Winds of CHANGE



WINDS of change are all around us.

As we step outside and breathe the fresh air of life, we drink in the changing springtime nature scenes around us. It’s one of the ways I try to stay grounded in understanding… change. We remember change is simply a part of LIFE. Tulips surround me in my city of Holland, Michigan. Change…beautiful sunshine one day and blowing wind and cold the next!

Even as we walk in the beauty, there can be persistent thoughts of our changing world. As we notice our physical health perhaps new challenges have arisen, so it seems a walk in nature is more difficult. Perhaps a loved one is suffering through change in their life and it shakes our own inner world.

Or we find ourselves in the midst of societal changes hoping we can avoid unpleasant conversations. Sometimes we choose to put ourselves into an isolated box thinking we can certainly keep our inner world the SAME.   And yet WE change in every moment as well. Maybe it’s finding the deeper part of ourselves? Thank you GOD for this moment exactly as it is KNOWING that ..

Divine LOVE never changes! We are eternal beings living in a temporary vessel.

Our body changes. Seasons change. Our world changes. Human love changes.

Let’s explore our thoughts. Maybe if I embrace the change, my smile and happy feelings will remain.   Reading this beautiful poem by Sanaya…channeled through Suzanne Gieseman always gives me hope…I use it as a GO TO page when I feel like my inner world is caught up in change.



“Sitting quietly by a river, the leaves go floating by… This is how to still the brain and see with your mind’s eye.

Begin with some deep breathing. Follow the air as it does flow. Then as your thoughts come to your mind, release them – let them go.

The brain will want to chatter. To stop it do not try. Acknowledge that it works for you, then let the thoughts float by. 

You may wish to choose a mantra, a word that brings you peace. Then say this word repeatedly, quite slowly without cease.

It’s in the silence of the gaps between each word you say that you enter God’s great kingdom and in His world do play.

No words can match this feeling. It is different for each one. But once you taste the nectar to God’s side you’ll want to run.

But there’s no need for rushing. God will walk with you each second. Long after you resume your day for His help you clearly beckoned.

Such an awakening is yours, my friend. Such gifts they do await. For taking time to sit in peace – for taking time to meditate.

In this way you show commitment. You set your priorities right. You tell the Spirit, “You are first, please fill me with Your light.”

And so it is when you do ask. Your life is meant for this: to know your oneness with Creation to taste the glory of God’s bliss. ”

~ Sanaya April 18  in Love Beyond Words by Suzanne Giesemann

I LISTENED. I was quickly hearing from my own soul…Terry, change from within is not a bad thing. Wake up and “listen” with your heart. Ahh…the soft blowing of the winds of change. I could hear angel voices singing a beautiful song… children’s voices.









What a WONDERFUL WORLD! We are blessed with the cycle of life~ perfect souls alive inside every new and developing child. Inside each and every one of us.

I found this song so beautifully SUNG by children from all over the world. If you feel like you simply need to LIFT your soul with hope for the future, click here to view and hear a WONDERFUL WORLD in a whole new way.

Children have so much to teach us!


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