A Breath of FRESH Air!

Breathe deeply…get out into our winter weather cold in whatever form it holds for you. And then KNOW there is a wisdom living in the space of consciousness  in and around you that can always find peace, love and joy!  As we take in the beauty of our surroundings, all of the LOVE that lives inside YOU…simply comes out of you in such amazing ways! * There is an OPPORTUNITY for YOU below…keep reading!

“My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.” ~Marcel Proust

I admit that I don’t know this man at all,  yet I identify with his message in a way that I decided to share it!   I really believe that if each of us takes a total BREATH of fresh air, right now, in the limits of Covid, in our difficult political climate, and in the understanding that we are NOT separate from God…there is a part of us that can simply LIFT away into lighter place in our daily life! Are you with me?

This week our Michigan weather has been amazingly mild and I went out to Lake Michigan on a day when sunshine had been amazing and we  knew the sunset would be beautiful! It was gorgeous and I totally apologize if you’ve all seen these same locations too many times. But, I am sharing them for a reason. I LOVE sunrises and sunsets and I take endless pictures of them. I know that the rotation of earth, the placement of the sun in our universe, and all of the scientific understandings of energy fields around help us to realize that simply VIEWING a sunset or sunrise shifts an energy in our bodies that is an amazing gift for healthful living.

But as I got out of my car, into the sand, and out with other people that came to view this amazing sight…it struck me in a way that only KNOWINGS that live in and around us can do… I SEE in a new way. It isn’t the place that I am in any more than the place that YOU are in. You could be stuck in a windowless apartment in any big city and SEE from within the same beautiful picture of LOVE and joy.



Do these experiences in nature, or simply a moment of silence within open a NEW WAY of SEEING like the quote suggests?



The breath of FRESH air is YOU!

We open a new way of seeing, but also a new way of BEING. I was reminded of a prayer that I really understood years ago from Oprah Winfrey…and today this is a prayer for ME.

“Use me, God. Show me how to take who I AM, who I want to BE…and what can I DO? Use me for a purpose greater than myself!”

YOU are an amazing creation of GOD! I totally TRUST that YOU are enough, and yet we know we need each other in this amazing web of life that has connected all of us together. We met for a reason and I would LOVE to connect with YOU on a deeper level.

My NDE changed my life. My sister Marj and her journey with Anne’s death changed my life forever.  And so has the beauty of the Reconnective Healing Experience. There is a level that is beyond the physical healing of our bodies. There is an opening of the spiritual and  emotional FLOW of life that is just waiting for YOU to open the doorway into a LIFE you love.

I am committed to share the most amazing life changing events of my life in a humble and unique way. I am hoping that some of you might be interested in doing that as well in a safe and totally trustworthy environment. I have learned that we can share our spiritual lives in a way that helps each of us open up a place in our hearts that has been lying dormant for far too many years.

We are starting a group and I am HOPING that you might want to join a conversation that began with Marj and I long ago in sharing our lives in our book…The Light GAP: God’s Amazing Presence.  This will be a group of LIKE MINDED SPIRITUAL PEOPLE… but NOT a religious oriented group. Every person’s sharing will be considered confidential in every sense. All people, opinions and ideas will be valued. You will be asked to respect that from a place of love that exists in your heart.

I have a purpose that is greater than myself…I want to make a difference in lives of everyday people just like you! And yet my ultimate goal is that YOU will make a difference in lives of people around YOU, because the KNOWING within each of us understands the web of life. I cannot do it by myself because our CONNECTION in the ONENESS of us all only spreads when “we gather” with like minds and yet we live totally diverse lives. THAT’s the beauty of it all.

I am organizing the group in ZOOM …and I am hoping that there will be a gathering of exited and loving people that will GROW as we expand in realizing that GOD has challenged ALL of us to help be the LIGHT of the world right now. WE can make a difference, through the opening of the LOVE that exists within each and every one of us. You too can learn how profound your life force is! Come take a breath of fresh air with us!

Here are the details!

~Spiritual EXCHANGE Circle


Moderators: Terry Larkin and Marj Steiner

ZOOM Gatherings: The THIRD Tuesday of Each Month – BEGINNING February 16

TIME: 7:30 PM EST and 6:30 PM CST

DURATION: 1 hour…we’ll try to stay flexible on this to meet your needs.

COST: FIRST Meeting is FREE…we are suggesting a CONTRIBUTION of $15 for future meetings to help pay for expenses of the Light GAP

Our plan is to design each session using the thoughts, ideas, questions and inspirations that arise from within the group discussion. Of course Marj and I will be sharing lots of insights, but this is meant to be as the name suggests…A Spiritual EXCHANGE of ideas. This is a unique opportunity to feel the connection and love. We plan to enjoy the fun and laughter of like minded people. Consider this an exploration into in-depth thinking about eternal life and our connection with God while living in this temporary human body navigating this purpose filled life!

If you are interested, PLEASE send us an email!

To: terry@thelightgap.com

Subject Line: Spiritual EXCHANGE Circle

Please make sure you leave your name and preferred email so we can send you more information!





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