Unconditional LOVE of a Father…or Mother

After celebrating Father’s day in some fashion, what kind of feelings and emotions are whirling around in YOUR heart center this past week? Are you feeling content and happy? Are you anxiety driven by what did or did not take place? Are you full of gratitude for life or after the dust settles you feel let down? Let’s give our hearts a total LIFT together today, sometimes we ALL need a boost to remember that God’s love sitting within our heart is not dependent on anything going on around us. Within us lies the unconditional love we crave and hope to share with others.


  1. TAKE a walk out in the nature nearest you and say thank you for all the love given to you by the beauty around you. You might even find a bird, dragonfly, squirrel, duck or worm to say hello to. ( I even said thank you to the pesky rabbit that has eaten my petunia blossoms and I felt better after I did that!)
  2. WALK around your house and say thank you favorite couch, thank you plants, thank you refrigerator for working and storing my food. Thank you farmers for planting and harvesting beautiful fruits and veggies . Thank you faucet for bringing me clean, life giving water. And a special thank you to whoever lives in your beautiful space with you!
  3. PONDER all of the pictures hanging on your walls or on tables of friends and family. Say thank you for being part of my life and providing opportunities for me to grow and learn with you!
  4. STAND in front of your mirror and say thank you beautiful soul for helping me spread love every day. Say thank you for every working part in your body and a special love to those parts that are not working so well that have been working so hard to heal. Be sure to say I LOVE you to that person staring back at you in the mirror! Okay…say it again and again and again!
  5. TOUCH your heart center in a kind and gentle way. Say words of gratitude and love…now step back and evaluate your emotions. How do you feel NOW? Do you feel the love radiating out?

Divine Love, spiritual love, human love, romantic love, love for a child, self love, and compassionate love for ALL humanity ~are these all different expressions of man’s attempt to BE unconditional love? What does unconditional love really look and feel like?

In some form, special occasions like Father’s Day offer an opportunity for all of us to reflect on our own abilities to love. Our day might have been spent in celebration for “father’s” in our lives, ourselves, a husband, or a son who we are now watching mature…or maybe someone we couldn’t see, but love unconditionally anyway. Or, we might have found ourselves grieving for “what could have been”. Or, we might have experienced grief for any one of those individuals that are no longer here in physical form…even though we know they are in unconditional love with God. Or, we might be grieving for a relationship that we wish we had, but missed due to so many of life’s complexities.

BUT, then put on your rose colored glasses again and realize that life isn’t about being perfect! In fact, our greatest growth has always been and still comes from what we call “challenging” people and situations in our lives. Our ego just loves to feel sorry for itself, until we realize that it isn’t bad to have any of these emotions good or bad, it’s how we “react” to them or to any of the situations we find ourselves in!

I was listening to some very touching stories that the news media shared around Father’s Day. Very loving stories always make my heart soar when I realize how people have lived through excruciatingly difficult situations, but in the end found total peace as they learned to share whatever love they had within themselves at the time with another.  And it was a shock to hear the startling statistic that the U. S. has two million single fathers taking on households and making life work. Not all are positive stories, but there are lots of them.  Isn’t it just heartwarming to realize any one of us can find the very best in whatever situation we have to live with and still smile, laugh and have fun! If these actions are not a self imposed bit of acting, but true happiness, these people have found one of the secrets to living a happy life. I believe they have found enough SELF LOVE driving their life to be able to give love away in unconditional ways.

I am still in awe and continuously pondering the unbelievable joy that also arises in me when I realize that our Divine Father (or Mother) gives us unconditional love every moment of our lives! Can you imagine it, really? If you can, close your eyes and envision yourself wrapped in that amazing love…let yourself FEEL the feelings that are trapped inside the amazing LIGHT…for you are that light and you are that love. You were born in pure-unconditional Divine Love. You will return in spirit form to that pure-unconditional Divine Love. So will all of the fathers, sons, mothers and daughters of all those you love.

When there is a knowing that we are pure spirit having a human experience, our view of unconditional love makes a shift. Forgiveness seems a way of life when we realize that every father and mother everywhere on the globe from the beginning of man was also born as pure spirit into a body. Every man, woman or child is trying desperately to learn more about love as they navigate life in human form of every size and color imaginable. Their unconditional love is there within them, or perhaps it is buried under the weight of a life that is overwhelming. That’s a profound realization that creates compassion encircling your heart center for every human life; past, present or future!

Enjoy the ride of life….it’s AWESOME! You are a gift to so many people…thank you for being a gift for US and helping us send the ripple of love further around the world!


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  1. I read this again and it made me think of how much I loved my father and how I know he loved me unconditionally. Thank you.

    • We are so happy that you enjoyed it again a second time. Unconditional love is beautiful to experience and we all strive to keep it going in our every day lives!

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