LOVE filled Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

From OUR homes to YOUR homes, we have just a very simple message. GO and tell the good news that YOU are love! Have fun, laugh, and enjoy this beautiful season no matter where your are, because you can tell every person you  talk to or see that THEY TOO are LOVE!

LOVE is quite beyond all words we can hope to express to you today. We are incredibly blessed in our  lives and we are amazed at what a beautiful gift all of you ARE in our lives!

Celebrating in Love, Joy, Peace, and Harmony throughout this Holiday Season is so much easier when we REMEMBER that we are not simply our body, but we are also spirit that knows no beginning or end! And so as we celebrate the birth of Jesus who knew the truths of spirits.We can bring joyful gratitude into each and every action this whole season! Oh, but love is not just available during a season…it is an actual FORCE that holds our Universe together every single moment of every single day!

God flows through all of you and there is NO WHERE that God is not! God is what breathes you, loves you and is you! So as you navigate through the season with all of it’s gifts…I hope you remember YOU ARE the gift! Go and SHARE that good news with the world!




We are ONE with God!

We are ONE with each other!

MIRACLES are all around us!


We are sharing just a few beautiful nature sights with you today for your pure enjoyment! We will be celebrating the season with our families too and we will see you again in January of 2021! It is going to be a year of CHANGE and we can choose to make it a year of tremendously GOOD CHANGE! We hope you are able to get out in the world near by you and enjoy as well! Can you believe we are not here in snow! Perhaps that will change soon!




LOVE you all!



Terry & Marj

Don’t forget to LAUGH! 




See you all on January 8, 2021

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