August NEWSLETTER from The Light GAP

August,  2019 NEWSLETTER

What’s HAPPENING  at the Light GAP?

We are excited to share that LIFE during these summer months through nature has provided countless opportunities for both of us to practice our abilities to stay in the present moment! Life is busy as we connect with wonderful friends, family and acquaintances new and old. Times can be rewarding and even sad as we hear difficult health stories or find ourselves in the midst of conflict. OR, we are angry or saddened listening to the news.  REAL life includes every emotion. We know your life is full of all of them.  The gift of life unfolds as we realize the ups and downs of experiences created a special gift to us when we practiced the same compassion and love for ourselves through all experiences, even the painful ones! Sharing love and compassion for each other is a true gift from God. Our heart is the key link to LIFE…it’s God’s Amazing Presence.


NEWS from Terry Larkin and Marj Steiner

This month finds Terry busy with an interesting balance of enjoying family and friends, quiet time in nature both right at home in very tiny details, to the larger picture of flowers, forests, hiking trails, beaches, and the passing of wonderful landscapes while traveling on a bike or in the car! I love it all. I have found my practice of being grateful for it all has brought more peace and calm into my everyday moments. That translates to a more healthy body.  Writing in my “gratitude” journal is awesome.

I had a huge family gathering of my brother & sister in law, their grandchildren, aunts, uncles, and cousins at my house when my family from Atlanta visited bringing my grandchildren! It was awesome to see them all laugh and enjoy the water in kayaks, paddle boats, swimming, and fishing. We’ve had some special days with our older grandchildren, each by themselves to catch up on their lives in more detail. We enjoyed two camping trips in Michigan.  We will be heading to Atlanta near the end of August and then on to Philadelphia where I’ll be speaking at the International IANDS Conference again this year. Doug and I are making that trip into a short little get away for us! I am looking forward to being out East and spending time with amazing old friends and also with the new people with incredible stories I always meet at IANDS. The researchers always have fresh new information for us.

As I mentioned in the last post, I was in Chicago to attend the Psychotronics Annual Conference while helping Dr. Eric Pearl, Jillian Fleer along with other Reconnective Healing Practitioners helping me. It included many special moments I will always remember, as well as information I will share soon. I was able to facilitate short “healing” sessions during the conference to help demonstrate the healing modality and help people really FEEL the frequencies. I will be doing that again here in Holland on Sept. 15. (*See below)

The temperatures have been very warm lately and I find I have turned my gardening and watering routine into additional  daily meditation while I’m out there! It’s been wonderful. Upon my return from Chicago, I was thrilled to be able to cut some beautiful flowers to bring the beauty inside. I find now that I look at the various colors and associate them with the vibrational level of the correlating chakras.  Finding each of the colors brings into me the positive gifts of joy, peace, strength, courage, gratitude, humility, compassion and love!

I have a DATE for all of you to mark on your calendars if you are interested in coming to Holland, Michigan for a hands on Workshop on Reconnective Healing. I will be sending out a separate post in August about the workshop, why it is totally different this time, and what you can learn if you decide to come!

Date: Sunday, September 15   1:00 – 2:30 PM


This month finds Marj celebrating summer with the various communities that have been gathering… the nature community of plants and animals, and the friends and family that arrive to spend time in the woods with us.

I feel the delight of the summer time deeply.  The beauty of the flowers, the flight of the birds, the refreshing smells of a rainstorm, and the freedom of movement from indoors to outdoors without having to bundle up with warm clothing – all are a gift to my soul. We do not have any air conditioning
anywhere except in our car, so the hot temperatures can be a bit much, but I am not complaining.  We recently went back to our Northbrook home for an event and I was so aware of the increase of sounds – garbage trucks, airplanes over head, revved-up cars driving by… But here in the woods, we hear boats pulling skiers or fishermen finding the best spot to troll, but very rarely sounds of the suburbs.  When families are visiting, we hear the giggles and splashing in the water, and the joy of people and animals at play. Sometimes Jim and I remark about the silence.  We can actually hear the ticking of the clock it is so quiet. What a gift.

But there are other gifts.  COMMUNITY.  Friends gather regularly to play together.  Pontoon boat rides, kayaking, hiking, back yard games, dinner, cards, common projects, and conversation.  Toward the end of July, we were back in Northbrook for a gathering of people who were in the Wilmette Presbyterian Church Youth Group in Illinois where my husband used to direct the youth program.  These people were in high school in the 70’s. We watched this group of people grow up from young children into adults.  They have made significant contributions to our country and communities, each person finding their soul calling them to the work they chose; involved in the power of community at work.  Some continue to live where they grew up, others came from many states to be together again! Into the evening, we discussed how the church group affected their whole lives.  “School was tough, and this was a group we could be ourselves in.” “The work trips taught us to care for less fortunate people.” One group member could not come to the gathering because he was on a work trip with a current group of church youth. They are “passing it on” in many forms. The day after the gathering we worshiped along Lake Michigan, sitting in the grass with the current Wilmette congregation.  The young children were on a blanket in the center of the gathered congregations, a meaningful part of the service.  The latest group of about 25 high schoolers were being “commissioned” to serve on their work trip to Memphis TN.

On Sundays up here we sometimes make the drive along a VERY winding road through the forest to the Chapel in the Pines.  If you put Chapel in the Pines Three Lakes WI in Google, there is a YouTube of the this experience.  It is a non-denominal wooden “cabin” church that has been gathering people for worship in July and August for 92 years!  This Sunday was led by Daniel Kirkpatrick, a former Clerk of Bellingham Friends Religious Society – also known as Quakers.  One of the things that Quakers do is start with Queries.  I thought to myself how important it is to ask questions so that the universe can respond with answers.  “Asking” is an important part of working with God as your friend and helper.  Kirkpatrick talked about finding the God within us.  It is so rich to gather with those we do not know and find the common threads.


This month Terry would like to share her excitement about a book that I bought called HEALER compiled by Kyra Schaefer. Twenty two healers shared their wisdom in an effort to help people realize how healing CAN and does take place to transform lives. I bought this book because a Reconnective Healer friend, Ginger Adams, was one of the contributing authors. I LOVED her chapter, but I gained a lot through reading stories of the other author’s lives showing how and why their lives changed. It helps you realize that healing is very WIDE in scope. Their stories are awesome and their advice for all of us is great. At times it read like it was just for other healers, but really it is wise information for ALL of us! The chapters are short and I read one each morning after meditation for about a month taking in the information.

This month Marj would like to share her excitement about a movie not a book…the movie is THE UPSIDE.  It is about two men who develop an an unlikely friendship.  Dell is a man who has just been released from prison.  Phillip is a millionaire quadriplegic.  Dell is hired to be his 24/7 caretaker against the advice of Phillip’s secretary/life organizer.  It is a comedy and we laughed and laughed which is so good for our health, but it is so much more.  The description on the back cover is a helpful: “Dell and Phillip form an unlikely bond, bridging their differences and gaining invaluable wisdom in the process, giving each man a renewed sense of passion for all of life’s possibilities.”  This movie is based on a true story.  As we stated at the beginning of this newsletter, we all have challenges and we get discouraged.  But we are inspired by the telling of real stories, showing us the possibilities that can come from looking at life in new ways.  We now know that we are always surrounded with help, from those right there with us and from spirit guides across the veil!



Spiritual Online World



Every one of our lives has been touched by someone we know that currently has cancer or has gone into remission from cancer,  and all of us hoping and praying they heal completely. Learn the most effective, natural and integrative methods for preventing and healing cancer during The Global Cancer Symposium ! It’s **FREE** and it is happening from August 15 – August 22! There will be featured speakers each day for 21 days from August 15 – August 22. Many Doctors are talking about why it is so critical during any cancer treatment to be wise about daily diet and life style!

“To learn the latest research, insights, and solutions for preventing and reversing cancer using natural solutions, come join the Global Cancer Symposium!” The line up of speakers is great, many physicians and people with amazing stories.  Gregg Braden and Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer will all be part of this symposium. Yes, there is always an opportunity to “buy” access to all of the speakers, but it is totally free for listening. Both of us are signed up to listen to as much of it as we can. Learning what is new is important! Prevention is such a key component for all of us.  You always get daily reminder links via your email when you sign up for something like this.

You can read more and sign up from this web page link.  Global Cancer Symposium

And please GO to The Light GAP Facebook Page to view the video- series  picture that was posted on August 4. It was posted by The Reconnection and I was able to get it to share to our page! It is  a documented case of a man cured of prostrate cancer through Reconnective Healing after three healings and then The RECONNECTION. He shared his medical record to make sure people knew it was very real! You can click on this link or the one above to find it on Facebook! And while you are there, would you please hit the like button AND the I’m following button…it would help us spread our messages! We are beginning to do more “sharing” from other sites that you might enjoy. THANKS to all the Facebook users!

Did you know…

Almost all experts agree that our “modern diet” and large consumption of refined sugar is a major contributor to cancer. The whole farm to table movement for vegetables and fruits is awesome. Consuming whole grains instead of over processed white flour breads and pastries has also been shown to be a huge contributor to the imbalance of sugars produced naturally in our bodies. If you click on the Global Cancer Symposium link, there is a short video you can watch that begins the whole conversation! The statistics are scary, but there is HOPE for a better tomorrow if we wake up and pay attention to what is working.




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