As we enter this spring season.. we think of rebirth, renewal, and LIFE that comes alive both within us and around us. It helps us feel HAPPY…it SHOULD, we are experiencing pure love.

In many corners of our country, this year spring is arriving a little earlier and warmer! We all love to see the spring flowers popping out of the ground or on trees, realizing that the plant life around us is anything but dead! Here I am in Florida writing in mid 80’s sunny weather, but there IS still change here as well. I have noticed many new blossoming trees and plants. It’s just very different than in the midwest. Every area of the world is seeing a different VIEW...except we ALL see GOD in every living thing bursting forth! Is it a coincidence that we have different views? I don’t think so.

We were all BORN as a soul into a body and quickly experienced a different VIEW of life! My view has always been different from  yours and a person half way around the world has a totally different view! Same GOD

I believe nature is ALWAYS modeling what is happening in our experience of LIFE here on Earth in this very human body. Our spiritual self is having a very REAL experience every moment of each day. I believe there is a rebirth and renewal happening in nature. Plant LIFE is around us to model and enjoy new life.  As we experience ourselves wrapped in GOD’s amazing arms to nurture our soul , we grow and expand in awareness of it all!

Our EARTH is experiencing CHANGE…and it is a complicated picture! Some of the change is due to man’s footprint so that plants also MODEL change that is happening in our lives. A different VIEW in every corner. We too are experiencing CHANGE. I believe God designed our world to expand and grow with change. We are naturally HAPPY from WITHIN!

We were designed to grow and change!

If you are stagnant and there is no change in your thinking or your life, and you are feeling anxiety, worry, or sadness, you might be like the plant that withers and doesn’t seem to be doing well in it’s environment! We were designed to grow and change, but we do need a nurturing place to make that happen. You don’t have to look to others or a new location for that nurturing place, it is RIGHT INSIDE of YOU!

BEING Happy is a choice. I heard Deepak Chopra recently describe our brain as a “biological robot”! I loved that. He went on to make sure we understood that we are in charge of our brain, not the other way around! It is such an amazing concept we need to embrace so we can change any thoughts that are telling that ROBOT (our brain) that we are unhappy! Change your thoughts…change your life. That place within can help us accomplish that!

We can be completely free of the past…and we can create a better version of ourself simply by recognizing NOW…is what is available to us! We are creators of our life!

“You are the author of each and every moment of your life.” ~Oprah 

What has NOT changed?  God’s Amazing Presence all around us, within us, and within every living cell of life, has NOT changed. Enjoy it and feel HAPPY  as you find that beautiful place. Within you,  listen for whispers of change that your soul knows would be just RIGHT for you! We all have that different VIEW… so no one but you can decide what that is for you!

I just opened a post from a friend that lives half-a-world away, and I KNOW the words were meant for me and for ALL of you!

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.” ~Mirjam Borstnik

How will YOU experience happiness?


Happy LIFE

Happy YOU, but embrace and send love to any part of you that does not seem happy ~ it will help dissolve thoughts that no longer serve you. THAT is you, a child of GOD demonstrating PURE DIVINE LOVE in you!




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