WEB of Perfection

The WEB…what a gorgeous representation of beauty. We’ve included web photos in our blogs in the past because they visually represent and show beautifully how connected we are as humans living this lifetime here on Earth. The human web most likely has some serious holes in it, just like a spider’s web can, but the perfection is woven right back in by the spider when that happens! Are we filling up the holes with our love and light? We might be able to compensate for the many that have lost their way…temporarily.

This gorgeous spider web greeted me earlier this week as I walked outside to sit down on my patio for meditation. I couldn’t help but just stare at its beauty. For the spider of course, it is how it is able to survive, eat and live! There is such perfection that exists in a tiny spider to be able to create that WEB! I sat mesmerized staring at the core of the web as I was visualizing GOD…connected to us, living in us, every human being,  and any animal life, plant, or rock. Click on the picture and you will see it all clearly!

But, if we all just stare at the center core when we are looking for GOD ( like many people do!) , we miss the perfection of the rest of the web! God is not separate from us! The perfection is in the interconnection between ourselves, God, and EVERY single other human being on the planet. We would miss the PERFECTION of God’s amazing plan… our connection to all other humans. YES…even those we’d rather leave out of our web! They are a piece of the perfection as much as all of us. And, can you imagine? Just a bit of a disturbance in the web, and it is felt EVERYWHERE on the web. Just like on earth.

This was early in the morning when the night temperatures had cooled and steam was rising off of the lake filtering the sunlight. As I took another picture, I couldn’t help notice the angles and the shape of the design that came about because the spider was connecting the flower stems arising out of my hasta plant below. Her task would have been to make it fit…just right! God is living right within every piece of this beautiful web and the spider himself!

Is it our task to try and make our life fit? Our soul has a plan for our journey here in this lifetime. God is ALWAYS there with angels and guides to help us remember as we grow in consciousness. Yet, we are the ones that have to make the pieces of our lives fit and work with all of those around us.

Now go back in this passage and substitute the word LOVE for God. GOD is pure unconditional LOVE. Re-read the blog using love where I wrote GOD. Try it! Amazing, isn’t it? It provides you with new thought!

Now try again, substitute the word LIFE for God.


God is love and life! We have that amazing beautiful love right inside of us waiting for it to blossom every day! When we share and give it away,  we are blessed beyond measure, even in all of our most difficult moments. I feel that “giving away” of love every time I facilitate a Reconnective Healing. It’s beautiful. And yet I receive as well…wow.

I was in Chicago this past weekend and it was amazing coincidence that I got to see my sister Marj and Jim who were back in Chicago for a party gathering! What a joy, what a blessing…oh the connections in our lives that are beautiful. Marj and I always love when we can catch up with each other. Thought you would all enjoy seeing them,  lovely creations of God! And all of us enjoying Carson’s Ribs! Yum.


I was in Chicago to help assist Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian.  We were a few Practitioners of Reconnective Healing helping during their presentation, their 4 hour workshop, and manning a booth at a Psychotronics  Conference, USPA.  This conference is a group of serious scientists, many of them Quantum Physicists.  You will be hearing a lot more about this amazing weekend because it was astounding for me. I have many stories and new learning I want to share.

But for now, this is another example of the amazing web of life…meeting so many new incredible people and revisiting with friends from the Reconnection. And, I wondered if you have ever heard about this group?

“The United States Psychotronics Association (USPA) defines psychotronics as the science of mind-body-environment relationships, an interdisciplinary science concerned with the interactions of matter, energy, and consciousness.”

Click on this photo and read the sign…amazing that I have not heard of this group. They organized in 1975. Pulling together science and spirituality using pure research! Wow…isn’t it awesome this is happening?!

In case your interest is peaked before I write again about my learning, here is their website!


Enjoy the perfection of God’s Amazing Presence in every single living thing. And remember, even a rock is energy… that gives us pause to think about energy and how it works in healing.

In LOVE and LIGHT…IMG_2272

Click on the movie image…these are beautiful flowers in Marj’s garden in Chicago with the sound of cicadas as dusk arrived. As I put my thoughts on the flowers…a gentle breeze moved through them.


It’s all around YOU!



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  1. Your world is opening wider as new thoughts are coming to you. It is beautiful. And thank you.

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