate. If we knew the story behind every conflicted soul – we would find the compassion to forgive and action to speak up for a better way. Do you pray to keep us safe, or do you pray to heal a broken heart? TOUGH question for us to ponder.

How to we respond? Can we find that true unconditional love to give away?

Can we heal a planet by sending out TRUE unconditional love? YES, because we are ALL connected! Love is deep in every single person, but  often it is buried. This is a basic truth of our existence. We are not separate beings. Every thought and every action has a ripple effect to each other. During my NDE I was able to “visually” see and FEEL this through total and unconditional love shown to me. I could FEEL this connection in ways that traveled back with me. I’ve heard absolute countless numbers of others experiencing NDE’s saying that very same thing. The difficult part for me is that I can actually feel the pain that others suffer too. I’ve had to cope with that for many years. I have learned how to ease it in my body ~ there’s only one way that works, I SEND pure love to all without judgement. It took me years to learn this lesson. Yes, even to those spreading HATE, because in reality it is FEAR inside them. Condone their actions, absolutely not!

Think of yourself as one tiny grain of sand sitting on an expansive beach waiting to be swallowed up by crashing waves of water. But a simple loving child comes along and begins building a sandcastle. He’s soon joined by his friends who ask if they can help. Then the adults get into it and before they know it they’ve built a whole amazing VILLAGE. Smiles, laughter, and fun brought in joy to that one grain of sand sitting peacefully inside one simple house. Gratitude fills that tiny grain of sand filtering out to ALL around him ~ love grows in us through gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and kindness if we give it away! We need to speak our truth and demonstrate it to others. Now, could a huge storm tear down that sand castle – oh yes! But we are eternal souls and the love in our hearts never die ~ no matter what the storm brings.

There are layers to this analogy that came to me as I sat in mediation and then I realized with startled awe…my angel guides had been helping me build this analogy inside of ME.  I had been asking the universe for answers as I was deep in my loving place, HOW can we really make a difference? I could write a whole blog just on this analogy. But for now, let’s start building!

  • This is not the time to be silent. It is urgent we speak up for compassion and love!
  • Our prayers matter,  be proactive. Pray for a person, a group, or a country to heal where it matters ~ in their hearts. Peace in their hearts would mean peace for all. Not to worry, that simple prayer places peace in your own heart.
  • Forgive unconditionally just as we love unconditionally.
  • Speak up for love! Speak up for kindness!
  • Collaborate instead of compete.
  • Don’t spread fear through words ~ they travel.
  • Laugh and enjoy life anyway, it spreads joy and laughter.
  • Give to others, help others, be a demonstration of love and kindness in your part of this world no matter how difficult it seems.
Love has the highest vibration of all emotions. It travels, changes, and dissipates lower vibrational energies of hatred and violence.    ~Terry Larkin

And today, images of people helping people in Houston gives us a very graphic picture. Rays of hope are emerging from storm ravaged Houston!

~ Love and kindness WILL win out! 





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