I’ve been contemplating some OLD ideas in NEW ways! It’s just like this NEW blossom on a very OLD tree. So often in my life since my Near-Death Experience I’ve talked about being in the indescribable white LIGHT and how we ARE LIGHT. We were born as light…our eternal soul emerging into a new human body experience.  That spark of light has always been within us, but when we recognize it as our true essence…GOD that lives inside of all of us, there is such a shift in our understanding!  I’ve signed all of my correspondence in LIGHT and LOVE.  I’ve needed to nurture my light over time.

Am I BE…ing LIGHT during my everyday existence?

 I know that LOVE is an energy, a force that lives not only IN us, but it is the force that holds the whole universe together. No wonder I couldn’t stop saying LOVE is ALL there is! But  DIVINE LOVE cannot change. It is ALWAYS constant. Human love can and does change. Just think of those first loves we all had and the broken relationships in our lives. Using the word love can be a tricky concept depending on a person’s perceptions of the word love.

Am I BE…ing LIGHT when human love drives our everyday existence?

Can we always BE love? Can we always BE light? I don’t believe our internal light EVER goes out or away. But there are times when darkness seems to take over our thoughts and so we THINK we have somehow become separated from the DIVINE love of our creator. There is NO WAY to become separated…GOD is ONENESS and we are all a part of that ONENESS.

I know my vibrational level is always much higher when meditation and yoga start my day. As I allow myself to STOP periodically during any day to savor a present moment opportunity of any kind, my vibrational level is higher. When I remember to only offer up love to another human being no matter what the circumstances…my vibrational level rises. Dr. Wayne Dyer calls that “thinking and acting” like God.

His words are just so important to all of us. “See the light in others and treat them as if that is all you see.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer.

When we exist in our daily life in peace with ourselves and others, we realize a contentment through gratitude for life. When I’m able to take the ego out of my intentions…my vibrational level is higher.

Some days we vibrate at a higher level than others…kind of like our happiness quotient! Let me share again a story that relates the ONENESS through connection with other souls in human form here on earth. We ALL have that energy we “create” every day and it’s in a field that is accessible to all. Through our thoughts and actions we vibrate at a certain energy level.

We attract other people that are vibrating at a similar energy level. When I met Addison Palmore though two friends Mike and John in Florida…I believe the universe helped me choose that place to BE.  We attracted each other to BE together, to grow and learn together. THAT is the law of attraction that we all have access to through the field of energy and light.

“True compassion comes from the ability to see ourselves, without judgement, in everyone no matter how opposite to us they many appear. This is a heart to heart connection that allows us to be gentle, loving, and kind.” ~Addison Palmore

I call that BE…ing light. When we are inspired or in spirit ~ all thoughts break into our field of consciousness and that field EXPANDS. I have learned so much as I keep reading his book, Just Be. I chuckle as I see his picture on the back of his book…what a different look! The interesting thing is that we talked about all of our fussing about how we look, doing just the right thing, trying to please other people instead of being authentically ourselves.

I’ve been able to realize after my conversations with Addison that there is still a piece in me that is “judging” people by their appearance or actions. I’m SO much better than I used to be. Now I find it so helpful to simply take NOTICE when I am judging and send love right away instead.  WHO AM I to judge anyone? That’s NOT being like God! God is not judging, only nurturing in beautiful Divine Love as we grow in understanding more and more. When we can live without judgment we are in peace. THAT is BE…ing LIGHT. 

I have learned where there is darkness to bring light. Those words are expressed over and over in the Bible and in most all sacred texts throughout the world. I can try to live from a place of humility. I found it interesting in listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s last recorded talk recently that he emphasized that it takes practicing humility, not just realizing it’s within us. Well, I think we have to practice BE…ing LIGHT as well.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has helped me for over 30 years and now helping me from another realm somewhere. I remember so well his stories that helped me understand that we BECOME what we think about all day! Keeping our “imaginations pure”,  without judgement of ourselves or others is so critical. It is then that we are creating what we really WANT in life, not getting more of what we DO NOT want. What do you think about all day? I know I have to keep practicing and noticing my thoughts!

As I practice living in this human life as Terry Larkin I feel like jumping for joy in the light we all know exists within us! Even with the world often totally out of sorts, I can BE LIGHT and make a difference in the lives of those around me. I can choose to live in peace.

I hope you will join me as I practice growing my soul as I choose to live in AWE and WONDER of God’s Amazing Presence.


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