Strength HIDDEN in Plain Sight!

Sometimes our lives are thrown into unexpected coincidences that keep bringing something to our attention. NOW, I can laugh at myself and say “a coincidence”? Are you kidding?! NO, this is the Universe’s way of speaking to me. My higher consciousness speaks to me through thought all the time, but it is sometimes hard to hear when the “chatter” of my brain is trying to overthink my life. This is a problem for me when I have a lot going on or important events coming up that I am busy trying to “over plan”. I was in the midst of some of these wonderful times with special people, and I knew I have many coming up! I have been feeling tired as well and have been wondering what that is trying to tell me! I have been asking the Universe…

I try to pay attention to signs around me, but it has taken me years to develop the skill to pay attention. Even now, when life gets a little crazy at times, I have to help myself stop and pay attention. It’s a part of me that knows old habits can still pop up when my subconscious takes over my thinking and I do things almost in remote control mode! Do you ever feel like that? I sure hope I’m not alone in this.

This week I almost began to shrug off some of the signs right in front of me! For some odd reason (or so I thought) signs in nature were all showing up in YELLOW! We’ve had this beautiful stretch of weather that has allowed me to be outside on our patio for meditation most every morning enjoying the beauty of a sunrise over our lake. But each morning for probably 3 days, this plant with the yellow flower practically grabbed me as I walked out my door. I’ve had many of these yellow blossoms coming from this pot during this summer, but this one has been particularly beautiful.

I finally sat and just stared at its stunning beauty. Something told me to just go get my yoga mat and do my yoga outside on the patio that day. I did…and while I couldn’t interrupt the moment to take a picture, I found myself upside down on my back staring at the stunning blue sky with dancing unique clouds in it and off to the side was a whole new view of this beautiful flower AND the sky! It was one of the most beautiful moments of my entire meditation! When I sat down to reflect…I felt that the strength inside of me had blossomed right along with this flower, enhanced by the unique clouds in the sky.  I needed that. Oh yes, YELLOW, it’s my third chakra opening strength that lives within me. It’s the strength of our solar plexus that flows into our heart chakra …the seat of our intuition. I was somehow strengthened staring up into that amazing blue sky with of course a gorgeous YELLOW sun staring at me…upside down! Could a yellow ball really look different upside down? YES.

A whole new VIEW

That same morning Doug and I headed out to do our walking. We went right past the same beautiful pond we always see, but this time the gorgeous yellow fish just caught my eye. I dashed over to watch as my husband finally came back and said, “what are you doing?” I told him I was fascinated by the fish trying to”hide from us” by going under the lily pads. His yellow color had grabbed me and yet he has lived in this pond all summer and several summers in the past. He dashed under the lily pads, but soon inched his way out again…you know that curious look that had a message for me. “Why hide, strength is right inside of you, ready to emerge in all of life’s glory!?”

The ego side of me always surfaces at difficult times, wondering why I’m out there sharing concepts that can be so foreign to so many people. I’m headed to speak at International IANDS and I have set up a workshop here in Holland soon after. First I’m headed to Atlanta to say goodby to my son who is being deployed to Quatar! His strength amazes me, but fear can freeze me…so I begin to ask difficult questions of myself.

Isn’t it better to just take information in and live my life with all the realizations I’ve learned?  There are days I wonder why I try to expand other people’s thoughts, they are all on their own journey and will “wake up” when it is appropriate for them! But these signs from the Universe keep popping up for ME! Share.

A whole new VIEW…there is strength living inside of me which comes OUT to live and share!

I was in Holland several days in a row as I went to Bodhi Tree Yoga & Wellness Center to facilitate a few healings. Today I went home a different way for some reason, my mind was wandering after a great conversation following a healing. I drove by this sculpture that was newly put up this summer. This Wizard of Oz Sculpture sits in a park in the downtown area of Holland and I wondered why I had never just stopped, by myself,  to take in the beauty and understanding that it represents. So I did just THAT.  The park was quiet for a change and it helped me ponder the meaning… for me.

Follow the YELLOW brick road…follow the yellow brick road…follow the yellow brick road! My own path…the golden path to understand life as it INCLUDES other people who are on their own yellow brick road, but they twist, turn, and intersect with YOU! I could hear the message loud and clear. “Your yellow brick road is to share healing and make a DIFFERENCE in others, be strong… you can find your strength within, it’s always there for you!”

OK…who was talking here?  

Just like Dorothy found out, her strength was always right there within her.

“In 1899, L. Frank Baum vacationed in Macatawa on the shores of Lake Michigan, just minutes from downtown Holland. His grandson has suggested that parts of his classic tale were most likely written or worked on while he stayed at his family’s Holland cottage. His book was published on May 17, 1900.” Here’s a link to the news story as it was featured. And  yes, I need to follow the yellow brick road they mention and find the beautiful new sculptures of the tin man, scarecrow and lion! Our beautiful city is full of beautiful sculptures. They are creations by other enlightened beautiful souls.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz comes to life in a new Holland Project

At some point in our lives we know our path, our YELLOW BRICK Road! Each path is so unique, but for most of us, we want to follow someone else’s path! Whose path are YOU following?

I found myself looking up some of the spiritual meanings that are wrapped in, around, and through the story of The Wizard of Oz. I have always loved the story, reading it as a child. I still have that old copy from my childhood. Doug and I saw the new broadway version in New York and loved it. I enjoyed reading and processing all of the online thoughts that came up when I searched for spiritual meaning. I will share just one because it spoke to me.

“The Spiritual Meaning of the Wizard of Oz represents all that is possible for her ( Dorothy) , if she could just love and trust herself enough and release her limiting beliefs so that the universe could deliver her desires. The tin man, scarecrow, and lion represent all that she needs, to easily achieve all that she truly desires: love, mindfulness, courage and the ability to help each other. “


“There is no place like HOME, there is no place like HOME! My home lies “within” to remind me of HOME where I came from in unconditional love and will return someday!”  ~Terry Larkin

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