Where Did That Come From?

“I will ask the Father, and He will send you another Companion, who will be with you forever.”
John 14:16


Don’t think Terry and I never have hard times just because we know more about living with God’s presence than we used to.  We now know that we are a human and spirit combination.
Now we know that what we need is not out there “somewhere,” but the “God radio receiver” is within us, we just need to listen at the right frequency for the transmission – the message – that is meant for us.



A July day  was going to be a very busy day…an early doctor’s appointment a 45-minute drive away, looking forward to a visit with friends we had not seen all winter after the appointment, finishing getting ready for our son and his family to arrive for the weekend, getting the news out that Terry and I would be speaking soon here in the north woods, cooking ahead…  My feelings were beginning to reflect the negative thoughts that were creeping into my mind chatter.  Fear! Fear that I would not get everything done…  I stepped into the shower and felt the warm water calming me down.  My internal voice, then my literal voice said out loud, “Stop this.  You know better than to get into such negative thinking!”  Then positive thoughts began to flow. “You know that feelings are the language of the soul.”  


My soul was trying to give me a message.  Perhaps the conductivity of the water helped me pick up the signal, perhaps it was the calming effect of the water.  Much to my surprise I began to sing a Christmas song! “Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful, and since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  Where did that come from!  Christmas songs in July…


And immediately behind that song came these words to go with it:


          “The spirit is all around us,

           The love we need surrounds us,

           The guides are here beside us,

           Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow!”

WHERE DID THAT COME FROM! I got out of the shower and wrote it down and began to sing it.  My mood was totally changed.



Speedy Delivery, Speedy Delivery.  The mood change was immediate.  Remember the TV program Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood that was so popular with our children as they were growing up.  (Boy, that gives away my age!)  With multiple children, we parents were so busy and sometimes the children picked up on the tension in the household. And there was Mr. Rogers, so calm, so wise, so just right for our young children.  We need an adult version of Mr. Rogers who can come into our lives and calm us down, to show us the way to feed the inner spirit like he was feeding, the spirit side of our children.


We do have what we need.  We do have a “Mr. Rogers.”  It comes in many forms.  It may come in meditation, a time to be in silence so that we can hear that so quiet voice within.  We may also experience guidance with our eyes wide open going about our common days, just like this July day.  We are helped.  Sometimes it comes in the form of signs or symbols from God, pointing the way when decisions are hard to make.  We can ask for guidance as we walk our journey and come to a fork in the road.  It may just feel like our own voice, but it is so much more.  Guidance can be in the form of a person asking the same questions that we are asking in conversation. Or the right book that falls into our hands.


Fear Not! 

Light is always on its way to you, ready to take away the shadows.


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  1. Yes, This is so right. That is exactly what I did today, move, calm and meditate , eat, go outside for a walk, find my purse . . . yes garden a little and now I read this. Thank you for the reminder. Where did that come from? It fits beautifully.

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