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1. the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
2. a sudden brilliant creative or timely idea.


These are the two definitions of inspiration in the dictionary.  Immediately I liked the second definition better because I think we all have sudden inspirations and wonder where the idea came from! Or at least that was my old way of thinking many years ago. NOW I know exactly where my inspirations come from. They come from within me ~ it’s my soul trying to crash into my thought filled ego mind and be heard!

Sometimes we really listen and it makes a huge difference in our lives. Other times we dismiss them as fanciful or we don’t feel deserving of the honor of having such a brilliant idea.

I have a awesome idea…let’s all choose BRILLIANCE! You know, you are that!

In our quest to understand our existence or to make sense out of the life we are living right now, we are hearing words that are significant for us, but we are stuck interpreting what they mean. That passion to understand is actually a force within us giving us a healthy push to search because our culture helps us feel like we must be “lacking” something. But if we truly love ourselves in an unconditional way as God meant for us, we are lacking NOTHING.

We are pure love running on the treadmill of human life. So perhaps we can slow down to a walking pace. Then we can let these inspirational words and phrases help us out with this human existence…by using our own inner wisdom to decipher the meaning. We don’t need the opinions of our family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances because we risk losing our own inner knowing. Even the most well meaning person can send us in a direction we would rather NOT go! And if you are hearing something that produces fear…it’s NOT coming from GOD.

“The LANGUAGE we use – the WORDS we CHOOSE to DESCRIBE ourselves and share our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs – FORMS the FRAMEWORK for UNITY or SEPARATION that we EXPERIENCE when we THINK and SOLVE the problems of EVERYDAY LIFE.” ~ Gregg Braden 

I hope you go  within and ask for yourself…do I chose UNITY or SEPARATION? How do you interpret Gregg Braden’s words?

We should make our own decision. I base my answer on the fact that all of creation was created as ONE…we are all connected. What we say, do, and feel goes into the Universal Field as energy. Energy can change form, but it cannot be destroyed. That’s science fact talking here. My eternal mind has formed my thoughts about this quote, but did you do that for yourself?

There are some amazing and beautiful quotes we have such access to now through the internet.  We all love to ponder about what their words might mean for ourselves, we often post them here. Most of the time we use our ego mind to help us discern meaning from these words. I’m going to challenge you to switch to your infinite mind! Find that part of you that KNOWS you are eternal.

We also know we are putting our own lifetime’s experiences that have shaped what we think words might mean.

So..here are a few INSPIRATIONAL WORDS, what does NAMASTE mean to YOU?  This is for you to ponder…remember you are NOT alone when you go within in the quiet of your day and ask the questions you WANT to know. Answers come…just listen!

In case you are looking for a new book to enrich or challenge your thinking, I have a suggestion for you! I just wrote a review for this book. The name of the book is The Universal Gravity Code: A Guide to Personal and Global Enlightenment. She is a friend and a fellow LIGHT WORKER spreading love out into the world. She lives in the Chicago area and Marj has met her as well. Her book was just released on Tuesday, December 8! I read an advanced copy! Here is the book review that I wrote;

“I hope you are READY to be in total wonder and awe as you read through the pages of The Universal Gravity Code by Virginia Adams! The words are inspired from a place that exists within her soul and I was captivated right from the beginning of the book.”

“I loved the way Virginia takes us into history through the life and memoirs of Sir Isaac Newton. She launches us into the miracles of life. The stories are stunningly real and helped me place myself into a state of contemplation, self-love, and hope for a future full of love and light.”

“This is a beautiful book and a must read for anyone on a spiritual path!” ~ Terry Larkin

If you want to take a look, simply click on the book and it will take you to Amazon with a description as well as a way to order it. I’m very excited for Ginger – Virginia is her given name and the book is totally unique!

I’ll end with another quote you REALLY should go within and ask for clarification for YOU…and if you decide to “investigate” let me know! I can help you with a discount to experience their online course. THAT is exploration…so you can understand how this beautiful experience RH can be in your life. More on this soon.

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