Self-Directed EVOLUTION

“On this day of your life Terry, I believe God wants you to know…

That the worst predictions are those who say they “know” have nothing to do with Ultimate Reality.

Do not buy into what others are telling you—even if those others are people in authority, people who seem to have all the information and all the understanding and all the answers. Embrace, instead, the desires of your heart, and make those your experience.”

Love, Your Friend Neale Donald Walsch

OKAY, for all of you reading these words with me…that means don’t simply accept what I am about to say! Instead after reading the words, check in with the desires of your heart! Listen…only to your own heart. Keep remembering the word, self-directed!

I realize for myself that our purpose in life is to evolve. I was listening to Deepak Chopra explain how we evolve. I was instantly hearing from my own soul that my individual wisdom is best led by my own self-directed path! There is a part of me that totally understands this concept. Yet, I am often pulled in many directions by other spiritually awake individuals. I want to hear their views and thoughts because it helps me process my own.

I love how Neale Donald Walsch reminds us to listen to the “desires” of our heart. My daily life is always much happier and more directed towards self- fulfillment when I take the time to really listen to my heart’s desires. You will notice I am using the word desires. I think it’s very easy to move directly into what I want to do instead of what my heart really desires.

During my time away in Florida memories of my NDE came flooding in many times when I was actually allowing myself to simply BE. My heart is the deep connection to my soul. During my NDE, I WAS in my spirit or soul form experiencing incredible white light enveloped in LOVE. My heart “remembers” but, my body “remembers” in a different way. I know my state of consciousness at that time was so totally different. I was OUT of my body…so somehow that state of consciousness is still right here with me.

YOU are no different. You were once in that same out of body conscious state before you were born. We will all return to that state when we leave our earthly body. So, if our heart “remembers”, our deepest desires live there every moment of every day. What do your “to DO” lists look like? Probably a lot like mine with lists of what needs doing around my house or where I need to stop when I go out to do errands.

I’m in an afterglow of remembrance as I travel back home to Michigan. We’ve been gone for about 7 weeks now and my first thought was about TIME. I glow when I remember beautiful and amazing times with myself, Doug, our family, and friends. I don’t know where the 7 weeks fit in. When our heart is directing…wow, time flies and our life FLOWS. JOY lives right inside of me no matter what I am doing during my day.

I choose and CREATE my experience when I return home instead of going back to my old habits! What a refreshing and beautiful thought. I’m never alone because my LIGHT team of angels or spirit guides are always there to help guide me if I ask.  I can create a different kind of daily LIST

  1. Get groceries…experience gratitude and JOY!
  2. EMPATHY will explode in my heart for all people I meet down each aisle.
  3. Unpack…gather JOYFUL MEMORIES with the unloading of each item in a suitcase.
  4. Sort piles of mail…in pure WONDER and AWE.
  5. Dust away tables as my HUMILITY FLOWS!
  6. Clean bathrooms as I eliminate the waste that my brain might be storing through any negative thoughts.
  7. With each load of wash I will ALLOW all feelings to surface as I ponder the amazing ability to create new feelings in any way I choose!
  8. Gather nuggets of gratitude as I crawl into my own bed in exhaustion.
  9. Awake and make another list for a day filled with activity, but NEW purpose.

What will YOUR list look like?

Thank you, GOD, for this moment-to-moment awareness. When I open my heart, I am vulnerable. The experience helps me to be strong and alive in WONDER at God’s amazing creation of the human.






Living my life with a wide-open heart IS my heart’s desire.

I AM self-directing my own evolution!

I AM LOVE and LIGHT on my own path…


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