I wrote this post at the beginning of this week, before the tumult and sadness for our country. YET, I decided to let this post stand because more than ever we need to give ourselves the gift of self LOVE, understand our individual power, and realize together WE can bring  love and peace into our troubled world. Remember the song lyrics, “Let there be peace and let it begin with ME!”

Happy NEW 2021 to ALL of you! I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for a new year and all of the possibilities that exist in our world for each and every one of us! My thought is that I am happy to SIMPLY BE…in gratitude and love for a new beginning, a CHANGE, and new GROWTH in understanding as I  “create” JOY! If there is one understanding that helps me every single moment of every day it is knowing that I am a creator of my existence. It matters not whether we are in winter or summer…each of us is an amazing creation of God. A grain of sand in a huge world full of other LIGHT beings just like us!


For awhile in my life, after I understood the concept of being a creator in the now, it rather terrified me! Does that resonate with you? But, the reality OF IT was very different. I remember asking myself, did I “create” my disease in 2006? You might remember the story from our book, The Light GAP: God’s Amazing Presence that I shared my 2 year journey dealing with Hemoplegic Migraines that took over my life and put me on so many medications I was questioning the sanity of it all. And yet, I was being told by my mainstream doctors that I would be living with this for the rest of my life. WRONG…I’m now OFF all of those medications and I am very healthy…thank goodness! But, there were times of struggle. IF I “created” this…can I CHANGE it? My struggles with health were VERY real and placing blame on myself was not going to serve ANY purpose. So, I hope you realize I am NOT talking about blame here, only HOPE for a new change that can happen when we finally wake up to the realization that we ARE creators of our lives. I had to CREATE love for myself, enough to heal. I chose that path.  We have a choice…we can CREATE JOY or we can CREATE…whatever… we choose! WHY is it we have trouble believing we can create a totally LOVE filled existence?


We hear this phrase, SIMPLY BE… often in many spiritual writings. We know we can try to BE there in meditation or during spiritual awakening moments. But I know it means when we ALLOW ourselves to SIMPLY BE, we allow GOD to direct our lives. And for me this means at ANY moment in my day…totally busy or NOT! And this is where your thinking and mine might clash . I finally let information CLASH with my thoughts!

I was receiving FROM God, but finally I was able to direct my thinking to be LIKE God. A huge change took place. I LOVED myself and every other human being I met! I never truly understood the Bible when it said that we were ONE with God. We were created in God’s image meant that we were created to BE as God, if we choose to SIMPLY BE..and let GOD. Miracles are everyday happenings when we change our outlook on life! But allowing GOD to direct our  lives doesn’t mean we don’t have the input to CREATE!

Oh wait…did that mean God created ME to direct this journey?

A resounding YES!

Can I choose HOW to CREATE?

Another resounding YES!

But what does it really mean to simply BE? Many spiritual masters tell us to BE is a place we have to create. We often interpret that to mean if we meditate as a daily practice or longer…we give our mind the rest it needs to simply BE and LISTEN for God. YES, all true…but there is more. I can simply BE out in life, with my grandchildren, my family, friends and neighbors…I have the SAME knowledge about life whether I am on a mountain top, sitting by an ocean, or walking out in my back yard. I can BE…while I create a life I love!

As you click on the ocean view in California, read the words carefully above to take them in. You can click on the picture to read, but here are the words in case you are having trouble reading them.

” Our ONE existence is but a grain of sand…in an ocean crashing into the infinite sands of time. We are ONE of the whole in an expression of light…each of us a flicker of hope. The evolution of the I AM… is like the ever changing coastline of existence. Our conscious mind hangs on every world…LIGHT beings we ARE…before, now and forever more!” ~Terry Larkin

MIRACLES are every day happenings for us…ENJOY YOURS!

LOVE  always WINS!


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