Gracious Gratitude

Simplicity is where I am today. JUST BE…I’m in pure gratitude for my week of vacation with my youngest son and his family.

We saw this sign in the sand the other day and just had to enjoy the fact that it really didn’t matter WHERE we were…





I am feeling  pure thankfulness for time together with people we LOVE and care about. Healing takes place in our soul when laughter, smiles and real conversations about life replace worry and anxiety.

GRATITUDE for lives that move on in whatever joy is in the hearts of people we encounter. We spent a day in Legoland Adventure Park in Florida. We loved every moment and of course I could share 100 photos I took of our grandchildren and us on rides and seeing amazing creativity put together to combine fun and the commercialism of legos.

GRATITUDE for my son taking us to a place we would likely have never gone and found it all quite fascinating as we watched children from every race, color, and culture ALL enjoying the scenes in front of them.

Today we are off on another adventure to an island…so for today I am hoping you know I’ll be “back” next week sifting through my thoughts…maybe it will be the AFTER spring vacation glow.

My husband and I will be heading back to Michigan and I understand there is spring popping out all over there as well.


THANK you for being YOU…THANK you for being in the flow of your own life so we can intermix in the amazing beauty and joy in the world GOD provided for us. My BLESSINGS are many and I am blessed knowing you are part of my life.

In LIFE and LOVE wrapped in very “gracious” GRATITUDE.



2 Comments on “Gracious Gratitude

  1. Terry! I love this, love you and I am so happy for you and your family! This joyous experience looks amazing! So so happy for you???

    • Thank you Jennifer! It is a very joyous experience and it has been a very happy time for our two families together!! Love, light and hugs to you and your two boys!!

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