Sometimes we only SEE what is right in front of us as we live our lives. We have moments of incredible insights and we love them!  Or, our meditation brought such peace and understanding we wanted to keep that inner reflective time going longer…but life sets in and we have to deal with it!

YES…sometimes we use the expression of  STUCK between a rock and a hard place! And yet it is the connections we have built into our existence that we can totally rely on! Once we accept the reality that God created a Universe that is totally connected, we begin to see connections in our OWN life that can help us cope with daily life that can be terribly difficult at times.

I loved this photograph that was shared with me because it had meaning for me. We can see that NATURE adapts when a “separation” has created a gap. Look at the new green LIFE that began to grow on what all of us would call a totally rocky and unstable piece of landscape!

There have been times lately when I have had to take a look at life through a difficult lens, and yet I know I am NEVER separated from God or any of YOU… or any of God’s beautiful human beings across the planet.

I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday weekend was special for you in whatever unique way was available. Mine was very different, but precious as the two families with my four grandchildren surprised us with a lovely ZOOM call so we could see and talk to them even though we couldn’t hold and hug those beautiful grandchildren. We now have two different family members suffering from Covid. And, I pondered over a tragic death of a young 14 year old in our brother’s family…and it opened a flood gate of memories for me about the process of grief.

I took a long walk along Lake Michigan on a windy but blue sky day to process it all.  I took this walk by myself because I needed to feed my soul on Sunday afternoon. I realized so vividly and beautifully that it was time to shift into gratitude for all the wonderful blessings I have in my life. I was already being lifted by simply shifting my thoughts into the beautiful corners of my existence.

But then as I tried to get back to my car…my key fob had lost its battery and wouldn’t open my door. I shook my head in disbelief because I had been getting that warning message all week and did nothing about it. I knew there was a key inside there, but getting it out proved a challenge for me. My calm heart started racing, but I finally got it only to have my car alarm go off as soon as I opened the door! Now as I kept pushing the panic button…nothing would turn it off. OF COURSE…there is no battery life left. Everyone around me is staring and wondering if I was ever going to bother to turn off that horrible sound. Literally it went for 10 minutes until I yanked out the starter button and THOUGHT the key went in there, it doesn’t. More panic.

Finally I stuck my finger in there and it stopped…I was a little stunned, but I was at least breathing at this point. Now I had to call Doug to figure out HOW to start this car. Oh, it’s the other end???  I only tell this story because I sat there staring at this beautiful lighthouse with choppy waves and people who finally quit staring at me and went on their way. LIFE sends us challenges. But, there are always solutions and CONNECTIONS to help us out. I went back over by the beautiful view to take in the tranquility again and literally I just began to laugh…laugh out loud!

When I returned home I was feeling on top of the world…this had been a lesson designed just for me. TRUST in the Universe to help and CONNECTIONS are always there. Now, I’m referring to my inner wisdom that has been there for me this whole time and I neglected to pay attention to it! And now I’m not talking about my car, I’m talking about my human bodily existence that is tuned into the Universe when I allow the designed mechanism to work.

WARNING: Listen to my intuition for those LOVED filled solutions to difficult situations.

CHALLENGE COMING: TAKE care of yourself while you help others through LOVE. Don’t neglect self love! 

DON’T PANIC: Use the techniques you KNOW to calm your body!   Your  heart knows…go to it and it will send the brain a calming message. Then my brain will turn off the fight or flight response. God, angels, and the spirit world is always WITH US,  ALWAYS!

You see, I only share this story because when I went for that walk, I had spent days letting life’s challenges begin to take  me into a downward spiral. Perhaps you have had times like this in your life too. Times are challenging for us right now and I needed to go within and really pay more attention to the LOVE that is found there…and the solutions!

GRATITUDE is powerful.

CONNECTION with other people is critical.

CONNECTION with God is essential.

LOVE and LAUGHTER is the added bonus to navigate this life!

This week I was reminded of  connections as I have enjoyed with two beautiful swans that have stayed in our lake for well over a week now. In Marj’s life, swans hold  incredible meaning and for all of who read our book, you know that swans had very significant meaning following Anne’s death. I am so grateful for their presence this week as I pondered life and death once again, and connected with Anne in the afterlife. As I meditate each morning I’ve seen the swans even in the dark…curled up like two white balls lying in our lake. Then as soon as the light emerges, there they are in their beauty and grace.

I am taking more time for myself as I remember our connections are always there and being separated from loved ones does NOT mean we can’t STAY connected~ Both in my daily life in this human body AND with my eternal self connected to GOD.


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  1. Dear Terry,
    I pray that you keep feeling the Love of God strong and clear as you travel the journey through grieving the death of your nephew. Thank you for sharing your light with us.

    with Love,
    Karen Tokmakoff

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