There are many times when I know we have very DEEP wisdom that lives in a very special place in our soul. There are KNOWINGS that live in that place within.  Yet I’ve begun to realize that science might be allowing us to have a slightly different view. Due to the current research into the energy field that penetrates every cell of our bodies, surrounds our bodies, and radiates outward reaching every other human body living on our planet and most likely beyond THAT! Is that what we call ONENESS?

The science is actually quite stunning and I believe there will be more learning that connects into our spiritual beliefs in ways we have only begun to imagine. I think more important might be the question of WHY should we be paying attention to the science? Is it important for our daily life? Is it important for our spiritual beliefs? Is it important to the health of our body? Is it important to the health of our planet? Is it important to me right now? I want to keep wondering…

This week, Neale Donald Walsch’s Daily…I Believe God Wants You to Know…had a message that got me to thinking.

“…that there is a Chinese proverb: Great doubts deep wisdom, small doubts little wisdom.   ” WOW…that is really a good thought.

” Never stop doubting, never stop questioning, never ever assume you have all the answers. Having all the answers kills the question itself; renders it lifeless– and you too…
Keep looking, keep seeking. Never ever, find it all. Because when you find it all, you deny that there is more. And there is never not more.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

I began to think about all the times during my lifetime where DEEP WISDOM showed up in my knowingness and the information always seemed to be coming from within. WHERE is that place? Is it in my heart? In my mind? The energy field in and around me? Is it the information that lives in the field of consciousness? I have a feeling it is ALL of this wrapped together. But I will keep asking this question!

You know that Chinese proverb ~ small doubts, little wisdom?   Do you know why I THINK it is important to always keep questioning? If we KNEW all the answers, if we were done learning, we would have moved on to the next life by now!

YES, my learning from others has been huge and my life has taught me a lot. I am more than happy and excited to share what I have learned with others. Too often I believe we are thinking that learned knowledge is what we should call wisdom. But, then we are limiting ourselves. We are thinking that someone else must know all the answers! But, in the end I think we all are sorting through the rubble of our minds, matching knowledge that is important, using our life’s experiences and forgetting GOD is talking to all of us through the UNIVERSAL Field of LIGHT!

With our glimpses of the all powerful God Moments we have, we are trying the best we can to put the whole puzzle together now because we think it will solve all of our life difficulties before we LEAVE this life. OR…what might be more dangerous is thinking we already know everything and so we should just accept what we know and live our life. What will we MISS?

Well, I’m hoping YOU won’t miss your opportunity to ask all of these kinds of questions and MUCH more in our newly formed

 Spiritual EXCHANGE Circle !

When we gather to ponder together, share knowledge, laugh at our musings, and exchange thoughts and insights, we ALL grow together! NO ONE knows all the answers.  Marj and I are still pondering just like all of you. BUT, each of us have beautiful insights and stories that might help another connect the dots. I know I experienced a miracle! I know Marj experienced a miracle! I know each of you has experienced a miracle !

BUT, do you know  you ARE a miracle?

Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 16 ZOOM

             7:30 EST   6:30 CST                     Email



We will send you more information and the Zoom link to join us! Save your seat now! Come find out how WE KNOW you ARE a miracle! Come with your great doubts and delve into that DEEP wisdom the Chinese proverb was sharing with us!

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