Hear the Children

“Grown men may learn from little children, for the hearts of little children are pure, and therefore, the Great Spirit may show to them many things which older people miss.” ~Black Elk, Native American Spiritual Leader.

Both Marj and I spent 30 years as teacher’s of young children. We’ve always experienced our hearts melting when the beauty of the young mind would shine in our lives and those around these precious children. We learned how honest and direct they can be! So many of them told us stories that were amazing, enlightening for us, and sometimes tragic. We often shared our stories with each other as each year would bring more funny stories, heartbreaking ones, and incredible adventures that could fill hours as we were able to be together. As teachers, there were always challenges to face, but every year by the end of the year these children had captured our hearts.

We’ve written in the past about the unbelievable stories of children when they told of past adventures in heaven.  Researchers have found that children tell amazing details of their near-death experience even when they were only 2 or 3 years old! They had no life experiences to be able to make them up! Yes, we need to hear the voice of children and listen for messages adults miss due to misguided beliefs! Children are our future.  Let’s treat them with the respect, compassion and kindness that all of God’s creations deserve. If you are interested in these stories, here is a great resource. It’s an OLD book. I really like the cover on mine much better…where did it go? But this boring yellow cover is the one available on Amazon.


We’ve all melted in compassion as we heard the cries and saw the agonized faces of the immigrating children being separated from their parents. So many of these families have already spent years in horrible situations that we can say, “we just can’t imagine.” In truth we can’t. And now these people find themselves being labeled as “criminals”, locked up and their children taken from them. The stories of their lives become the title of books we take off the shelf in a library and read. But, those books have been written by people who rose to their challenges following a trauma and managed to surface through education and the caring loving heart of someone that “showed up” in their lives when they needed it the most. A broken heart in any child is, in my opinion, a national tragedy in the making. Where is our compassionate heart for these young adults trying to help their child have a better life. Our country has so much to share…there is enough for all! Walls can only separate bodies, not our souls. They remain connected.

Let’s step back in history a moment. How many of you have grandparents or great grandparents that were immigrants arriving in the United States to make a new life for themselves? Our generation represents the successes that grew out of years of hard work on their part to make life better, but they were never labeled criminals and put in jail as they arrived. Yes, times have changed. I know there were many atrocities back then too, but now we know it is happening and it’s right in front of us. Our TV news shows us images, but even then says they are being kept OUT, that is concerning.

We’ve all  read stories of how long it took for the German people to accept the stories they were hearing as truth. How long was it before most of us knew about the Japanese Internment camps that were put in place right here in the US following World War II? The Berlin wall was viewed as a tragedy until it finally came down. Think of our own Native American history? What happened to this population simply because people thought they were savages and could not take the time to realize they were created in love by the same God they worshiped. People couldn’t relate to their style of life, so the theory was, let’s MOVE them into isolation.  We are still suffering the ravages of slavery in our country as isolation, misunderstanding, and even hate still exists. As Americans living today, most of us who listen to our heart want to apologize for our ancestors behavior against so many races of people.

We are ashamed of things from our past, and yet we repeat mistakes. What was behind all of these past atrocities? And how and why can this limited view still be so apparent in lives across the country. I believe it has always been about man’s ego in thinking one human being is superior over another. I also believe it has to do with religions’ lack of understanding that we are NOT separate from one another, we are ALL connected through the web of life through God. God created all life in unconditional love.  It certainly didn’t come from Jesus, and yet the Bible is continually used to justify misdeeds. The trauma these children and adults are experiencing will only come back to haunt us as a nation. Kids without the LOVE of their parent will become our next generation of troubled young adults. Our prisons are already overloaded with tragedy, do we really want more of that?

There is a lack of understanding that as “spirit” in the afterlife we have no body, no race, no sex identity ~ we are pure vibrations of pure white light ~ a swirling mass of every color imaginable! And when man realizes that time is not linear…that’s an illusion…they will realize their role in this lifetime is to learn to LOVE MORE ~ BE love and give it away. I know this might be a stretch for you, my reader, as well. But, have you ever given thought to your last life? Your next life? AND that they exist all at the same time. It’s a stretch for anyone’s human brain. Could I have been a Native American in my past life? Perhaps, I do know that I have had visions of making pottery…somewhere in a past life. I have a huge pottery collection from Peru, Costa Rica, Kenya and Southwest Native America. I HAD to have some of them…why is that? I do not know, nor do I know what ethnic background I might have evolved as spirit into a human body, but I share my belief in past lives.

These are some thoughts to STRETCH yours! And if it doesn’t sit well in your mind, no worries… I can easily say there is so much that I do not know! We are all evolving.

Back to the children. I am very proud of our city here in Holland, Michigan that is hosting a rally. I loved the headline in this rather conservative town, stating  that “Families Belong Together”! There is LOTS of hope for a new and better future! We just need to be agents of expressing what we believe.

Let’s be a voice for children and human rights. Let’s model the unconditional love we have been shown in our creation. We can be agents for change when we LIVE the life we believe in and express our thoughts to all we come in contact with. And check it out #wearebetterthanthis on Facebook!



“As adults, it is a common misconception to view children as if they were “apprentice people” on their way to adulthood. I urge you to begin to look at all children as spiritual beings, offspring of an infinite system with all of the wisdom, powers, and capacities of the Source from which they originated. Every person is whole and complete in the now, regardless of the chronological age of the body. Consequently, no one has any more claim to being wiser simply because they are bigger and older.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer  Memories of Heaven: Children’s Astounding Recollections of the Time Before They Came to Earth. 


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